Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Reveals

Eric lays there with Elena naked in his arms. There naked bodies up against each other for the first time. He can’t believe it. How incredible it was. How he turned so rough, wanting to pound into her. Feeling every part of her. How hot he got, that he couldn’t control himself if he tried. He realized that was what Elena was talking about, but yet she controlled it.

Knowing if they both were out of control, it could have gotten out of hand. Maybe they could have gotten hurt. His lower half did hurt a little bit. From his own roughness. Not to mention her pounding into him. She couldn’t keep her lower half still. And meet each slam with her own intensity. Even thinking about it, making him hard again. What has he turned into it? All he wanted to do was make love to her. Over and over again. It was never enough. Elena’s control was there. She was calmer. He noticed she didn’t want to tear him to shreds. Her touch was more loving and tender now. Able to be herself and make love to him regularly. It didn’t change the fact that she wanted him though. She touched him even in her sleep. Moving her hands all over him, as she laid naked on top of his warm slender body. The feeling was incredible. Nothing was going to compare to this, but she turned him into a monster.

Edward knew what took place. The smell of sex filled the air. A normal human wouldn’t ever smell it, but to a vampire’s nose, it was very obvious. He knew she claimed him or Did he claim her? He knew Eric’s vampire instincts would come out now. Him wanting her just as bad if not worse. Their bond would be complete and if anyone would stand in there way. They would kill whoever tried. They were now mated for life. He also knew if the jealousy was there before about William, Eric would feel it double now. The bond would make them not want any other to touch there mate, Even though, She was William’s first.

William would now be stuck with Eric for as long as he lived. There was no getting rid of him. Unless he wanted Elena to follow or to die. She already did that without the full bonding. Now she would be worse. The love they would share, nothing could compare to. Having sex with someone else, wouldn’t compare either. They could enjoy it, of course, but it wouldn’t equal the same connection. The same intensity. Nothing would ever compare to them again. Edward knew this was bad all the way around. He knew they had a bond before this. That even without sealing it tonight. It was there. What could make it worse?

Eric and Elena stay in Eric’s quarters. Eric not letting her go or leave the room. They didn’t really need to since his room had everything. Eric made love to her everywhere. Trying every position, every sexual thing they could think of. They spend a week in the room, making it a love nest. Eric never tiring of her body. Making up for all the time they never could be together in this way. They got to know each other’s bodies perfectly. Knowing what the other liked, and didn’t like. They were opened with each other. They trusted each other. Eric’s roughness has calmed down. The more he makes love to her, his body calms as well. He vampire instincts telling him. She is his. The lovemaking gets soft and tender. Enjoying each others body. Feeling every light touch. They have a week of bliss. Forgetting the outside world exists. But everything has to come to an end.

Later in the week, William comes home, going into the Dining room since it’s around Dinner time. He sees Edward but no one else.

“Isn’t anyone else eating today?” William asks.

“No, Its been like this for a week. Ryan is busy in his lab, and The other two are locked up in Eric’s Quarters. They completed the bond. They haven’t left each other for the whole week you been gone.” Edward states.

“Did she hurt him? Is he broken?” William asks.

“I haven’t seen him or her, But from the smell. I don’t think so. The smell has intensified more and more throughout the week. I doubt he is broken.” Edward replies.

“Damn it. She controlled herself.” William howls. Breaking his wine glass.

“I thought for sure, She would let go. Between His desire and her’s She would have snapped him like a twig.” William reveals.

“Snapped twigs can’t keep making love. So, I doubt she snaped him. They are in their own world now. You know what all this means now William? ” Edward responds.

“Yes, I am stuck with the asshole forever. I just hope, she doesn’t do anything stupid.” William states.

“At the rate, they are doing things. I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t already happen, William. You do know that would make her Calm enough and control her fully.“Edward says.

“You mean the first time they did it?“William asks.

“Yes, Something isn’t right. She knew if that would happen. It would control her fully. His seed filled her. She would never attack him then. Her vampire instincts would want to protect him more than ever. If he got her in that way.” Edward states.

“Mother fucker! I hope you’re wrong. That is all we need. Son of Bitch!“William says. Growling at himself.

“She is making sure, she is bonded to him in every way. Remember she isn’t that innocent little Elena anymore. She knows what she is doing. She is doing it on purpose. She knows what you will have to do. If she gets that way. ” Edward states.

“And poor Eric is in the dark of it all.“William states.

“Well, he was there. From what I am witnessing. It shouldn’t be any surprise to him. How many times can you play before you get burned?” Edward states.

“Yes, But he is new to all this. He will be driven by his desires. She is the one that knows fully what she is doing. Good God. Does she want him that badly? A week’s worth and she hasn’t gotten enough!” William shouts.

” From the look of it, the bonding was very successful. Especially if he got her that way, the first try. Her body was already getting ready for it before there the first time. Its why she went slow. Torturing herself with the scent of his Seed. She had it all planned William.” Edward responds.

“God Damn her. She talks about me. Then she pulls the same stunt.” William snaps.

“It’s different, This time she wants it.” Edward points out.

“Just what we need!” William says sarcastically.

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