Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Decision

After a while, Elena started doing more and more for the child, getting close to her. Being the mother, she wanted to be. Still not her full self, still not spending much time with William. He would go on trips. She would stay away, even when he was home.

William tried doing family things together. Making them spend some time together, putting the blame on Alex. Just so Elena would spend time with him. He would try to get close. She would push him away, never telling him the real reasons. Doing her best to hide herself away. Keeping her true feelings locked away inside. Nothing around her made her happy anymore. Things just looked bleak to her.

Deep down William knew, it was Eric eating away at her. The blood she uses to take from him. Now stop along with the sex. There was no bond for her to William. The bonds they were supposed to have never formed like they were supposed to. They were more like two passing ships in the night. It made him sad and even more lonely.

He took her away, to be his wife. Hoping that all would be happy. Feeling she would leave the past behind, now knowing that the blood she shared with Eric was more than just being kind. He saw now, more than ever, she loved him. The bond formed with him instead.

At the start, they were happy for a while. William wanted that back but only saw it falling further down. Than it already was. This wasn’t what he signed up for. This wasn’t the life he saw himself having with Elena. This was one plan that wasn’t going according to what William planned.

In the last three months, it has gotten even worse, to the point, she only sees Alex for a short few hours a day. Spending the rest of her time, in her room Sitting in her red plush brocade chair. Staring out the window, like she is waiting for something or someone to come rescue her. She doesn’t talk to anyone. Not even Ryan. She just sits there and stares.

William is at his wit’s end to figure out something to fix this. Just not sure of what to do. The more he sees her like this the more he worries. He knows something has to give, he wants for her to be a better mother to there child, a better wife. He also knows that people are going to wonder where his wife is. He was a very important man. They use to give dinner parties, being the perfect family. Now nothing. People ask questions, ones that William didn’t want to answer. He didn’t even know how to answer it. It just lies on top of lies being told. Ones that were getting hard to keep track of.

William has tons of daily business to tend to. This is only making it worse. He can’t give her the time she needs, with major things taking place. He was spreading himself thin as it was, trying to make sure the company stayed on top of its goals, like it always has. It was his first priority. Elena and her little tantrums were being a pain for him. She was supposed to be here taking care of the Mansion and their child. Not hiding out in her bedroom like a teenage girl silking. This drove William mad. He knew had to come up with some idea to fix it. No matter what it would take.

One day, while William is sitting in his office, he tells Edward to come to see him. That he needs to speak to him in private. Edward is a longtime trusted friend of Williams Father. Someone William can trust and talk to when needed. He knew anything said in this room would stay there.

Edward knew better. Edward was 5′11 with brown hair and blue eyes, he was in his forties. He was a friend of Thomas’s but always got along better with William. William was older than Elena. Elena was only twenty years old. William was thirty. No one thought anything about the age difference. It was only ten years. Not to mention, they were vampires, they really didn’t age. They both looked young. You couldn’t tell how old they were. The ten years difference did make William have a little more life then Elena had. He had been around both in his personal life and business life. Making a lot of enemies and yes friends.

“Edward. Thank you for coming.” William says in a smooth voice

.“Anytime William. What seems to be the matter.” Edward asks.

“There are a few things going on. First Elena is a mess. She is in a deep depression. I feel if I let this keep going. She will put herself to sleep or even worse.“William states.

“Is it still over him?“Edward asks.

” I am afraid so. She might not tell me but I feel it is. She never forgot him and it's only has gotten worse after Alex was born. I don’t think, I can keep her hidden anymore.“William confesses.

“I am so sorry to hear that,” Edward responds.

“The second thing is. I need some more security here at the mansion. I am away for long periods of time. Victoria is with me most of the time also.”

Victoria was Williams very trusted guard. She would watch over him and his family. Doing anything he needed. She was very good at what she did, not much could stop her. She was in her late thirties. William knew her from when he was a kid. They grew up together. He really wanted to marry her but his father advised him against it. She wasn’t a purebred, not to mention, she was one of there servants. It wouldn’t look right. So William did as his father asked.

William goes on saying.“I need someone who can take our place. When we are not here. I was thinking of making one of the Vampire hunters come to watch over them.” William admits.

“William, If you are looking for the best. We both know who that will be. He has grown into the best you can find. You can’t let him come here. If you do. You might not like the end results.“Edward reveals.

“I Know, to be honest with you I don’t think I have a choice. First, she is dying slowly. Second, I need someone who would care about her needs before his own, without putting themselves first. He is the only one that would do so.“William Confesses.

“I know that’s true. But this is crazy. You’re bringing the Cheese to the Mouse. Do you know how dangerous that could be?“Edward states.

“Yes. I do.” William responds.

“He might not even take the job once he knows who it’s for.“Edward replies.

“I doubt that. He might put up a fuss, but to make sure she is safe. He will take it, he can’t deny her. He is as bad as me. I am sure he has missed her as much as she misses him. And I guess we will see if his feelings for her are just as strong as her’s are. “William comments.

“And if something takes place you can’t change or fix?“Edward asks.

“Then I will have to deal with it. She can’t leave me even if she wanted to. Too much is entwined in our marriage. She can’t live freely with him anyway. So It would only be getting it out of her system.” William admits.

“I am not sure of this. I think its a very bad idea.“Edward responds.

“Watching her die, isn’t a good plan either. How would I explain that? Either way, I am going to have to deal with something I don’t want to. Something hard, just this way maybe she will come alive again. Our child needs her.“William replies.

“I will do whatever is needed for you, my lord. Just heed my warning please.“Edward says.

“I will. Thank you for always being a good friend. She just realized her feelings for him. We are not truly sure his are the same yet. It will be something to see.” William comments.

“My lord if they are not the same. That would only do her more harm than good. She would fall apart, even more, knowing he didn’t want her.” Edward states.

“True, but if he didn’t want her, she would know the truth and just let it go. If its the other way, then I guess she gets what she wants. It’s just a test.” William answers.

“A test that can go very wrong. Either way, I don’t see it coming out good.“Edward replies.

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