Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Pushed.

A few months go by, Elena has been over the moon about redesigning the new house. She spends a lot of time there. Trying to tell the guys what to do. Eric has gone back to work at the Association. People stare at him and talk even more behind his back. Then they once did. Saying how he even now married the vampires. That he was one of them, just got lucky to snag two purebloods. What made him so special? He was just a level D.

They really haven’t gotten to go out in public yet. William has been away on his trips. When he does come home. He just watches. How these two act with each other. Making him more pissed. How tender they are with each other now. How they still want each other. Elena spends all her time with Eric. When he is home, they put Alex to bed together and go off into there own quarters. William sees Elena’s growing belly. How happy she is with this pregnancy. Things are so different, then they were when she was carrying Alex. There is no depression. There is want and happiness. She hasn’t even made a room for the new child at the manor. Waiting for the New house to be done. So she can make it there. Which Burns William even more. She will try to be nice to William and things have stayed calm. He just can’t take what he sees. He once had that and now it seems lost to him. She is happy in her new life. It was the reason he hid her away from all this. Knowing once she would be with Eric. She would move on. It’s something William didn’t want. He hasn’t forced her to be around him yet. He was trying to see if it would happen naturally, but it hasn't.

“Elena can I see you in my office,” William says.

“Sure. What can I help you with?” Elena asks.

“Well, it’s been months that you have been married to Eric. I think its time you spend some time with me. I never said our marriage would be over, Just that we would take him on. I have needs as well. That you haven’t taken care of since the ceremony.” William states.

“I am very pregnant William, I am not looking to satisfy you in that way.” Elena answers.

William pinning her to the wall, With her face to it. Holding down both her hands. “Then you need to get in the mood.“William says Lifting her dress.

“Please, William don’t.” Elena snaps.

“I will be nice since you are pregnant.“He says. Rubbing his fingers at her panties, pulling them to the side and rubbing his fingers on her lips parting them.

“William don’t.” Elena says trying to wiggle out, but his grip is tight on her wrists. He slides a finger into her core.

“Your nice and wet. Even though you say no.” William responds

“You bastard. Stop.” Elena replies

. “He slides in another finger moving in and out tenderly. Making her wetter. He undoes his pants and slides his member up and down her outer lips. Moving back and forth. Sliding in her wetness, But not entering her.

“William if you do this, I will never forgive you,” Elena says.

“I will be nice since you are pregnant, And just slide on the outer lips. You feel incredible.” William remarks.

“Elena trying to keep her composer. Trying not to enjoy the feeling. All she can think about is Eric. What he would say? What he would feel? It hurts her deep inside.

William keeps rubbing himself on her outside, Till he explodes. Making sure not to on her. So that Eric can’t smell it. He does so in a tissue that he throws away in his trash can. Picking up his pants. Then Lightly Pulling Elena’s panties back and her dress down. Letting go of her Hands, When he does.

Elena smacks him across his face.” I said No! You need to listen to me. Not do whatever you want. I’m not a whore you bought.” Elena shouts.

“Your mine, I can take you anytime I want. I just have been patient. I am now losing my Patience. I want my wife back. I will leave you alone until that child is born. Then I want sex.” William remarks.

“You are just doing this because you hate him. You can’t see us happy. You know he will not like this.” Elena states.

“I won’t tell him if you don’t. It doesn’t matter to me If he knows or not. What matters is I get what I want. Which is you. You completely forgot me these last couple of months. Acting as if I am not here. Did you think? I would let that take place? You have a child with me. We need to spend time together for her sake as well. Not to mention you have been so taken over by that house and Eric, You don’t even spend that much time with Alex. You’re trying to forget this life exists. You need to stop it.” William barks.

“You need to realize your not the only thing in my life. Pushing yourself on me isn’t going to make me want you.” Elena comments

. “Maybe not, But a few minutes ago I did turn you on. Even if you want to say I didn’t. You are soaked. I still get to you. You’re still pissed at me. Trying to get back at me any chance you get. With anything you can. I got it. You’re mad. I got it. You didn’t like it. I am sorry. We need to get over what happened. It’s been two years.” William states.

“Maybe you can forget, But I cant. You don’t do that to a person. You think you can control everyone and thing. You can’t. Just cause you can still turn me on means nothing. It changes nor fixed a thing.” Elena responds.

“Maybe so. But it shows you still care a little.” William boasts

Elena just walks out, Scared about what just took place. She didn’t want this to happen. She didn’t want to do this too Eric. She only wanted to be with Eric. Give her self fully to him. She goes upstairs shaking. Headed to her shower to wash away. William’s Scent and touch. She couldn’t help her body from reacting to his touch. He knew just how to please her. He always did. if they had nothing else, They had that. She had to find a way out of this. She figured she was safe until this child was born. Then what? She showered and walked back into her room. Eric now home from work. She smiles when she sees him taking off his work clothes.

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