Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 48

Chapter 48 Wedding

When Eric and William arrive, there are tons of people, standing around waiting for there arrival. People taking pictures, Snapping away as if Eric was a famous singer Or actor. This is the biggest event of the ceremony even bigger than when Elena and William got married just them.

Trying to keep his composer, Eric just walks into the Ballroom. The ballroom is filled with gems, hanging from the ceiling mixed with White roses and lights. Tall centerpieces with white Roses, and baby breath at each table. White tablecloths with light blue trim to match Eric’s eyes. Matching seat cover in the warm blue. The place also smells of lavender, since Eric uses it in his bath gel. Elena added it to the theme. As it brought back memories of when they lived together as kids. Everything here had a special memory attached to it. He saw that the wedding was designed just for him and her. To match their relationship. Candles on the tables added a warm glow. Everything was perfect. Not to mention very expensive.

Eric and William head to the room, where they will be married. There is an Archway covered in Lights white roses and baby breath. William and Eric just stand there in front of there four hundred guests. Sitting in front of them. The place was packed. Everyone wanted to see The Lord and Lady take on the Vampire Hunter. The guests were a mix of both Hunters and Vampires. James also the one marrying them. Very excited to be the one marrying his son, even though he wished it was under different circumstances. Even Though Eric wasn’t that close to James, It was nice having someone he knew there. His own family member. It was better than nothing.

After a while, the music starts to play and little Alex comes down the aisle. Throwing white rose petals. William and Eric just smiling at the little girl. Who goes and stands in between both men when she is done.

Eric is standing there waiting to walk down the aisle. Both men turn around and look down the aisle to see her, Both taken back by her beauty, Both happy she is there’s. As she walks down the aisle her beading from her dress and crown shinning like diamonds. Both men just can’t take their eyes off of her. Neither can the crowd. She looks incredible. The glow from the child, making her look even prettier. This pregnancy agreed with her. Elena couldn’t take her eyes off of Eric. Her excitement shining through. In a short time, he would finally be hers.

When she gets to both men, Each of them takes her hand. Standing side by side, James says the vows and they repeat it. Everyone just staring. Pictures were taken by all.

After the vows, Elena kisses both of her husbands. Having to kiss William first, since he is her first husband. Then kisses Eric. Eric gives William a glare but tries not to make anyone else see it. Elena takes his hand and the whole three of them walk down the aisle together.

They walk into the Ballroom where dinner is going to be served. The whole three of them sit down at a long table. Filled with wine glasses and good, Flowers and candles also fill the table. The waiter bringing their dinner. They eat there steak tenderloin and mash potatoes being served. Eric not really having an appetite for what is coming next. He just sits there as everyone comes up to him. Telling him congratulations. Elena holding his hand staying as close to him as she can. He can’t wait for this all to be over. The dread sitting in his stomach. The ache in his heart.

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