Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Telling all.

Eric and Elena enjoy there day together. Elena told him everything so, now there was no secret. When they would go back to the manor. William couldn’t use the baby against her. She already told Eric about it. He was happy, he wanted it. He never thought he would have a family. He never thought he would have Elena. All this was a dream to him, he would have his own Alex. One William couldn’t do anything with. He still wondered how things were going to be. He worried if William would ever through him out. It wouldn’t only be away from Elena. he would now be away from his child. It always stood in the back of his mind.

The next day, they have to pack up and go back to the Manor. Eric See’s a sadness take over Elena. He knows she really doesn’t want to leave here. Neither does he. At the same time, he doesn’t want her to be away from Alex. They are stuck between a rock and hard place. So, for now, they would go back.

When they get there, Things are quiet. The child is upstairs in her room. William in his office. Edward nowhere to be found. They don’t even tell anyone they are home. They just go Straight upstairs to Eric’s quarters, but not before Elena picks up Alex from her room, taking her with her. They go to Eric quarters unpacking and giving the child a lot of attention.

William knowing they are home, he could sense them both. He just grins knowing she had to give in to him. IF she wanted to or not. First, she wanted to be with Alex. Second, she was pregnant and would need protection. Right now no one would know who the child’s father was. Once it was born, they would know right off the bat it wasn’t William’s. It wouldn’t be a purebred. Elena knew she had to protect Eric and this Child at any cost, even with what was coming up. She would have to grin and bear it. Just to make sure No one would touch them. She just feared Eric wouldn’t go along with it. That it would be the last straw. For William, he was hoping it would be. One to seal the deal to make Eric leave. He could either leave his child or take it. FOr all William cared. He actually preferred he would take it with him. But he knew that would kill Elena altogether. William just had to wait and see what would happen next.

When its dinner time Eric and Elean go to the dining room. William and Edward already there. Back to the spying and bullshit. Elena thought in the back of her mind. They take a seat and start eating.

“Did you have a nice time on your Vacation?” Edward asks.

“Yes, I loved it. I didn’t want to come home, now thinking about it. I am not sure why I did.” Elena answers.

William just eating his food like he didn’t hear her. He knows better. That she had no choice.

“I am glad you had a nice vacation. How was your Christmas?” Edward asks.

Eric stepping right up answering that one.

“It was wonderful. I found out I am going to be a father. It’s the best news, I have ever heard.” Eric replies. Kissing Elena’s hand.

William spits out his drink. “So you know, I didn’t think you would be so happy. Knowing she tricked you.” William states.

“She didn’t trick me, It takes two. I knew we didn’t use any protection. I know what happens, I didn’t care if it did.” Eric answers.

William taken back a little, to know that Eric was after the same thing. They both want it. That didn’t go as planned either.

“Well, Than I guess a Congratulations is in order.” Edward states.

“Yes, Thank you.” Eric answers.

“You do know you will need my protection more than ever now,” William says bluntly.

“Yea, I figured. You would have to be in the middle of it again.” Eric states.

“Now that my wife has done this. I will be more in the middle then you know. She thinks she is smart with her little game’s. She opened a Pandora’s box.“William remarks.

“Love isn’t a game, Its a feeling,” Elena replies.

“It’s both,” William responds.

” You are carrying a hunters child. He was Human once, do you know what the hunters and vampires will do? You’re a purebred Elena. I am the king, and you play this shit. How about if I choose not to protect you?” William rants.

“Then don’t. I will do it myself.” Elena shouts back.

“Do you think you will be able to? That they will listen to you if I say you’re a tramp who cheated on me and is having a child with another man?” William snaps

. Eric shooting up from his chair.

“She isn’t a tramp, watch your words, William.” Eric hisses.

“Protecting her? Heh, Your the one that needs the protection, away from her.” William barks.

Eric shoots William an evil glare.

“You can look at me any way you want to Eric. It’s not going to change the situation. She hasn’t explained it all to you I am sure. I am also sure, you’re not going to like what is next for your protection. I don’t either.” William replies.

“There you go with your riddles again. What the hell are you talking about?” Eric snaps.

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