Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 33

Chapter 33 Thanksgiving.

For right now, William keeps his new found information to himself. If she knew, that he knew it was her hideout. She wouldn’t go there anymore. He put the books back, as they have never been touched. Keeping her little secret.

In the next few days, It’s Thanksgiving. Elena has the house all done up. Turkey in the oven with all the trimmings, Pumpkin pies, Apple cider, everything Fall and Thanksgiving you could think of. She has. Happy to no end. Glowing, with Eric by her side. She only would invite people over, that knew what was taking place. So she didn’t have to hide, how she felt towards Eric. They were all over each other and didn’t care who saw. It only made William more pissed, but he kept it to himself like he always did. Still hoping in a way, she would get bored with him and move on. It always stayed in the back of his mind. Even though he knew it wasn’t happening. It was his wish, it would.

Martin, Micheal, Joan, and James come to the house to celebrate Thanksgiving. Micheal happy to be with his children and granddaughter. He didn’t mine the others either. Micheal never had a problem with William. Only that he would keep her locked up here. Not letting him see her very often. He was glad that now that changed. They saw her on more occasions. When he did she was full of life and extremely happy. Even noticing that Eric would smile here and there. That he was happy as well. He did wish it would have happened differently.

That William wouldn’t be in the middle of it, but there wasn’t much he could do. It happened now, he knew he was the one to push them to marry. Never really seeing her being with Eric. They grew up together. He figured they would see each other just like brother and sister, nothing more. Where Joan so it from the start. Loving every minute of this. How she preferred Eric over William. Being the first one ever to make William look like a fool. She knew deep down that had to piss him off. Yet, there wasn’t anything he could do. Spoil little rich boy, for the first time, couldn’t have his way.

Martin goes over to Eric asking, how things are. Seeing a difference in him as well.

“Hey boy, How are you?” Martin asks. Being very close to Eric, more of a father to him. Then his real one.

“I’m doing good. I am glad you could come.” Eric says.

“Me too. It’s nice to be invited. I don’t think, I have ever seen you or Elena so happy before. Well, not as adults anyway.” Martin states.

“We are very happy. I love being with her.” Eric answers.

“When are you coming back to work? Real work?” Martin asks.

“I don’t know, I like it here. I get paid and get to be with the woman I love. You can’t really ask for more.“Eric comments.

“True, but you can’t hide out here always. Don’t let William do to you, what he did to her, keep you locked up. Martin states.

“Well, it’s not really him. I just don’t want to leave her. Not even for a few hours. I never felt this way before.” Eric remarks.

“God Boy, She pussy whipped you. Damn, First taste and you’re hooked.“Martin states

. “I always wanted to be with her, even before that.” Eric answers.

“I know, We all have been there once. You learn with age, how long you think that William is going to let you stick around and bang his wife?” Martin asks.

“From what I gathered, once we are bonded, he is stuck with me. So he will have to keep me around. If he likes it or not.” Eric smirks.

“I know you love her, But you are doing someone else’s wife. I don’t see this going well or ending well. Somethings gotta give. William isn’t the type to just let this shit slide.” Martin states.

“I thought the same, But even when I first got here. He told me to do whatever it took to make her better. He knew what was coming. I am just not sure what he is up to.“Eric says.

“Keep your eye out boy, Be on the lookout. Don’t get so wrapped up. You don’t see what’s coming. ” Martin responds.

“I won’t,” Eric replies.

When its time for dinner everyone sits down at the dining table. Everyone is nice to each other, no one bringing up the elephant in the room. They all sit down and enjoy there meal. There soups to nuts. Everything you could imagine. Elena has set up., making sure her guests leave with full bellies. Everyone giving a lot of attention to little Alex. Who is there dressed in her Thanksgiving dress, all prettied up. William doing his best to give the little girl a lot of attention. Eric steps back and lets him. Knowing it is his child. Not Eric’s.

When dinner and dessert are over everyone heads home. Elena and William put Alex to bed together. Elena keeping her end of the bargain to do family things with him. To keep him at ease. When they leave the room, Eric goes in by himself to say goodnight to the little girl. He has gotten quite attached to her.

He meets Elena back in his quarters, there they take there shower and get ready for bed.

” Eric, Do you still have your apartment?” Elena asks.

“Yes, I never got rid of it. I don’t know, when William is going to through me out and I have to go home.” Eric states.

“Would you take me there?” Elena asks.

“It’s not much. Not like here. It’s just two rooms. Really a dump to be honest.” Eric admits.

“I don’t care. I would really like to go there with you. Spend some time, just me and you.” Elena states.

“If that is what you would like. There is no room for Alex. The place is too small.” Eric comments.

“That’s ok, we will leave her here. Its better that way, William wouldn’t want me to take her. He would only give me a hard time. I know if I leave, I could never take her with me.” Elena says looking down at the bed.

“Elena I don’t want you to lose her because of me.” Eric says.

” I can only have one of you. I already know we live with him, under his rules. He will let me be with her. If I break free, he won’t. He will do it on purpose.” Elena admits.

“We will do whatever you want. I am not going to push you to leave your child for me. That is asking a lot.” Eric comments

. “I think for a little while, It should be ok. I want to see how it is just us. Free to come and go. Free to just be ourselves. Without Edward the spy.” Elena remarks.

“Heh, I see your point. Ok, We will go tomorrow. Do you know how long we are going to stay?” Eric asks.

“For a while, For as long as we can.” Elena answers.

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