Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 57

Chapter 55 Outing.

Elena goes upstairs to get dressed, She also gets Alex dressed. Then heading back downstairs, Where William is waiting for them.

“You look very nice my dear.“William says.

“Thank you.” Elena replies.

“What about me father?” Alex asks.

“Oh, my darling. You always look gorgeous.“William says to her with a smile.

“Thank you, father.” Alex answers.

William picks Alex up. Carrying her, Then he takes Elena’s hand. Heading outside to the waiting car, Helping them both in

. “William people will see me with the belly. It’s not hidable anymore.” Elena says with panic.

“That’s ok my dear. It’s good they will see us together. That will only show that I don’t mind the union. Plus no one will no at the moment it’s not mine. They won’t know that till its born. It will make things look very good. Don’t worry. I will make sure, I always protect you. And yes, the child and even Eric, As long as it makes you happy. ” William says.

Elena seeing that William really is trying. She smiles at him. “Thank you. That means a lot.” Elena answers.

They stop at this cute little cafe, With darling little round tables outside with umbrellas. They also have a deck with more tables and chairs.

“William lets sit up there please.” Elena asks.

“If that’s your wish, my dear. Then fine.” William answers.

Elena seeing him act more like when they first were together. The old William, She knew and fell very in love with. They walk up the stairs to the deck, All taking a seat. The waitress comes and gives them their menus. Smiling at Alex. Giving her crayons and paper. They sit there eating and talking. Actually enjoying there time together. William trying to open up, To let her in. He will touch her hand with his throughout the lunch. Being Tender, And just wanting to be close to her. She doesn’t stop him. She feels this is the best it has been in years. Let it go. After the other time of being pinned to a wall. This is nothing.

“Father I see a park. Can we go after lunch Please Father.” Alex asks.

“Of Course, You need to finish whats on your plate first.” William says.

Elenajust staring at him. William at a park? Mr. Fancy pants? This she had to see. She couldn’t even believe, He said yes.

“Really William?” ELena asks.

“Yes, Why not? The child wants to go to the park. Isn’t that what regular kids do? You always told me you wanted her to be raised like a human child to, not only doing what Vampire children do and learn. You wanted her well rounded.” William states.

“Yes. I do. I just never thought, You wouldn’t approve.” Elena answers.

“I don’t see anything wrong. We both are right here. She is safe, No one will touch her while I am here. So if she wants to go play. Lets. Its family time remember?” William comments.

“That sounds good to me.” Elena says. Still a little shocked.

They finish there lunch, William paying. Leaving a big tip. Then they head to the park. Where Ai runs to the swings.

“Daddy pushes me on the swings in the garden all the time. Father, will you push me here?” Alex asks.

“Of course.“William says. Lifting the little girl, placing her on the swings.

Elena takes a seat on the bench, Just watching William play with Alex. She gives smiles to them. Being there but just sitting. As her feet hurt. The pregnancy is getting close to the end. Which makes some things a little uncomfortable for her. But she wants to be part of this, for Alex. It’s rare that the child has her real parents like this. Having fun and being nice. It’s something the child should have more often. She wasn’t going to take that way from her. She did so much in the past. The child suffered for her crimes, Both of them seeing this at this moment. Both wanting to do better.

They stay at the park for at least two hours. Alex trying out everything that was in there. Climbing up the tallest jungle gym. Not afraid of anything. William proud, Standing right under her. So in case, she would fall he would catch her. Even Elena tried the Swing. William pushing both of his girls. His white shirt now with smudge marks. William thinking nothing of it, Just enjoying himself. Which he hasn’t gotten to do in years. Letting go wasn’t something William did, he always was the well put together serious man. Taking charge. Always in control. So no one could screw him over. So everyone would fear him. He was the first Pureblood, He had to be. He also knew now he had to try to lighten up. If he wanted his family, He knew he had to share her with Eric. That he wasn’t going anywhere. But share was the main word. Not give her fully to him. He wanted to be with her also.

After the two hours, William takes them to get Ice Cream. The little girl so excited. Elea too, She just loved the Sweet stuff. He knew that would get on her good side as well. Its why he suggested it. Normally he would have said after dinner. Not mid-afternoon before dinner. But what the hell. It was only ice cream. They each got a cone an ate together. Talking and being a family. They then get back into the car, Where Elena and Alex are quite tired.

“I guess, I tried out both my girls today.” William says with a chuckle.

“You sure did. In a good way.“Elena says back with a smile. She places her head on William’s shoulder. He takes her hand and holds it. Happy that the day turned out nice. He wanted more of them.

Once home “I am going to tuck Alex into bed. Then get some rest myself before dinner.” Elena says.

“May I tuck her in with you?” Wiliam asks.

“Of course.” She replies.

Both Elena and William take Alex to her room. Placing the little girl into her bed, Kissing her. They both head out of the little girl’s room. William kissing Elena gently on her lips.

“Get some sleep. I will see your dinner. Thank you for the day, I really enjoyed it.” William states.

“I did also. Thank you for listening. It meant a lot.” Elena answers. Heading to her room.

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