Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Secret.

Elena walks into the sitting room calm like nothing took place. Going over to Eric giving him a hug and kiss.

“Its time to go,” Elena says.

“Works for me. what did he have to say now?” Eric asks.

“Just that he wants me home after tomorrow, using Alex against me. The same old stunts.” Elena admits.

“He always has to be a dick doesn’t he?” Eric hisses.

“Pretty much, but don’t let him bother you. There isn’t much he can do now. “Elena states.

“I am sure there is a lot he can do Elena. He just isn’t at the moment.” Eric states.

“As I said before, don’t let him worry you. Let’s go home, enjoy our time alone.” Elena replies.

“Ok. Let’s go.” Eric responds.

Elena and Eric head out into the jeep, on the way home, they pick up some pies and goodies to snack on. While laying in bed. They have it really nice together, Elena hates to leave this. She also knows she needs to come clean before William does it in his way, and ruins everything.

Once home they go to the apartment, get changed and snuggle into bed, watching a little tv. It starts to snow and they look out the window from there bed, just watching it come down. The snow always reminded her of when they were kids. How they would play in it. It made her remember, how William would come over. How she loved to see him. Now How far they have come from that. How she once looked up to him. Now betraying him, In every way she could. It bothered her deeply. This isn’t what she wanted, or planned, she thought she could have been happy with him. That it could have worked, things have just gotten way out of hand. Her feelings for Eric taken over everything else. But she could never let go of her White knight. Even if it meant letting go of the Dark Knight. Her love for him was too strong.

They fall asleep in each other’s arms, the warm fireplace glowing on them. The street light from outside shining into there room. Elena loved it here, she didn’t need anything more, Just Eric. The morning comes before long, Elena waking up in Eric’s coffee maker going off to make the room smell of fresh hot coffee. Eric kisses her head and holds her tight.

“Good Morning Elena,” Eric says.

“Morning,” Elena answers with a smile.

“I guess, I should say Merry Christmas also,” Eric adds.

“Same to you, I have a present for you.“Eric replies.

“Oh, what did you get me?” Elena answers. As Eric hands her a small box.

She opens it to reveal a necklace with two birthstones that say, Eric & Elena.

“Oh, Eric I love it! Put it on me please.” Elena says.

Eric taking it out of the box and clasping it around Elena’s neck.

“I will never take it off,” Elena says. Gleaming.

“I am glad you like it.” Eric states.

“I love it. I have a few for you too, first, open this one.” Elena states.

Eric opening the box to a Rolex watch.

“Elena. You didn’t have to.” Eric says with his mouth open.

” I wanted to. Eric, I have to tell you something, I am not sure. How you’re going to react. I don’t want to hurt, what we have here. I love you dearly.” Elena responds.

“I love you too. What is it?” Eric asks.

“I don’t know where to start,” Elena says.

Handing Eric the three books on bonding and how not to hurt your loved one.

“Ok, I think we are past this part aren’t we?” Eric asks.

“Yes, But its how I did it. I used what the books told me, so, I didn’t hurt you.” Elena admits.

“Ok, That’s fine It worked,” Eric says.

“Yes, it worked exactly how they said it would.” Elena answers.

Handing Eric another small box. Eric looks at her a little baffled. Opening the box to reveal a pregnancy test, with two pink lines. Eric looks at Elena then back at the test.

“You’re pregnant?” Eric asks.

“Yes, Eric We are going to have a baby,” Elena admits.

Eric just hugs her pulling her closer.

“How long have you known?” Eric asks.

“I have known from our first encounter. It’s what kept me calm. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work or not, most of the time it doesn’t. It only works when you been getting ready prior to the mating session.” Elena states.

“So that’s what all that other stuff was for?” Eric asks.

“Yes, I still didn’t know if it was going to really work. I was just hoping it would, I wanted to have your child more than anything. At the same time, it would tame me, so, I wouldn’t hurt you. The vampire instincts would know. You’re the father and want to protect you. Not ever hurt you. I know, I should have told you sooner. I just didn’t know how you would react. If you would even hate me for this.” Elena says looking down at the bed.

“I don’t hate you. I mean really, I was shocked when you didn’t say something earlier. We never use protection, Elena. It was going to happen sooner or later. Neither of us trying to stop it. I know it was my first time, But I do know how babies are made. I didn’t take any precaution. I didn’t want to, If it happened I felt it was meant to be.” Eric confesses.

“Really? So you’re ok with this?” Elena says happily.

” Yes, more than ok. The woman I love is carrying my child.” Eric answers.

“Oh, Eric. You don’t know how happy you just made me. I want this baby so badly. It is part of you.” Elena says with a smile.

“I am glad you're happy, not sure where this leaves us with William. I think it does make it a bigger mess. I also like that he is now stuck with me, but, in reality, what are we going to do? “Eric asks.

“William will have to protect you me and the child. I know he is an ass but he will do it. He will just, have a price.” Elena states.

“Yea that’s what I am afraid of, his price. What does this mean for our future? Our child’s future?” Eric asks.

“We will be fine, Trust me. There may be a few things coming you don’t want to do, but if you do. Things will work out fine.” Elena states.

Not telling Eric what is in store. What the future holds. Holding that back, giving him one blow at a time. This one went over well. Eric is fine with having a child with her. Would he like the next step? She saw William in herself. How she hides things. Big things, but it was all her plan to get Eric. To keep him. She was just as bad as William. The only difference was in time she told you the truth. Where he never did.

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