Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Hunters.

Now that William knows, Eric is going along with this plan. He goes to see Martin and James.

“It's great to see you, William,” James says.

“Yes. same here. I have a problem, I need help with from you both. Its to protect Elena and Eric.” William states.

“What can we do for them? What’s wrong with my son?” James asks.

“Well, as you know Elena is in love with Eric. She always has been, seems he feels the same. They completed their blood bond which led to the making of a child.” William admits.

“What?” Martin says.

“Yes. I am afraid so. Elena is pregnant and its Eric’s.” William admits.

“Well, how do you like that? Does your family know?” Martin says.

James just listening. Knowing this is a bad thing, his son just got himself into.

“What do you need from us?” James asks.

“Well, You know that Vampires can take on another spouse. It’s nothing in our world. I was thinking that we would make an agreement, Before Hunters and Vampires. That we get along, Work together. Can even live and marry. In this Agreement, I would be the first to Take this on, letting Eric marry Elena. Showing all it can be done. That way it doesn’t look like, she ran off with the Hunter. No one would come after them. IF I gave my permission for this. They may be rumbled by the agreement. But I think it should calm down some if we all approve. They will need safely now more than anything. As for Elena’s parents, they do not know yet. That’s for her to tell them not me.” William remarks.

“I will do anything to Protect them both. I am sorry my son is doing this to you. I am sure this isn’t what you wanted. “James responds.

" I figured you would, hunters would come to the marriage, entwined themselves with the Vampires. There will be higher-ups there, very important Vampires. This all needs to look legit And No, I am not looking forward to any of this. I am doing it to protect Elena.” William mentions.

“We can do that for them Will Eric be able to go through with this? He does know what the ceremony entitles?” Martin asks.

” Yes. I was upfront with him. He isn’t happy about it. But I think he can manage. It was a very stupid thing they did. It seems its something they both wanted.” William states.

“It wouldn’t have been anything under regular circumstances. But its a big mess under these. You didn’t seem to stop them?” James remarks.

“I know, Its why I came here. There wasn’t anything to stop. If I did she wouldn’t be here. She had this all planned.” William comments.

“I will draw up the papers and make it legal for our agreement. We will both be there at the Ceremony giving our blessing. We will all try to make this go smoothly for them, for their safety.” James states.

“Great, Thank you very much for understanding,” William replies.

“Thank you for coming to us.” Martin comments.

William goes home, James and Martin know this isn’t a good thing. That Eric just puts himself even more with William. Being stuck with him for always.

” Now even bringing a child into this mess. What the hell is he thinking?” Martin says.

“He isn’t thinking, neither of them are they are blinded by love.” James states.

“That’s what I was afraid of, last I saw him he was so whipped. it wasn’t even funny.” Martin remarks.

“I just hope this is what he really wants. That he isn’t being forced.“James replies.

“Trust me. He wants it, He is just obsessed with her, as she is with him. They get along great, to be honest, I see a happiness in both of them I haven’t seen before. He doesn’t want to leave her side. You know how he is Always will do the right thing.” Martin states. “It’s just how Eric is. He always keeps his word. I don’t know what Elena is now. Living with William, but I don’t see her hurting Eric. She was always a caring person.” James states.

“Caring yes, But you do know she is over obsessed with Eric. I never really seen anything like it. I mean dying because you can’t be with him? That’s not my kind of thing” Martin states.

“We know. but she loves hard. I am glad they are together. I just wish things were different. They have so many things against them.” James comments.

“Yes, and this child isn’t going to help. There are people who are not going to like this agreement that William is making. Some could never see him working with us in the first place. Now marrying a hunter? If he wasn’t king, they would kill him. They may still, He always used us in he past. Now he really does need us.” Martin admits.

“I don’t think they would want the blood of a purebred on their hands. But Eric and an innocent child. They wouldn’t care about. I doubt they would even touch Elena. This is going to stir things up. Not as bad if he doesn’t marry him, but it still will stir the pot.“James remarks.

“If he didn’t let them marry, They would get killed right off the bat, for cheating on Lord William. Not to mention being the biggest topic. William wouldn’t look so good himself, It would be awful. Not to mention for Alex and Elena’s Family. God knows what they would call Elena. At least William is willing to cover it up.” Martin remarks.

“Well, he should He did this. He locked her away, He called Eric to fix it. What does he want? I don’t mind working with William, but I have to say he put himself in this position. He gets what he deserves. It’s just sad for the other two trying to get away from him. Trying to just live their life together.” James states.

“True, This does give Eric a little bit of power also, If you think about it a lot. He will be married to two purebreds. The freaking King and queen. He will have power and money. He had legal rights to his child and his wife. This could work out for him, better then he thinks.” Martin answers.

“I am hoping so. People are scared of him now, Even more will be after this. He will be known as the Hunter married to Royalty. I guess he couldn’t do much worse, I never really saw this for my son. I knew he cared about her all along. Just I didn’t think he would go this far. I hope for his sake, she is worth it.“James comments.

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