Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Eric’s thoughts.

Eric noticed from his conversation with Elena earlier, that she wanted to get away from William. She just needed for them to be married first. Once they had the safety, Elena had William cornered. He was liking, how she thought. He saw more and more, Just how much she wanted him over William. He knew William had to do something to really make Elena behave this way. He remembers how in love she was with him. How she would throw herself at him. Not able to wait to see him. How he took her breath away. What did the hell happen?

Besides locking her away, there had to be more. He knew these two have a lot of things they were hiding. He would see bits and pieces that were not like Elena at all when William was around. He did like the idea of the apartment. That they would have there own place, without the spys, or at least he hoped so. Not really sure, how this was going to play out. Knowing she had her plans, and William had his own.

Didn’t William know once she would get what she wanted? She would get the hell away from him? Or was he thinking, he had a hold on her? His hold looked like it was getting less and less as the days went by. She wasn’t into him telling her what to do. Or behaving the way he wished, She would. She was her own person. With her own wants and desires. She did learn a lot from him, just not the good things. How to go behind your back, how to manipulate people into getting what she wanted. She was a true pureblood. It showing evidence more and more. She treated Eric very well, wanting to give him, be with him. He saw the good in her. She was different from him, her kind sweet self. He was glad. She was trying to be honest now. Telling him what she had planned. Instead of going behind his back. At least now he knew what she was up to. Which he was all for.

The more and more he thought about the wedding, the more he got nervous about it. He hated large groups of people. He wasn’t the type for any of this. He did want to marry her, just wish things were quieter. Just a ceremony with just them. He also didn’t like what the Ceremony would entitle. How was he going to let William touch his pregnant wife? Eric wasn’t one for Vampire traditions. None of this was his type of thing. He was a regular man, with regular wants, even though After there first mating. He did see a lot more of his vampire traits come out. Showing his possessive nature even more. But he always had that, Even at home, he didn’t want William to touch her. He would pull her away. This was going to be hard. Yet he knew he had no choice, He couldn’t make a sense in the room either. He couldn’t let anyone outside the room hear a ruckus. Things had to go according to plan, To make this look real. Now more than ever, since Elena wanted to move out and go on there own. He knew. She was trying to break free. He couldn’t mess it up.

The time was getting closer and closer. The week fly by, It seems like minutes instead of days. Elena getting happier with each day passing. He could see the glow in her face. He knew she truly loved him. Never thinking any of this would ever take place, Never imagining, he would have to marry William. OF all things. Good God, what a mess. He thought to himself. I did it now, But I am gaining a lot. A family of my own. The woman I adore. It was worth it. He was sure they could work this out, making it good for all of them. Or at least Elena and himself. He really didn’t care about William. He might not give her up, but William still didn’t have her, not really in any way.

She was breaking free of everything she could. Little by little. The only real thing he could hold over her was Alex. Eric knew he would do it too. Was he going to let Elena take her to the new house? When it was done? Or be an ass about it. Eric thought the less. He also knew if William ever pushed that he was her husband, and needed sex. That wasn’t going to work for Eric. It was bad enough it was a one-time thing. To think of her with him more would never work. Eric’s mind wandered. Thinking about all these things. What would come of this? What was in store for them? I guess he would find out. Time was running out.

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