Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Getting ready

It’s the day of the wedding, Elena spent the night in her own Quarters, not seeing Eric until there wedding ceremony. Tons of people coming through, Just to help get them dressed. Each of them, had at least three people taking care of there needs. It was kind of ridiculous. But that was William Mr. Fancy pants. Has to have everything his own way, Eric thought.

Eric more nervous than ever. Putting on his black tux, white shirt, with black shoes. Looking as handsome as ever.

Down the hall, Eric was getting ready as well. Putting on her dress. Which is white and totally gorgeous. Wide horsehair tulle ball gown with tons of gorgeous volume. The straight-neckline bodice, with intricate beading and embroidery, balances the statement skirt. It hid Elena’s belly just righ, With all the puff. The beading made her shimmer.

For her head, she wore a regal crystal tiara. Her Long hair down with curls. Flowing down her back. For shoes, she put on a strappy sandal in silver with all rhinestones. She looked gorgeous. She was so happy it was written all over her. She couldn’t wait to be married to Eric. To have him as her own. To be his. She was extremely excited.

Downstairs in his office, William was also getting ready. Wearing the same tux that was made for Eric so they matched. Black with a white shirt and black shoes. He looked very dashing. He knew how to put himself together. He wasn’t nervous or excited. This was just another day to him. Just the thought of being stuck with Eric for the rest of his like made him sick. Yet he knows thanks to his lovely wife, This had to be. He figured he would get his fun in. That the second half of the ceremony would be enough for his happiness for awhile anyway.

Two limos pull up. One taking Eric and William to the ballroom.

“Well, Eric this is the last chance you have to get out of this.” William states.

“I’m not leaving Kaname. Get over it.” Eric remarks.

“Just asking, If you had second thoughts this is the time to get out. Just take the child and live a normal life.” William says.

“Yea very normal without the child having its mother, who wants it desperately. That’s real fair William.” Zero answers

“Nothing in this is fair Eric. Be real. Do you think? I really want to marry you? That I want you sleeping with my wife? Not to mention her having your child. This is all bullshit in her crazy schemes. And we are going along with her.“William comments.

“She wouldn’t have to scheme if you, would just let her be, But no. You insist on having her as your wife. So now fuck off.” Eric states.

“No wonder she likes you, You’re just as crazy as she is. I thought you had better sense.” William responds.

“Look, we are in this shit now, We will deal. I Love her nothing is going to change that. I know why she did this. I understand it in a way. It’s not like we had much choice.” Eric replies.

“You could have just kept screwing her, Living at the house. There was no need for a child and for this. She had to make it big.“William states.

“Well like they say Make it big or go home.” Eric replies.

William sighs. “I am glad you’re finding this amusing.” William hisses.

Eric didn’t find this at all amusing but the hell he would let William know it bothered him. It was just a few hours to deal. Then they would go away together alone. That was the only thought that kept Eric going.

Back at the house, Elena gets in the other limo heading to the ballroom. Liz and Kay are her bridesmaids. They both knew all three of them well from school. They were happy to see Elena with Eric. They just knew something had to be wrong. William letting them get married?

Neither of them asking any questions. Knowing better too. If lord William was going alone with this then I guess it was ok.

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