Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 36

Chapter 36 Together.

Elena goes back to Eric’s apartment. Elena not letting what William told her, get her down. She wasn’t going to let him win. She was happy, she was going to stay that way.

“Eric, Let’s decorate the apartment. Let’s get a tree, like we did when we were kids. Like mom and dad did.” Elena suggests.

“Ok, That sounds nice,” Eric says.

“We only have two weeks before Christmas. We should get some gifts. and some food for Christmas day. We will be here for that, just me and you.“Elena states.

“Ok, I know a place we can get the tree and also shop,” Eric replies. Elena and Eric get into the Jeep and head to the shopping center.

Elena picks out a tree. That would fit great in the apartment. Then she and Eric walk around picking up lights and ornaments for the tree. Going into little stores, Picking up presents and food for the upcoming holiday. Having a really nice time. They head to the food court to have dinner. Sitting there discussing. What they want to do when they go home.

“I want to put up the tree and some decorations. I also have a surprise coming to the apartment.” Elena says.

“Oh really? What kind of surprise?” Eric asks.

“You will see when it comes. “She replies.

They both get done eating, heading back to the apartment. Carrying the bags up the stairs, going inside. Elena takes off her coat and heads for the decorations. As Eric carries in the tree. Placing it right in front of the windows, on the side of their bed. Elena goes over and starts putting on the white lights. Eric helps. Then adding some balls and other decorations. Finally adding the star at the top. Which Elena can’t reach, so Eric lifts her so she can put it on. She just smiles at him, All this just reminds him, of when they were kids. How they would decorate each year together. Having a nice time. They always had a great time together.

The Christmas that they spent apart, he always wished she was there with him. Now he had her back, not ever wanting to let her go again. Elena Places a kiss on his lips when he puts her down. As they are kissing the doorbell rings. Eric answering the door. Its the delivery man with Elena’s surprise.

“Hello, sir, Where do you want this?” The man says.

“Right over there,” Eric replies.

The man carries in a large box and places it in the center of the room. Then leaves. From the box, Eric knows its an electric fireplace.

“Your Surprise is here Elena,” Eric says.

“I am so glad. I thought It would be a good thing. Something nice to look at while it keeps us warm. It has a heater in it.” Elena states.

“That is very nice. Lets set it up.” Eric replies.

Taking it out of the box and placing it where the tv is. Moving his tv and placing the Fireplace in its spot. Then putting the tv on top. So they can watch both while in bed. Eric likes the idea. They plug it in and put it on. It gives off nice light and warmth.

” That’s really nice Elena. I love it.” Eric states.

“I am so glad. We can put lights on it for Christmas and I got two stockings to add also.” Elena comments.

” Sounds good.” Eric states.

Looking around his old dumpy apartment. Which now looks warm and cozy. Elena took some blankets from home for the bed. Adding pillows and soft blankets, making it warm and cozy. They put their PJs on, Getting a bowl of ice cream, sitting in bed eating, watching the fireplace. Eric sitting up on the bed with his back against the pillows. And Elena sitting on his lap sharing the ice cream and pretzels.

“Its warmer in here now.” Eric states.

“Yes, I figured that would help. Not that I minded curling up with you. I still am. I just figured it would help.“Elena remarks.

“It did, I like the pillows too. You made everything really nice. I love being with you.“Eric states.

“Same here."

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