Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 44

Chapter 44 Counsel

William goes home into his office as usual. Elena goes in after him.“Did you tell them? Will they help?” Elena asks.

“Yes, they both agreed to help, To do anything needed. So this Sharaide is on. “William states

. “Good, I figured they would. I guess we have a wedding to plan.” Elena says.

“I guess, Make it quick. Before anyone notices the belly, please. We need to keep this under wraps. Don’t forget to tell your parents. I am sure they will be ever so proud of there darling Daughter. “William states.

“Will do, I will make it for next month. I am sure my mother will be very happy.” Elena answers.

“I have to admit, I am going to get my kicks with the ceremony. I’m not going light on you, just because he will be there. I may not be able to have intercourse with you. But I am surely going to make you squirm.“William Grins.

“Have your fun, After the Ceremony is over. I am his.“Elena replies.

“Yes, that may be, But you need to remember you are also mine. I can put in the vows that you need and have to make sure you do your wifely duties to me as well. You don’t think I’m going to let Eric have all the fun?“William says with a grin.

“You only want to hurt him, Its what you’re after. I don’t know why you can’t just let me go.” Elena says.

“Never my dear, You need to get that out of your head. I may not be able to get rid of your playmate. You made damn sure of that. But when it comes to you, You can’t get out of it. You are stuck. Its why you didn’t run away. How many times did you leave this place without me knowing? Using your Angel wings? You think I don’t know. Where did you go? To see him? Without him knowing you were there?“William responds.

“You don’t think I would tell you all my secrets, do you? You never tell me yours.” Elena says.

“I know you’re mad at me. You’re doing this to get back at me. You succeeded. To watch you with him, Kills me, Not to mention the child your carrying. I could make him go away and take it with him. You wouldn’t be so in control then.” William comments.

“He won’t leave me. Once he is my husband you have no say over my child with him or our relationship.” Elena states.

“Not over that one, but I do over ours. Don’t think you’re going to piss me off Elena. Don’t make me play my hand. I don’t think he would like you to have to come to my bed every night. While he watched. In time he wouldn’t be able to handle it, Leaving you. So, I would be careful if I were you.” William barks.

“You think you’re in the lead. Never be too confident dear husband.” Elena answers.

“Same goes to you,” William remarks.

The following, day William goes to the council bringing Martin and James.

“Greetings everyone, I set up this meeting today. Just to let you all know. I am getting another spouse me and the Hunters association have come to an agreement. That There strongest badest Hunter Eric McCormack will marry me and Elena.” William reveals.

The council members in awe.

“But why?” That head Counsel member asks.

“Because It just states that Hunters and vampires can live together. We will be making a treaty, Not to mention, I will have the strongest Hunter watching over my family. I do a lot of business trips. This just is added security, Making it legal. So he can travel with us and go anywhere we do. Adding protection for him and for us.William states.

“We understand. So this means any of us can marry anyone?” The head counsel asks.

“We still have rules, We are just changing this one. We will adjust it as it goes on. To make sure it works for everyone.” William says

. “I take it, we will be invited in this? to watch the ceremony?“The head counsel asks.

“Of course, It will be a big deal. You know how my wife is. She will go overboard with this.” William adds.

“Will you be doing the full ceremony? The head asks.

“Yes, We will be taking him on as a full spouse In every way. Why not? Security is fun but sex is better. You know how our vampire instincts are. There will be no boredom for me or Elena. We will both have a playmate.“William states.

“If this is what you feel you want. We do wish it was someone other than him. We know you want peace. But this is extreme.” The head states.

“It’s the only way to show, how serious I am about this. I want peace among us all. Who better than to show it but myself and my wife?” William comments.

“We will stand with you then.” The head answers.

“Great, thank you very much,” William says. Bowing to them and to Martin and James

. Who really just came for appearances.

The worse was over, William had to bow down and pretend this was all his doing, that he didn’t mind at all. When deep down, he could rip them both to shreds. He wasn’t very happy with Elena’s rebellion at all. It pissed him off. He just saw that she fought back for all he did. She didn’t let him get away with it. But she added more people to the flame. Which he didn’t like at all. He wanted no one to know his business. This would ruin him if it came out. He called Eric to screw her.

The Lord William couldn’t handle his wife. It just burned him. He did it now and would have to suffer the side effects. He would get a kick out of the ceremony when Eric had to watch him make some kind of love to her. He was going to make it worth the watch too. He knew if nothing else, He and Elena had a wild hot sex life. Mostly due to her desires building for Eric. He got the pleasure out of it. It also made him learn what she liked and wanted. There was no holding back as she did with Eric. He was sure if she enjoyed it in front of Eric, that would only piss him off. Driving his jealousy. That made William happy. Letting Eric see how it felt to be on the other side.

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