Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Proposal.

“What I am trying to say is, In order for me to protect you. You will have to Marry me and Her.” William lets fly.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Eric asks.

“In the vampire world, it’s very common for a wife or husband to take on another spouse. As long as the first spouse is ok with it. It has to be a joining affair. Where the Frist husband and wife approve of the added spouse. The ceremony is held where both first spouses are there, marrying and taking on the second. In this case, If I agree to this, you both will be my spouses, so no one would touch either of you or that child. No one would dream to go against my wishes. IF, I took on another. No matter how much lower they were.” William states.

“You have a lot of nerve. I don’t think, I need to marry you, of all people.” Eric answers.

“I understand that. IN marring me, you will also be the husband to Elena. It’s pretty much what she has been after this whole time. Why she got pregnant, knowing it would force my hand. To make you, her husband. So when the child is born, no one will think twice, If she is married to you.” William admits.

" How about she just divorces you and marrys me.” Eric states.

“Nice thought. First, as I told you before, I will never let her go. Second, if she did that, she wouldn’t have my protection anymore. They all can come after you, and your child. Most would do so in honor of me, for her leaving me for the Hunter. It would make things a lot worse for you both. Not to mention, the unborn child.“William answers.

“But Eric would be my legal husband, he has the same say over me and his child as you do. It makes him on an even playing field.” Elena remarks.

“Yes, my dear. I know that is what you were after. Making him, yours.” William replies.

“How does this mess work?” Eric asks.

“Just like any other marriage. We have a large gathering making all the important people know that I agree, To let Elena marry you. That I am marrying you also. We follow the procedure for the wedding. Once it’s done, we go home and you two are married.“William comments.

“That doesn’t sound too awful.” Eric answers.

“You won’t like the wedding procedure. I don’t either for that matter.“William admits.

“What do you mean?“Eric asks.

"Because you are the second husband. It’s needed for all the guests to know that we are one. There will be a room we enter after the vows. We are supposed to make love to Elena, as a couple. To state, we are all together. If we don’t they will know its bullshit and a scam.“William remarks.

“I am not having sex with you, William. I draw the line. You god damn vampires and your rituals.” Eric shouts.

“You wouldn’t have to, you fool. Do you really think I would want to make love to you? We will take our turns with her, Spreading our scent. Intertwining them. We will not have to touch each other, Just her.” William states.

“You think I am going to stand there and watch you touch and make love to her. Are you fucking kidding me? I don’t want your thing near her!” Eric says as he gets up from the table.

“I won’t have to do it that way. There are other ways, As long as my scent is on her. You can go along with this and be with her forever, or step away. It really doesn’t matter to me. I am already her husband. I am doing you the favor. I would prefer not to, SO if you say no. I am very glad about it. It’s Elena that won’t be. And as for my thing, she is my wife. Your the one that should keep your thing to yourself.” William snaps. Walking out of the room. Going to his office.

Eric is angry and upset he throws his chair and goes upstairs into this quarter. Edward just watching this unfold. Elena running after Eric.

“Eric please we need to talk about this.“Elena says.

“Talk about what? That he just wants to get in your pants again, So he is using this to do it. I am supposed to watch him touch you? Make love to you?” Eric snaps.

“We can figure something out. It would only be a one-time thing. Then you are my husband. I am yours. He can’t ever take you away from me. You would have just as much say. We can move away from here. Maybe even take Alex.” Elena states.

“He isn’t ever going to let us leave without him, Elena. I know you love me and your trying, but he isn’t going to let you go. Then he would even be married to me. Does he have the same rites over me?” Eric states.

“We can make it that you don’t. That your full Marriage is mainly to me.” Elena states.

“I don’t know if I can do this. I need to think about it, It’s a lot to take on.” Eric says.

“I know, Just please do think about it. I know that came out of nowhere. It’s the only way.” Elena states.

” You need to be upfront with more. Stop playing around Elena. I am not him, I won’t put up with it. You have been aiming for this from the beginning. You didn’t even tell me anything.” Eric says angrily.

“Yes, It’s true. I have I am sorry. I just figured it would all work out after this. We would be together, have a family. I didn’t know what else to do. After that day, he said you could leave. I fell apart. I went to an old friend and got the books. I read them over and over. And figured it was the best choice. No matter the outcome, at least I would have your child. I have never been so in love with someone before Eric. I can’t breath when you’re not around.” Elena admits

. “I feel the same, I just need no more games,” Eric says.

“I promise, there isn’t anything more. You now know it all. Its all up to you.” Elena replies.

“I need time to think,” Eric says.

Later that night Eric just lays in bed thinking. He doesn’t know if this is a good or bad thing, not to mention the Ceremony. The thought of William touching her drove him insane. He wanted to beat him to a pulp. Then he felt that’s not really fair. Since she was William’s wife. and he was the one cheating with her. This was a mess. Would it get worse from this or better? It would be nice to be her husband and have a say. Not just the mistress on the side. Who could be sent home at any time? He also now needed his protection for his child. He could take care of himself but the innocent child couldn’t. Eric couldn’t bear for his child to suffer for his choices. He just needed more time.

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