Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 35

Chapter 35 Visit.

In the morning, It’s cold in the apartment. It’s pouring outside. The rain coming down in buckets. Elena laying on top of Eric, wrapped in his arms and in the blanket. Not even noticing, how cold it is. They spend the morning in each other’s arms. Comfy and cozy. ’Looking out the window at the rain, taking in the quiet and peacefulness.

Eric and Elena spend two weeks at his apartment. Elena doesn’t want to leave but she misses Alex. She called her every day and talked to her on the phone. She wants to go see her but not to stay. She knows William is home, that he is going to give her a speech over this. Not liking that she left the manor to be with Eric, Or really leaving him, especially for this long.

Eric and Elena drive back to the manor. Elena going straight to see Alex. Giving her a lot of attention, bringing her things. She picked up. While she was at Eric’s place, they spend a few hours with the little girl before she goes down for a nap.

When they leave Alex’s room, Elena goes over to William’s office.

“There you are, did you have fun on your playdate?” William asks.

“Yes, I did, I liked it very much. So Much I want to go back. I want to spend Christmas there. I want to take Alex with me.” Elena states.

“Alex isn’t going anywhere. You want this innocent little girl, To stay in that dump? Have you lost your mind? Not to mention this wasn’t part of the deal.” William snaps.

“I still have a little while, that I can be alone with Eric. I want to enjoy that. I want it to just be us, I will take her home.” Elena states.

“If you want to go play house. Fine, But she doesn’t go. On Christmas eve come here, spend time with her. Then go back to your dump.” William comments.

“I hope you’re having fun, William. No matter what you do, It’s not going to make me stay away from him.” Elena shouts.

“I know this already. You were supposed to stay here, not go off and playhouse. Has anyone seen you?” William asks.

“No, We stay in mostly. When we go out, we don’t touch. We behave just like I promised.” Elena answers.

“After Christmas, I want you home, I want this to stop. Don’t push me on this Elena. I still can make him go away. FOR good. Don’t think your little secret is going to help you. It would just be a lot worse for you. If he isn’t here anymore.” William states.

“You have your fun. Mine is coming.” Elena remarks.

“You been having your fun the whole while. This is a mess. How do you think I would look? If anyone found out, I let you sleep around, right under my nose. Not to mention what’s coming. Does he even know yet?” William hisses.

“No, I want to enjoy the holidays,” Elena replies.

“You're scared to tell him. Well, Well, I am pretty interested in seeing what he has to say to this. His goodie goodie Elena.” William announces.

“Think whatever you want, William he isn’t like you.” Elena remarks.

“That’s what you keep saying, but you are,” William admits.

“Only with you.” Elena answers. Walking out the door.

Elena Grabs her things, Getting some more Blankets and a pair of the soft socks. Some new clothes, and things that they didn’t have at Eric’s Apartment. Eric sees that Elena is upset.

“Elena, what’s wrong?” Eric asks.

“He won’t let me take Alex. I knew he wouldn’t though. That’s not going to stop me. I am not going to show him, that he can control me because of it. I will just come back for Christmas Eve. I will call her every day too. I want to be alone with you. Just us. I love it that way, I want our Christmas to just be me and you.” Elena admits.

“Ok, I just hate that he uses her against you. I am sorry.” Eric answers.

“It’s not your fault, It's pretty much been this way the whole marriage anyway. I’m sick of it.” Elena responds. Grabbing her bags and going.

William just watches out of his office window, as Elena gets into the Jeep with Eric. Not listening to what he said, or caring that she couldn’t take Alex. She went anyway. He knew it was getting harder and harder for him to control her. He knew once the secret was out, it would be harder for her to disobey him. That she would need him to make things better, to keep them safe. In the meantime, she was letting him sweat. He saw if she could, she would run away with Eric. Never to return. The only thing really stopping her was Alex. He wasn’t even sure in the end if that would stop her from leaving. Her desire and want for Eric. Seem to overtake everything else. He knew he was in trouble.

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