Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 41

Chapter 41 Thinking

Edward goes into William’s office to talk.

“Well, Do you think? He is going to go through with this?” Edward asks.

“For her, Probably. Which means we are truly stuck with each other. The only good part is people will not think too much of it. It’s we just took on another, Instead of her cheating like this. People see People, talk, Not to mention the child. It’s a big mess. I didn’t think, she would have been that impulsive. It just seems when it comes to him, she will do anything. So now, I have to think of every which way with her.” William admits.

“I can’t believe you are willing to make him your spouse. To add him to this family.” Edward states.

“I don’t really have a choice. I would love to let him hang out to dry, but she will also. Not to mention, I hate to say this. The man is innocent, It’s her. She planned all of this, from the start. Was she even sick? Or just playing us. To get him here? I don’t trust any of her actions anymore.” William reveals.

“I don’t think someone could fake that. She was dying. I know she was sick for a while. You just let her stay that way, till she almost turned to dust. Now she is getting back at you for everything. “Edward comments.

“I know, I see this. She is also very good at it. She knew I would never divorce her, so she did it this way. So she has us both. The only thing is the ceremony, I never thought she would go through with it. She will have to make me touch her to complete it. But I guess to be with him, she will do anything.“William remarks.

“I don’t think any of this is a good idea. I haven’t from the start. He will have equal rights to everything as her spouse, even the money.“Edward states.

“He is a lot of things but I know he isn’t after our money. I will set him up with a bank account, so he has some funds. Also once they are married. He can go back to work. That should get him out of here a bit. Instead of constantly being around her. Not that she will care once he is her husband.“William answers.

“She could move out then. She could want to have a house with just him.” Edward states.

“She can if she pleases, but I will have to have a room and show up when I’m not working. We are all married and have to keep up appearances. Which if he agrees to this marriage, he can go anywhere she does. I don’t have to worry about her kissing and fondling him in public anymore.“William states.

“Don’t you think people will see? How she drools over him? That she doesn’t do that with you? You need to still be careful. People talk. They are going to have a field day. That She wants to take on another husband. Once they hear who it is, It will be even worse. If you were taking on another wife. No one would think anything of it, but why would you want to be married to him?” Edward comments.

“I already thought of all that. I will say that it was a planned arrangement, between Me and the hunters. To show good intentions. Also to have Him guard and protect my wife and children. I have all that worked out. Its why she let me figure it out so soon before telling Eric. She knew I would have to get all this together. As I said, she had it planned.” William answers.

“I am glad you have it figured out because I sure don’t. I guess it would be better him living here as a husband, over a mistress.“Edward adds.

“The only one who is going to have any real problems with this is Eric. After the Ceremony, he should be fine though.” William remarks.

Eric still thinking about what is taking place and if he really wants this. Elena he does and the child. The family he always wanted and never thought. He would have, To be her husband sounds great. But not to be stuck or with William in that way. Among the other part. He isn’t too happy with Elena at the moment either. She had this all figured out. She just never told him. She just planned it out and let it take place, putting him in the middle of this, If he wanted to be or not. Then she did ask before they went all the way if he was sure. I am in this now.

A few weeks go by and new years is over, Eric still didn’t make up his mind. He is still in turmoil over a decision. William hasn’t even been around. He is pretty much always away. Which makes Eric think that will be a good thing. At least I won’t have to interact with him all the time. This house is really nice, We have everything you could imagine. It’s safe here, It had its good points.

Eric and Elena take Alex out and do fun things with her. Eric thinking about when his own child would be born. How he loved that image, seeing Elena pregnant with there child, brought him joy. He truly loved being with her. They were both very happy together. He couldn’t stay mad at her for long. Seeing how they both felt. He could understand why she did it. He feels as if he was in her shoes, he would have done the same thing.

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