Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 5

Chapter 5 The Call

Later in the day, Edward calls up, Martin. Still thinking to himself that this is a really bad idea. Not sure that William is thinking straight. Yet, doing as he wishes, like always. Asking him if Eric McCormack would be able to take a job, working at the Rosewood Manor.

“Edward it has been a while since Eric was near these people. Four years is a long time, you know, how things ended. Eric wasn’t too happy. He didn’t like that William just ran off with Elena. They were very close. He took their friendship away. She hasn’t talked to him in four years, that is a long time. From seeing each other every day to not seeing each other at all. I doubt he would want to work for them. No matter, how much he will pay.“Martin states.

“I know. How he may feel, I remember that William wasn’t one of Eric’s favorite people, But he is the only one that can do the job. William wants only the best for his family, Eric is that. We have heard that in the four years. That he has built up his Hunter reputation. That he is the best of the best. He wouldn’t really have to worry about being around William. He is out of town most of the time. It’s Just Elena, Alex, Ryan and the staff here. To be fully honest with you Martin, Elena isn’t herself lately. She wouldn’t be able to fight off an attack if it was to happen. To be honest, I think. She would let the intruder have his way.” Edward states.

“That’s very disturbing to hear. What the hell, did William do to her? That doesn’t sound like the Elena that grew up at Greenhaven Manor.“Martin asks.

“He hasn’t done nothing, to be honest. Things have just taken a turn. We need someone to watch over her, Eric is the first person William thought of.” Edward admits.

“I will ask him today. I can’t promise you anything. I know, how he likes William and last I heard, he wasn’t too happy with Elena either. He feels she should have never left with him. That it was the wrong choice.” Martin remarks.

“I understand. Please let us know, either way, the pay will be good. He has free home and board here. He will have his own quarters. Remember to tell him that William isn’t here much, I am sure that will help.“Edward says.

“Ok. I will. Thank you for letting me know.” Martin states getting off the phone.

After a while of thinking about the call, Martin calls Eric into his office.

“Sorry to call you in here. Today I got a call from Edward, It seems that Rosewood Manor needs a bodyguard.” Martin states.

“Yea right. That bastard could kill anyone just with his glare. What does he need anyone else for?“Eric scuffs.

Growing up to be a very sarcastic cold person. Losing the one he really loved. Hurting him deep down, just not letting anyone know. Always keeping his true feeling hidden deep within. Always answering with a cold response.

“He said. That he is away, for the most part, and fears someone might want to hurt his family. He even said that Elena isn’t doing very well. She wouldn’t defend herself.” Martin comments.

Eric took back. It’s been four years since he, heard her name. Four years since he saw her. His love. His Elena. No, he feels he can’t think that way. As he would never have her, even though for the last four years, all he has done is dream about her.

“What do you mean? She wouldn’t fight back? She is the most feisty girl, I ever knew.” Eric huffs.

“Maybe back then but not now. Something has taken place, he wouldn’t go into details. He just figured if anyone would take care of her. It would be you.” Martin states.

“Use Others to fix his problems. It’s all that purebred bastard ever knew. God forbid, he did anything without using someone for his own personal gain. He is just like his father! What did he do to Elena?” Eric Snaps.

“I have no clue, Eric. The only way you will know is if you go there and find out. He will pay you well. Give you, your quarters, and most of all, he won’t be there often. Its a win, win situation.” Martin states.

“I am not sure about that. I don’t know if I want to get into the middle of these two. I warned her not to go with him. I told her it wasn’t a good idea. She wouldn’t listen to me. She was overtaken by him, googling him every chance she had. It was sickening! Eric remarks.

“I see your point, Eric. I also know you still care about her. This way you would get to see her, also getting paid and living for free. You’re not losing anything. Not to mention, people make mistakes. You can’t blame her, she did what she thought was best.” Martin reveals.

“Yea they make you think that, till your there.” Eric comments

“Look it’s your choice Let me know tomorrow if you want the job or not. IF not I will just tell him. No. Not a big deal. Just sleep on it.“Martin asks.

“Will do. Thank you.” Eric replies walking out the door.

Eric goes back to his small dingy apartment. The two room place was nothing special. It was cheap and falling apart. Yet, it was enough for Eric. It had a small kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. The kitchen and bedroom in the same room. The kitchen had a small fridge, oven and sink with some cabinets. So Eric could make his meals. His bedroom had a dresser tv and a bed. Eric lived a simple life, never really wanting for anything more. Even though he grew up in Greenhaven Manor. Which was full of riches, as a child, he had anything he wanted. They treated him as there own child. Making sure he and Elena had never had a want for anything.

All Eric ever did now was work anyway. So if he needed something, he would use or get it at work. He only really went here to sleep. There were times, he was so tired, he didn’t even do that. He would just stay at the Organization.

Eric stayed to himself. He really didn’t fit in, everyone knew he was part Vampire. Some of the hunters held that against him. Feeling that this was against the rules. How could a vampire hunt vampires? Where the vampires only saw him as a lonely use to be human. Nothing special, nothing to fear.

Eric really didn’t care though, the only person that made him feel anything was Elena. She was gone. Eric ever thought he would see her ever again. After hearing, she married Lord William. To him Asshole William. That was more fitting. Eric thought, he never even went to the wedding or anything they held. He felt William won the girl. Which in a way wasn’t really fair. Elena never really knew how Eric truly felt. He never told her. Never opened up to her about his real feelings. He was scared to, knowing how she felt about William. That all those years she saw William as some god, she would marry one day. Not able to wait until it took place. Eric didn’t think he could go up against that. Or change it.

It was over. Why bother? It didn’t stop him from dreaming about her. From wanting he, from wondering from time to time, how she was, what she was doing. He even heard they had a child together. That bothered him most. Something, he would have loved to do with her. He wished so many times it was him. That he would have just had the courage to tell her, how he really felt. Instead, of keeping it hidden inside himself. How could he go work for her? What would she say to him? Would she even want to see him? Was She even the same? All these things ran through Eric’s mind, and so much more.

Would he want to take this job, putting himself in the middle of these two purebreds? Putting his heart on the line again? Could he handle this?

” it’s not like she wants to see me anyway. Or even wants to talk to me. I would probably just be standing there guarding her. It’s been four years. If she wanted to talk to me. She would have Called. Instead, she left with him. Forgetting I even exist. She left me behind without even a thought. All those years meant nothing to her." Eric thought.

Maybe we can grow our friendship again? Pick up where we left off? Maybe I can make her see I am here? Oh, that bastard of William would never let that happen. Eric growled.

The hell with it, IF that smug bastard wants to pay me and give me his money. So be it, I will take it. I will guard and do my job. When it's over just leave and say see ya. Eric says to himself.

If he doesn’t hire me it will just be someone else getting the money and I can use it. Never taking a cent from Elena’s parents. Not even wanting anything from his own father. Doing everyone on his own.

Eric goes to work the next day going to Martin’s Office.

“I thought about it. I will take it. I want the money.” Eric states.

“Ok, I will call Edward and let him know. I will get the information on when you should be there.” Martin states.

“Ok just let me know the details. I will do my job like its any other place.“Eric replies.

“That’s my boy. I knew you would.” Martin comments.

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