Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 56

Chapter 56 The Talk

A few more weeks go by, William can see that Elena does her best to stay even farther away from him. That she seems a bit scared of him. That isn’t really what he wanted. He wanted her to feel turned on. That she needed his touch, That she would want to be around him more. It just didn’t seem to work that way. He knows to be able to talk to her. He will have to grab her after Eric heads to work. He knows he will have to watch the ritual that takes place every morning.

William watches As Eric comes down the stairs going to the door, With Elena by his side in her nightie. She gives him a tender kiss on his mouth, Which leads him to wrap his arms around her. Her hand going on his cheek, He pushes her closer to him, And they keep kissing. Placing Tender kisses on each other’s lips. This ritual takes at least thirty minutes every day. For them just to stop kissing and let go of one another. William sees how Elena just falls and melts into Eric’s arms. That even the Big bad Vampire hunter Falls into hers.

Eric has to get up thirty minutes early for this to take place daily. He does it without complaint. It keeps him going all day, From being away from her. William sees that Eric is just as in love with Elena as she is with him. How there touches and kisses have gotten so tender and loving. How Eric puts his hands on her very large tummy now. Holding it gently, Rubbing and saying goodbye to her and her tummy. Elena just smiling from ear to ear.

“I better get going before you don’t make me leave. I love you. I will see you tonight.” Eric says.

“I love you too. Please be careful, I will be waiting for you.“Elena answers. Watching Eric walk out the door into his Jeep. She waves to him goodbye as she closes the front door.

William right behind her.

“Oh your startled me,” Elena says.

“I am sorry. I didn’t mean to. I wanted to talk to you. Would you come to my office?” William asks.

“I would rather talk here if you don’t mind?” Elena says.

William seeing a little fright in her. “Come. Trust me, Take my hand.“William says.”

Elena a little reluctant, but does it.

" Thank you,” William says taking her hand gently and walking to his office. ” I wanted to say to you. That I am sorry if I scared you in any way. That wasn’t what I was trying to do.” William states.

“I am not scared of sex with you William. I know how you play, I am used to it.” Elena answers.

“I hope, I didn’t hurt you in any way. I went as gently as I could.” William reveals.

“I know you did. Your touch was fine. It’s not what bothered me.” Elena replies.

“Than what was? I know something did, You have been avoiding me like the pledge. I miss you, Elena. I want to spend time with you. You are my wife too. Eric isn’t here all day, You have plenty of time to be with me. Then at night with him.” William states.

“I don’t think, I can go behind Eric’s back. I don’t want to do this. I love him very much.“Elena admits.

“I already know that. We can tell him, I told you, either way, doesn’t matter to me.“William comments.

“Telling him would make it worse. He would only think of bad things. That would hurt him more. He isn’t ready for this, Neither am i. I need more time. I was scared you would do something to this child.” Elena reveals.

“Oh, my dear. Never. I am a lot of things but I wouldn’t do that. I am not happy, That you are carrying my rivals child. But the child is part of you. I even told you. I wouldn’t push till after it was born. I don’t want to do anything to hurt it either. I know that would destroy you.” William remarks.

“And telling Eric he could take it and leave after it was born wouldn’t?” Elena hisses.

“Look, my dear, It was only fair to offer him a way out. You put us all in a position that was very uncomfortable. Plus you would see if he wanted you really or not? He stayed. He didn’t take the way out. Plus that wasn’t hurting the child. It would be alive and with its own father. I am sure Eric would do his best. I would have even given him money to take care of it. The child would have lived a normal life. Just not able to know you. Not because I was being an ass. As you like to call me, But for our protection. The scandal would kill us.“William says.

“I know, I just didn’t like that, You say you want me close to you. How can I? When you’re always doing something to hurt me. Control me? This is the first real conversation. We have hand in years. With you at least trying to be nice.” Elena answers.

William walking up behind her, Putting his arms around her. Holding her close to his chest. Snuggling his nose and mouth in her neck. Placing light soft kisses from her ear down to her shoulder and up again. Wanting to take her blood, but he doesn’t. He kisses and licks instead. Sending shivers down her spine.

“I will not hurt you. I want you to remember that. If you want things tender and gentle I am more then happy to oblige. I actually prefer it that way. When you are ready for the next step. You come to me, and tell me. I will give you a little lead way. I will not touch or force you while you are pregnant. I do not want anything happening to the child. I don’t need you blaming me for that. I am not trying to make you hate me. I am trying to rebuild our relationship. “William states.

“If you want a relationship, Then you need to start out as friends and move up. Just not jump into bed.” Elena answers.

“We have been everything to each other at this point Yuki. But if you want to start out that way. I am willing, Just no games. NO thinking you’re going to play me to get time. You know what I want. I don’t think Eric would like me taking you in front of him forcefully while I hold him back with my power and let him watch. Things could go so slowly. We don’t need force for this.” William comments.

“You start out well then go into your old tactics. Dear, husband.” Elena remarks.

“Yes. I am. I am sorry, But I just feel you need to know it can go either way. Nice, slow gentle. With you willingly. Or rough hard and you not too willingly. I would prefer the first, But we have done the second a lot in the past. Both enjoying it in the end.“William states.

“I just need time. I want a friendship first, Like when we first started. I always use to tell you things. Talk to you, Run to you. Wouldn’t you rather have that?” Elena asks.

“Of course, I miss those days. I want them back. So, I will do as you ask.” William says. Holding her closer and gently.

“Thank you.” Elena answers. Laying her head on his shoulder.

“Now this is nice. Why don’t you get dressed, You, me and Ai can go out for lunch. Spend some nice time together. I promise I will keep my hands to myself. ”

“Ok. That sounds nice. Elena answers.

Elena thinks she bought herself some time, Pushing it as far as she could. She doesn’t mind the friendship. That wasn’t total bullshit. It would be better for them to be friends, than what they have at the moment. She did see a more tender side to him. As he held her tight. Rubbing her tummy gently. His touches were of someone who cared. Someone who wanted love. Elena Knew William really cared about her. There was a time she would have died for him, Loving him so much. Some were still there but a lot was taken over by hate. A lot of things went down between them. Elena not really sure if those things could be set free, But for a peaceful existence. She was willing to give it a try.

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