Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Open.

Eric and Elena get to the Apartment building, heading up to his. Opening the door to rose petals all over the floor leading to there bed With brand new soft blankets and pillows. Eric also see’s that Elena stocked the refrigerator. Even adding a soft blue rug in front of the fireplace. Making the room even cozier.

“When did you do this?” Eric asks.

“A few days ago, I also have a surprise for you.” Elena says.

“Oh really?“Eric answers pulling her closer to him.

Looking into her eyes. Elena pulls out a paper from her back pocket handing it to Eric.

" Whats this?“Eric asks.

“Just read it.” Elena says.

“It’s the deed to this apartment. In my name. It says I own it.” Eric states.

“Yep, Cause you do. I bought it for you.” Elena replies.

“What about you? Why didn’t you put your name on it also?” Eric asks.

“Because it’s my gift to you. William won’t be able to touch it. As a gift. In case anything happens ever, You will always have a place to go. He will never be able to take it from you.” Elena answers.

“What do you see happening Elena?” Eric asks.

“Nothing really, But its a precaution. To keep you safe, and our child.” Elena responds.

“You didn’t have to. This is a lot.” Eric states.

“It’s fine. You are stepping into the unknown. At least I hope you will feel safe, that you have a home. One that will always be yours.” Elena comments.

“It will always be ours. This is your home as well, We are married now. What mine is yours? Right?” Eric asks.

“Yes, and what mine is yours. There will also be a bank account opened in your name only. I will make sure William adds funds Monthly. You will never need for money or anything. Anything you want is at your fingertips.” Elena remarks.

“You don’t have to do that, I don’t want his money. I still work.” Eric grunts.

“Its part of you being married to us. Take it. Don’t be foolish. If we ever need the money, we will have it. If you are smart, You will keep your own bank account you already have. Once William gives you the money, take some out putting it in your own account. That way he can’t touch it. It’s yours. In case you ever need it. You can get to it. You have to think of everything Eric. You have to be one to two steps ahead of him.” Elena admits.

“You surely have gotten good at this. What the hell did he do to you?” Eric asks.

“More then I would like to talk about. His need to control, His need for secrets. Broke us. I know some was for my protection. It’s just too much, Its hard to be with someone you don’t trust. That you have to be three steps ahead of them. It does teach you to be on the lookout. Its made me worse than him at times.” Elena states.

“I didn’t see you go out the other day. How did you do this? Without anyone seeing you?” Eric asks.

" I did it when no one was looking. Everyone was so into the wedding plans. I used my butterflies to take me here. I did what I needed to do, And got back in time.” Elena comments.

“How many times have you done this?” Eric asks.

“A lot, It was my only way out of there. I would lock my bedroom door and leave the window open, so my butterflies could come back in. It took me at least a year and a half to learn how to use them. I am pretty good at it now.” Elena states.

“Where did you go?” Eric remarks.

“The first time I got out, I came to see you. I went to the mansion, watching as you patroled without me. Seeing you down it just hurt me even more. I would also go to the tombs. I knew no one would ever check for me there. It was my hideout, Till I ran away and you knew. I was there. I haven’t been back. I would visit you every chance I got. Just flying by your side, watching over you.” Elena answers.

“Why didn’t you appear to me then? Talk to me?” Eric asks.

“Because I wasn’t sure, how you would react to me. I know you were pretty pissed at me for leaving. I was scared. Not to mention if I did and you told James he would tell William. Giving away my secret. I would never be able to go out again. He would seal the windows. I would be even more trapped. It was the only thing that kept me going while I was pregnant, was to see your face. Follow you on hunting trips, making sure nothing happened to you. ” Elena replies.

“So you were there all the time.” Eric answers.

“Any time I could. I saw you were ok, You didn’t need me. I didn’t know he didn’t give you the letters I was mostly there when you were outside. I got more and more depressed until I turned into a zombie. I just wanted to let go be in peace. I figured, I would never have you or a normal life. I gave up.” Elena admits.

“Please, Don’t ever do that again. That was the worse thing I ever saw. You were so empty.” Eric responds.

“I have you now, and this little one. I just can’t wait to meet. I am more than happy.”

Eric knew there was a lot going on. A lot of secrets between Elena and William. She was better at screwing William over. There were things William didn’t know was even happening. She seems to only let him know when it suited her. Letting him find out bits and pieces, here and there.

Eric was glad, she was opening up to him. Letting him in, telling him the truth. At least their relationship was different. If only he knew, she was there all that time. If he wasn’t a fool to tell her, he would kill her the last time. He saw her, Maybe a lot of this wouldn’t have happened. He blamed himself for a lot of it. Knowing he couldn’t open up back then. He still had times now he couldn’t. He just didn’t want to lose her, He cared too much. He also knew she did as well. Giving him a house. It also worried him, why she was saying the things she did. What would William do? That he would need a house without her? Take her away again? Eric didn’t think that would be too easy now, With him being her husband as well. Elena was making sure, He had everything he needed. A house, Money, even giving him the jeep. -She took very well care of him, Looking out for him and their unborn child. Did she know something? He didn’t? She was always at least one step ahead of William.

The only thing so far that William got her with was when he said. That Eric could have left and taken the child with him. He saw Elena crumble into that. That was like a knife going through her heart. Otherwise, she was ahead of him. Breaking free. Showing him she was in control. Even at the ceremony. William had all the plans he wanted to do, She busted that up. Yet William let her. He could have told her no, but he didn’t. He was too into seeing what she had planned. William liked her in control. Eric knew he wanted her back.

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