Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Back to Manor

Once some at the Manor, Elena and Eric walk in. Edward sitting on the sofa, Reading his paper and Kaname in his office.

“Glad your both home. William would like to see both of you in his office. ” Edward says.

Elena just looks at Eric as they walk to the office.

“Come in. I know your both out there.” William says.

“What do you need William?” Elena asks.

“I didn’t get to see you, the day after the wedding to explain things. You two ran off so quickly.” William states.

“Yes, So what do you need?” Eric asks.

“Well, I wanted to tell you about your bank account. Here are the new numbers and debit card to match it. Every month 15,000 would be placed into the account. I will no longer be paying you for guarding Elena or this family. The money is just your monthly allowance. I am done paying you to sleep with my wife. You can go back to work at any time. Which I do suggest. Also your clothes, You are a member of the our Family now. You will dress accordingly.“William says.

“What the hell does that mean?” Eric grunts.

“It means that everything you wear. Will be name brand and expensive. You will look the part. No more regular Clothes. The outfit that Elena bought you for your birthday, those are the kinds of clothes to be seen in. Your work clothes will be designed for you. Everything will fit you perfectly. Make sure to get work, casual and everyday clothes. You can either go to the store, Or they can come to you. Whatever you prefer.” William states

. “I can go there. I am not lazy like you. Having everyone just come to me.” Eric answers.

“It’s not that I am lazy. Its that I am very busy. They have to suit my schedule. For what I pay for one suit, they should.” William comments.

“If you say so.” Eric states.

“Also when we are out in public, we all have to look like the happy couple. No sarcasm from you Eric. We will have to go out to certain events altogether. All the Duties Elena has, You now have. When we go to the Balls and things, You will not be going as a Hunter. You will be going as my husband, our partner.” William remarks.

“I would prefer being the hunter there watching the party, Then attending. “Eric answers.

“That may be true, but it can be no longer. You have to stand with us, Just like when your child is born and I have to pretend I am over the moon by it.” William states.

“Whatever.” Eric says rolling his eyes.

“This isn’t fun for me either Eric. Our wife planned thi, now we deal. Also, don’t forget my room and office at the new house. Even though I would have preferred a better house and neighborhood.” William snickers.

Elena looking at him with a glare.

“My dear. You knew, I would get the bank statement. I see everything. ” William responds.

“I don’t care what you see. I will make your so called room Even an office. But I don’t want you staying there all the time. I want my privacy. I want my own life.” Elena states.

“You know the deal includes me. We are all stuck in this. I am not going to let people laugh. That you ran off with Eric, So get over yourself. I will be there when I like.” William says.

Elenajust glaring at him. Eric doesn’t say anything to that, He knew the rules. Elena was the one trying to get out of them. He also knew she had plans. So she shut up.

Eric and Elena head upstairs, they go see Alex for a few. Playing and talking to the little girl. She was ever so happy when Elena was around.

When they were done, they tucked the child into bed, Heading to there own room. Eric making something for them both to eat

. “You knew. He would see the statement Elena.“Eric says.

“Yes, I knew he would know, I bought the place. I also knew He would react like that. None of it was a surprise.” Elena answers.

“What about him staying with us?” Eric asks.

“He will probably force himself on us for a while. The good thing is he goes on a lot of trips and he won’t be around much. It will also be our house. Our rules. We can walk around more freely. Decorate it, Do whatever we want. Not that William won’t let me do anything I want to this place. I just rather have my own. I want to break free from his control any chance I can. I am tired of it.” Elena says.

“You still never told me what else he did to you. I know there has to be more, then what is said. I know How you felt about him. How close you were to him. I still see it at times. There is a glimpse of tenderness. Then it goes back to rage.” Eric states.

" I rather not. I will in time Just right now, I want to forget all the bad. Just move on. There is a part of me that does care. That would love for us to stop the games and be normal. Like we once were for a short time. I just remember everything done and it's hard to forgive. There is a lot of pain there. ” Elena says

. “Do you think you could ever forgive? Fall in love again?” Eric asks.

“Forgiveness takes time. He hasn’t shown any remorse, Nothing that he is sorry. Not sure about falling in love. It’s hard to when you can’t trust him. I would like us to be friends. Be able to do the right thing for our child. Have a nice time around each other. Instead of playing games.” Elena comments.

“Maybe in time, I know you love me. I just know how you felt about him. I can’t see that going away completely. You longed for him. I remember watching you with him. It’s something I will never forget.” Eric says.

“That was a long time ago Eric. We were married for five years now. We went through a lot, I just married you and I’m having your baby. I am sure that hurt him a lot. He may seem cold but I know when it comes to me. He isn’t. He just shows it so wrong. It’s hard. The more you are around us, the more you will see. Maybe understand.” Elena says.

“Maybe, I am happy with you. I do love it when it’s just us. It has been really nice.” Eric states.

“Yes, it has. I am so glad your here with me. Nothing could ever take its place.” Elena says.

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