Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 31

Chapter 31 Meeting your match.

The next day, Elena and Eric are up and out of the Room. Elena wants to celebrate Thanksgiving. Since she is so happy and has so much to be thankful for. Eric and Elena hold hands, Eric kisses her every chance he gets. Edward sees how she just falls into him when he does. How he makes her knees weak. That his arms are the only thing keeping her up. He knows what she has done, even if William doesn’t want to believe it. Edward knows its true. She is too calm with him, her vampire instincts are under wraps. Controlled to the fullest. It only means one thing.

Eric from time to time, still can’t control himself. Taking her whenever he can. His need and want for her increased tenfold. His desire for her is undeniable. He understands how she felt all this time.

“Eric you need to control yourself. I want to decorate for Thanksgiving.” Elena says with a giggle.

“I can’t help it. You turned me into a monster.” Eric says with a smile.

“My sex monster. “She giggles.

“I want this Thanksgiving to be perfect. Its the first one we will share as a couple.” Elena states.

“Whatever you want. I don’t really care, just more people to be around.” Eric huffs.

“Oh, You liked your birthday, It will be the same people,” Elena replies

. “I don’t really think. I want to be around William. I mean, I dislike him, but now I am screwing his wife. It feels a bit uncomfortable.” Eric responds.

“He knew it was coming. He will be fine.” Elena says without a care.

“How can you not feel wrong?” Eric asks.

“I do, I feel sorry to hurt him, but when I was trying to tell him before that I loved you. He wouldn’t listen, he wouldn’t let me go. So now it's like he gets, what he gets. I told you our relationship is so messed up. This just adds another layer of destruction.” Elena says.

” I never want our relationship to go this way. You always need to tell me what’s wrong.” Eric states

. “I will. We are different. I love you so much.” Elena says. Glowing from ear to ear.

“I love you too,” Eric responds.

After she puts up the decorations, she goes into William’s office.

“William, I want to celebrate Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be happy for this year.“Elena states.

William eyeing her up and down. Seeing a glow in her face. “I bet you do.“William remarks.

Elena just smiles.

“Aren’t you tired of your pet by now?” William adds.

“Never, It was better then I could imagine. I will never tire of him. He is more than I could ask for.” Elena answers.

“I know what you did Elena. Your games are not funny.” William reveals.

“You didn’t see it coming though, did you, dear husband? You think you are the only one? That can get what they want?” Elena snaps.

“Well, Well, The Elena I know is back. I knew she was hiding. She would return when we least expect it, or When it suited her.” William hisses.

“You turned me into this. I am not sure what you’re so pissed about. ” Elena answers.

“I didn’t think, you would do such a thing. Isn’t it going behind his back?” William states.

“No, It wasn’t only to piss you off. It was to protect him. I knew if it worked. It would calm the beast, making me his forever. I have never felt so calm in my life.” Elena states.

“Little does your naive little playmate know, what he has gotten himself into. ” William growls.

“I asked him beforehand if he was sure, he agreed. The mating was just as much him as me. The rest was for his protection and my desire. It’s something I wanted for a very long time. I’m not going to let you take him away from me ever. Now it just sealed the deal even more so. Making me his.” Elena comments.

“I Hope his ass is worth all this. I think it was the most foolish thing you could have ever done. Just something else to protect.” William admits.

“I am sure, you will figure it out, dear husband Like you always do.” Elena snarls.

William pushing her against the wall, his arms on both sides of her.

“This doesn’t mean I will ever let you go.” William states.

“I know, I know how you are, but this way, I get what I want. You’re not the only one in control William.” SHe replies.

Looking into his brown eyes, Biting his bottom lip until it bleeds. Then licking up the blood with her tongue.

“You know just what to do to drive me mad,” William says.

“You created me, do you like it?” Elena answers.

“I did till you added Eric into this mix. I do see now, more than ever. Your not letting him go. You just want the both of us. You think I’m stupid. You knew from the start, I would never let you go. You are just making sure, That he won’t let you go either. That we are both your little playmates in your games.” William admits.

“I like how he plays better,” Elena says with a grin.

She says looking into his eyes. Her hands-on William’s chest.

” I am not scared of you William. Everyone else in this world is. But I’m not. I guess in a way I like our little games. It’s what I have known for the last three years. You just have to remember, I am getting able to play them better than you.” Elena reveals. Sliding under his arms. Walking toward the door.

“Have a nice night,” Elena says with an evil laugh.

“That bitch. She is getting good at this. She can turn me on, and knock me down at the same time. What have I created?” William Thinks to himself as she leaves.

“I will have to pay more attention, not overlooking things like before. She isn’t going to play fair in this game.” William says.

He loved the game. It’s what he was used to, nut Playing with Elena made it so much more fun. It brought a new light to things. He knew there was no game in loving Eric. All that was true. She would do anything she could, to get him to be with her forever. No matter what it took, William never thought she would go this far. They knew what this meant, what William would have to do. It drove him crazy to think he would have to protect Eric.

The thought just made steam come out of his head. He also knew the evil side of her was back. The one that was hidden and is hidden from Eric. The side that William brought out in her. It turned him on. He loved the fight. It drove their relationship. It’s what made it dark and disturbing, the web the purebreds would play. But now she was playing on a whole new field and doing it quite well.

How did she know exactly what to do? How long has she planning this? She had to look into things, to know just how to play this out to work. It normally doesn’t work on the first try. William needed to know. How she found out how. Who did she talk to? It wasn’t Edward. Then who?

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