Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 50

Chapter 50 That Night.

One the way home in the limo ride, Elena is overly tired from her long day. She closes her eyes and falls asleep. Her head landing on William’s shoulder. One hand holding his, the other holding Eric’s. William is a little confused but happy, Seeing that with this union, she is happy. Even happy with him at the moment, for allowing it. It made him feel good to have her close to him. He felt that maybe in time. They could have, what they use to. Even if it included Eric. It was getting a little better, Or at least for the night.

Eric noticing the same, but not saying a word. He knew, She was over the moon. That it was her way of saying thank you. He didn’t take it too personally. He knew when it came to the sex. She didn’t do anything with him. She made sure of it, So he didn’t freak out. It would be better if they were all on good terms. Instead of hating each other. They had to live with one another. For god knows how long. Eric was going to stay quiet.

Once the limo reached the Manor, Eric was sure to take it from there. Grabbing Elena and carrying her into the house. Her arms just swing around his neck, as she snuggles up to him closely. He carries her into his Quarters, Laying her on the bed. He starts taking off his suit. First his jacket then his tie.

Elena now up, laying there watching him.

“Do you know? How handsome you are?” Elena says. Eric

blushing. “I’m ok. I guess.” Eric states.

“You’re more than ok. You make my heart flutter.” Elena says.

“Good, cause you to do the same to mine.“Eric says walking over to her. Giving her a kiss.

“In the morning, we leave for the Apartment,” Elena says.

“Ok. I have my bag already packed.” Eric responds.

“I am so happy Eric. I am now your wife, I am carrying your child. I couldn’t ask for anything more. You made me the happiest, I have ever been.“Elena admits.

“You did the same for me. I love how you screwed over William today. He thought he was going to be in control. Doing everything he wanted, And you took that over.” Eric states.

“Well, I knew he was after something. He kept saying little hints. So, I had to fix it. That no one got hurt. He was dumb, You never tell your opponent that your planning something. It makes them be on the lookout and ready for you.” Elena states.

“You sure are used to his games. I see you do play your own at times.” Eric admits.

“Yes, I know how he does things. I knew if I took control though he would like it. He wasn’t going to push me away. I am also proud of the way you acted. You handled it really well.” Elena says.

“I wasn’t sure, I was going to be able to before we got in there I was about to smack him silly. But when You told us to get naked and in bed, My brain went in a whole new direction. Not to mention when you told him. This was your body. You will do as I say. I almost lost it.“Eric confesses.

“Well, it is my body. And I want you to do whatever you want with it. It’s all yours.“Elena answers.

Eric moves in kissing her again Unzipping her dress. They make love wrapped in each other’s arms.

When morning comes, Eric and Elena head to the jeep with there bags. Getting in and driving off. Just leaving a note to say where they went off to. It didn’t surprise William at all. He knew. She would want a honeymoon all alone with Eric. He just didn’t think, she would pick that dump. He just figured whatever. It wasn’t that big of a deal.

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