Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 37

Chapter 35 Christmas Eve.

The next two weeks fly by, Eric and Elena have a great time together. Shopping for Christmas, being Just the two of them. Its the best time Either of them has ever had in a long time. The more they spend time together, the more they want each other There affections and desire hasn’t faded at all. Just grown.

Elena went out and got a ton of gifts for Alex. She made them all be wrapped and delivered to the Rosewood Manor. Since they wouldn’t have enough room to put them in the jeep. Elena is sure, that William put up his yearly tree. The way he likes it, and all his decorations. She really didn’t care about that. She got to decorate with Eric. Like she used to do when they were children, growing up in Greenhaven Manor. The only thing.

She was upset over was she didn’t get to include Alex. She would have loved to have her with them. Being a family. She could have stayed at the Manor and do what William ordered. But she wanted to be her own person. to show him he can’t control her. She is her own person. She needed some freedom. Even if it cost her. Once she would tell Eric her secret they would probably have to stay at the Manor for a while. Being Under William’s watchful eye. Till then, she wanted to be free. She wanted the life she felt she missed out on.

Elena and Eric get dressed and ready to go to the Manor. It’s Christmas Eve. Elena isn’t really happy to go but wants to see Alex.

“Are you ok?” Eric asks.

“Yea, I guess I have no choice. I want to see Alex. He knows, he has her over my head. He will use her any chance he gets.” Elena states.

“He isn’t home with her anyway. I don’t know why he just couldn’t let her come here. I know, I am not one of his favorite people. But he isn’t hurting us, he is hurting the little girl. She would have a different life with us. One without a nanny. With a family.” Eric answers.

“I know, To hurt me, he will do this. I know me being with you, burns him. I knew it wasn’t going to go all smoothly. He told us from the start, he wasn’t going to let me go. I just wanted to be alone with you. Just us as a couple, without Him and Edward always watching to see what we do. I’m not a child, he doesn’t seem to realize that yet.” Elena replies.

“He will have to sooner or later. I am not going anywhere. He knows that. He will just have to deal like I have to deal with him. Neither of us likes it. But to be with you, we have to get over it.“Eric responds.

“That is easier for you Since I love and want you. I am always with you. He only gets glimpses of that, when he says we have to have family time. It’s Different.” Elena comments.

“Him pushing you on him just pushed you further away. He hasn’t learned that yet. For being a Smart wise Purebred, He should know better.” Eric responds.

“I guess, We should be going, get this over with. When we come home tonight we get to spend our own Christmas together. I can’t wait for that.” Elena says.

“Me either,” Eric responds.

Eric and Elena head to the jeep, driving over to the Manor. Listening to Christmas music and singing all the way there. Eric just watches. How happy she is with him, how she just glows. He hasn’t seen her this happy ever. She just holds his hand while singing the tunes, even though off-key, Eric can’t help but smile.

Before they know it, they are at the Manor. He sees Elena take a deep long breath before getting out of the jeep. They walk up to the door just walking in. Elena sees little Alex sitting on the floor playing in front of a huge decorated Christmas tree. All dressed up in a little plaid dress. Elena runs to the little girl. Picking her up and giving her hugs and kisses. William just sitting on the sofa reading his paper with his legs crossed. Watching.

Seeing that she came home for the day. William doesn’t see any of her bags. So he knows she is still planning on spending Christmas day alone with Eric. Which kills him. This isn’t what he wants. She was his wife. No Eric’s.

“Glad you could make it Elena,” William says.

“I wouldn’t miss watching Alex open her presents.” Elena states.

“You did have a lot sent over for her. Spoiled her a lot this year.” William says.

“Yes, I finally got out and about to be able to. I enjoyed it. It as like Christmas’s I spent at home, with my family.” Elena responds.

“If you say so. Dinner will be ready in a few. Will you be coming home after Christmas? Correct?” William asks.

“Yes.” Elena answers.

“Good, Best news I heard all day,” William replies. Walking into the dining room.

Eric picks up Alex and takes her to the dining room. Placing her in her high chair. Then taking his own seat right next to Elena.

Dinner goes well without any disruptions. William holds back and doesn’t say what is on his mind, acting in front of Alex like everything is normal. Wanting the child to have a nice day. He too loved her very much. He knew she needed her mother but at the same time, didn’t want her to be with Eric. That thought of him raising his child. Bothered him even more, then him taking Elena away from him. He was taking over his life. Little by little taking everything that William held dear. He couldn’t let that happen.

After dinner, they go back into the sitting room. Letting Alex open her presents. Elena sitting alongside of her, helping her. William there as well. Eric just sits on the sofa watching. Knowing this is their moment, their child. He knows he already rocked the boat enough. One day wasn’t going to hurt anything. Let them have it, let Alex have it.

The little girl has a blast opening all her goodies, not knowing what to play with first. Elena getting her all kinds of things. Including a doll house. Which Eric helps put together when all the gifts are opened.

William goes back into his office. Eric, Elena, and Alex play with the new toys and put them together with her. Till she gets way too tired and needs to go to bed. Elena and Eric tuck her in. Telling her goodnight. And that they will be seeing her in a few days. They close the door and head back downstairs.

Elena goes into William’s Office to say goodbye.

“I just wanted to say goodbye before I left. Thank you for letting us come over. I had a nice time. I think Alex did also.” Elena says.

“You didn’t have to come over If you would stop with this nonsense. You could have been here the whole time. Spending the holiday season with your child. Instead of you play toy.” William barks.

“I could have been with both of them If it wasn’t for you. Your dumb ass jealousy.“Elena shouts back.

” You really think? I would let her go into that dump he calls an Apartment? Where was she going to sleep on the floor? Cold! Over my dead body.” William shouts.

“It’s not as bad as you are making it out to be. Not everyone needs 40 rooms and maids to survive!” Elena barks back.

“Maybe not, But heat is a good thing. Not to mention Hot water.” William responds.

“How do you know? What the hell did you do? Go over there and check it out. Why can’t you just be normal for once? ” Elena says.

“You know me better than that. I needed to know, where you would be bringing my child. Of Course, I checked it out. You have all this? and YOu want to go stay there. What the hell is wrong with you? From riches to rags. Really Elena?” William hisses.

“You wouldn’t know or understand. You don’t have to be rich to be happy. Just be with the person you love. The one you trust, but you wouldn’t know anything about trust would you.” Elena barks.

“Don’t go there. You are no better than me. When are you going to tell him, Elena? Your little pet, left in the dark. You think he isn’t going to know you tricked him.” William states.

“I didn’t trick him. It was something I wanted for a long time. I didn’t even know if it was going to work.” Elena answers.

“Well, it did. You got what you wanted. Now what? Everyone else has to suffer because of it, even your pet. ” William snarls.

“Without you, no one is suffering. Your the only one in the way. The one that just can’t see me happy. I don’t care what you do or say. It’s not taking me away from him this time. Not even using Alex against me. I’m sorry William, but no more of you controlling me.” Elena comments.

“We will see about that After you come clean. When you need me for the next step. Do you think he is going to go along with the next step? You do know what it entitles? He isn’t ever going to let that happen.” William smirks.

“You keep gloating over there. I will get what I want. I will have him, in every way possible, If you like it or not.” Elena answers.

“Oh, I got you a little something. I don’t think you need them anymore, but figured I would give them to you anyway.“William says handing her a box. Elena opens the box to find the three books. She hid in the tombs.

“So? You know. Am I suppose to care?” Elena states.

“Maybe you don’t but lover boy might.” William grins.

“Whatever dear husband, you really don’t know who you are playing with. Do you?” Elena answers.

“I am seeing more and more, the wicked beast you have become,” William replies.

Elena gives him an evil grin and walks out of the office. Not showing him, that anything he just told her bothered her. She was becoming him. She was better than him. He was so dumb. Didn’t he realize? The only way to find those books was because she wanted him to find them. Little William, IS off his game.

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