Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Plans

A few weeks go by, and Elena is scrambling to get the preparations ready and done for the wedding. She is extremely happy. Not letting anything William says or does, have an Effect on her. She has dreamed of this for years. To be one with Eric in every way. So she will not let William get in the way.

The wedding will be held at the grand ball. They hold all their important celebrations there. There will be a mix of vampires and hunters that will be attending. For all to know that Eric is now theirs. Eric just taking in all the people coming through the Manor. The florist, the caterer, the seamstress. All asking Elena what she wanted. William not holding back on any expense. He had to keep it as his own wedding to Elena. It was made known the biggest wedding of all. He now had to top that. Making it look like he really wanted this union.

The seamstress goes to Eric’s Quarters fitting him for his black tux. Making sure it fits him exactly right. Hugging every curve its suppose to. The most expensive one you could find. Not to mention the Shoes. Also making a second suit for after the sex ceremony. After they come out of the room, they can wear more casual clothes. When the seamstress leaves, another comes in to trim Erics’s hair. Eric really doesn’t like all the fuss. This isn’t for him, but he goes along with it. Feeling this isn’t the bad part. He can deal with this.

He sees how Elena is so happy, she is just gleaming. The small baby bump showing, She touches it every chance she gets. It was February now. The wedding was planned for no other than, Valentine times Day. William thought that was tacky but let Elena do whatever she wanted. It was really Eric’s and her wedding. He just didn’t want anything to make him look bad. He wanted to keep up appearances. Even telling her not to wear anything tight. He didn’t want anyone to notice the belly. She was going on five months. There was a belly, It wasn’t huge but it was visible, It was the start. William knew they had to get this show on the road. He couldn’t wait for it to be over with himself everyone was getting antsy.

Elena calls her mother, Making sure she will be there for the special day. Wanting her and her father there. She wanted to spend more time with her family. Not letting William be in charge like he was in the past.

“Mother you will be there?” Elena asks.

“Of course, I wouldn’t miss this for anything in the world. You’re finally marrying a man I approve of. I am glad this is taking place. It will also be nice to watch, William squirm.” Joan answers.

After having a conversation with her mother, Elena goes to talk to Eric.

“One more week Eric, and we will be married,” Elena says with a large smile.

“Yes, Where are we going on our honeymoon? I hope out of this house.” Eric asks.

“I was thinking, We go back to your Apartment. Spend our wedding night in your old bed.” Elena states.

“Are you sure, I mean we can go anywhere.” Eric states.

“Yes, No other place makes me as happy as there. Just me and you. I love it there.” Elena states.

“As long as your comfortable. I’m fine with it.“Eric answers.

“I am. Maybe we can stay for a few days. I was even thinking of buying the whole building, Making it ours.” Elena states

.” Really?” Eric asks.

“Yes, We can fix it up. Make it that Alex and our own child can live there, Still staying where you stayed. A place we can call ours.” Elena states.

“I like that idea a lot.” Eric answers.

“I am glad, I didn’t want to go behind your back. I wanted to ask before I did it. No more secrets, I promise. I just didn’t want to lose you.” Elena remarks.

“I understand that, but like you said no more secrets. I do like the idea of buying the apartment. It’s huge when its the whole building. We can do a lot with it, I want the room we have now to stay in our bedroom.” Eric comments.

“Of course, I was thinking the same thing, It’s special to us. Of course, add hot water that lasts longer.“Elena says with a giggle.

“Oh, that means no more showers together counting how much time we have left?” Eric says with a smile.

“No, no more counting but we still can take showers together.” Elena grins.

“Sounds great, I am sure that will take a bit of time to fix up.” Eric asks.

“Not really, We have good people that can work on it. Have it done for when the baby is born. Lets just not tell William anything till after the wedding.” Elena says.

“Fine with me. So this means we are leaving the Manor?“Eric asks.

“Yes, I am sure we will have to make him his own quarters to make it look like he lives with us. And he will visit here and there. But I’m going to try to get away from him the best I can. We just can’t say anything now, we need to be married first.” Elena confides

. “You got it, I like better when you make me in on the plan. Instead of a bystander. Eric states.

“Me to. I love you, Eric.” Elena says.

“I love you too.” Eric answers.

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