Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Eric’s Apartment.

Eric lays in bed thinking, he didn’t want her to give up her child because of him. At the same time, who wanted to live with William forever. Not that this house was bad, It had everything, you could wish for. He knew he had to deal with William for the rest of his life. He already got that through his head. He just didn’t know how far he was willing to go. He did know he wasn’t leaving Elena.

What they had was the best thing, that ever could happen to him. He was also thinking about. How he wasn’t sure he wanted to take her to his apartment. It really was a dump. He figured that would make her come running back here fast. His place had nothing to offer. It was an old run down and small dump. He could have had more, he grew up with a lot more. He just wasn’t into material things. He didn’t want them. The apartment was perfect for him, n=but not for her. She was used to having everything she ever wanted, she always did. That was the one thing William kept the same. He always gave her everything, but if she wanted to go. He would, he just didn’t expect much.

The next morning they wake up in each others arms. Elena kissing him and curling up to him like she did every morning. He now has gotten very used to it. He would miss it a lot if she wasn’t there. She gets up and packs her bags. Eric packs his own. She goes to Alex’s room to say her goodbyes, knowing she won’t see the little girl for a while. Feeling a sadness to let her go, but knowing she needs to. She tells the spy Edward they will be leaving. That they are going to Eric’s apartment. He advises against it. She ignores him, telling him she is a grown woman. She can come and go as she pleases.

That she wasn’t asking, she was telling him. He isn’t William, he lets her go. Having no real choice, Figuring at least she told him where she was going. She wasn’t running away.

On the way to Eric’s apartment they stop and get some food. Picking up milk, eggs, bread and some other things to make dinner. Eric was going to cook. He also picks up another blanket, knowing its cold in his apartment, not wanting Elena to be cold. It was ok for himself but not now. That she would be staying there. He also picks up two pairs of fuzzy PJs. To keep them warm. Elena picking up some fruit and veggies.

“Oh, Eric Watermelon. I have been craving that so badly.” Elena says.

“Then we must get one.” Eric answers. Picking it up and putting it in the cart. Elena just smiles at him, wanting to kiss him but knowing better. Keeping her end of the bargain with William. Not for him but for the sake of Eric, not wanting him hurt by anyone. They look around the store picking up anything they think they need. As Eric lived a very nonmaterial life. There wasn’t very much in his apartment. He never had quests. He wanted to make sure they would have everything they needed. For two people. Money wasn’t a problem, he was getting paid a pretty good sum from William. Not to mention all he saved from working other jobs. Elena also had her own money. So they were good with that.

After they leave the store they get back into the jeep heading to Eric’s apartment.

“Elena please remember that this place doesn’t have much. It’s very small and simple.” Eric says.

“Will you stop worrying. I don’t care where I am, as long as I am with you. Your not poor Eric, I know if you wanted something more. You could get it, You just prefer simple things.” Elena answers.

Pulling up to Eric’s apartment. They walk up a flight of stairs. Everything dark and dingy, getting to a wooden door. Eric takes out his key and lets them both into the small broken down two room apartment. Elena lays the bags on the kitchen table. Waiting for Eric to tell her where to keep the food.

“I have the food. You can put the extra blanket on the bed over there. It’s a twin, so we are going to have to sleep close together.” Eric says with a grin.

“That’s fine, I like that thought,” Elena replies.

Taking the blanket out of its packaging. Eric picked up a big fluffy soft cream blanket. big enough for the two of them. Eric also hands her the fuzzy PJs. Which she places in the bathroom for later.

Eric starts cooking dinner and Elena helps him sitting at the kitchen table cutting the veggies. They talk and just be together. Enjoying the time alone. Elena hasn’t said anything about the apartment. Just made her self at home, Eric cuts the watermelon getting it ready for Elena to eat. She just looks at him and smiles. Giving him a big kiss, Eric finishes up dinner and they both sit there eating.

After dinner, they do the dishes together putting everything away. Now getting ready for bed.

“Um, Elena, when you go to take a shower it's only hot for four minutes, you need to hurry.“Eric states.

“Well then maybe we should take it together. So we both get some hot water?” Elena says with a grin.

“If you wish, No messing around though. We need to be quick. Studs up, rinse, get out.” Eric remarks.

“Ok, I can do that.” Elena comments.

They take their clothes off and both get into the shower. Laughing, Rushing to get studs up, and rinsed. Fumbling around with the soap, giggling and having fun with it. None of it bothering Elena. Eric sees that she doesn’t mind, that she is happy. They get out of the shower and wrap up in large towels. Elena just kisses Eric, While still giggling over there shower.

“I love you Eric.” Elena says.

“I love you too,” Eric replies

. Putting on there fuzzy PJs. “Hurry and blow dry your hair. It gets drafty in here. I don’t want you to get cold.” Eric says.

“That’s ok, I have you to keep me warm,” Elena says with a smile.

Eric just smiles back. Eric blow drys her hair and then she helps Eric do his. Running her thin fingers through his silver hair. Not able to stop herself from kissing his lips.

They hurry up and get into the twin size bed covering themselves with the large furry blanket. Cuddling under the covers.

“I can’t believe your here. There were so many times, I dreamt of you in this bed. The things I would do to you.” Eric admits.

“Well, now I am here, In the bed with you. Do what you want to me. Anything you dreamed of, I am all yours.” Elena answers.

Eric kisses her and makes love to her, In his bed. Still not believing any of this is real. She falls asleep in his arms wrapped in the blanket, so close together.

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