Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 58

Chapter 58 Live Better?

Elena heads to her room a bit confused. The day was the nicest one, They have shared in years. Giving Alex a regular family day, With her real parents. It was something the child needed. Maybe they did also. If William would stay like this, Maybe they could have some kind of relationship. Maybe it could grow. Then she thought, he would only go back to his old self once, he got what he wanted. Was this just a game? Or was it real? She did know he cared. She also knew, How he liked to play games. She always knew he wanted back in her bed. It was something he was after for a while now. She had a few more months to be protected by this baby.

In that time, she could see how he acted and what he did. Also, enough time to think something else up. It wasn’t bad to sleep with William. That wasn’t her fear. It was doing anything to hurt Eric. He was her real true love, Her heart. She knew. he didn’t believe in things like this. He wanted her all to himself. She also knew that William stated that in the future. He would want his wife back. So Eric had an idea it would come sooner or later. That they were not in a regular marriage. That she was married to them both. Just at the moment, Eric got more than William ever did. He was used to her full attention in every way. William did have a point That when Eric was at work. She could be with him. Than Eric at night. So they didn’t interfere with each other. That might work. William wasn’t home all the time either, which gave Elena some freedom. She didn’t know how to take this. She knew it would come sooner or later. Was just hoping for the later. She did buy some time, With the friendship. That wasn’t totally a bad thing If William would keep his end.

Elena laid there thinking as she fell asleep. Tried for the day events, Which were very pleasant. After a few hours of sleep. Eric is home from work. Walking into his quarters seeing Elena sleeping in bed. He knew she got tired out faster these days. He just smiles at the site of his pregnant wife, Laying in bed. How peaceful she looks. He goes over and places a warm kiss on her cheek. Which makes her open her eyes.

“Eric your home,” Elena says.

“Yes, I see you got sleepy.” Eric states.

“Yes, We went out together. William took us out to lunch and the park.” Elena comments.

“Oh really? Since when does he do that?” Eric asks.

“I guess. Since today. It was actually very nice. We said we were going to try being friends.” Elena says.

“Freinds? Arent you two past that?” Eric asks.

“Not really. We haven’t been friends in a few years. We thought we would try for Alex’s sake. I think it was nice for her to have both of us today.“Elena admits.

“I guess. Since we live together. Friends...Is ok.” Eric comments.

“He wants to spend more time with me. Eric. “Yuki admits.

“I knew he did. He has been trying for a while. Always saying and pushing that you are his wife too.“Eric says as he throws his shoes to the side of the wall. With a large thump.

“So he is after to screw you, Isn’t he?” Eric adds with Hiss.

“He has been. I have been putting it off. He said he won’t touch me until the baby is born. So, I have some lead way. I told him to go slow. That we should be friends first. I am trying to stretch it out as long as I can. I love you, Eric. I don’t want to do anything to hurt you. If I could, you would be the only man, I ever slept with. I just don’t know what to do.” Elena says.

“I knew he was going to use this against me. Its the only thing he has left to play. We have a few more months of this pregnancy. Since it’s not the regular nine months like humans. The friendship was a good idea. We will have to see what we can do. Our house isn’t done yet either. String the friendship on, It’s not a bad thing if you two had one either. Its better than all this tension. Everyone hating each other. “Eric admits. Taking it a tad better than she was expecting. Still throwing his work clothes around the room, With frustration.

But Eric did know sooner or later William was going to play his hand. That it was the only thing left he had to play. Eric didn’t like it at all, But at the moment there wasn’t anything he could do. They were both her husbands. It was stated in the agreement that she would be equal to them both. That they would share her. Eric just hoped that time wouldn’t come, It just came sooner then he wanted it to. He was hoping that once they moved into there own home. It wouldn’t be that easy for William to always be around. Or at least he hoped. The thought of William touching her made Eric pissed.

He remembered the Ceremony when Elena made it that it wasn’t so harsh. That nothing entered her. He knew that wouldn’t stay the same for this. That it's what William was after. Would they do it alone? Would Eric have to watch? So many thoughts went through his mind. Not really sure of which way he would even want that to go. If he wasn’t there, he would only be wondering what took place. If he was, to see and witness it would kill him. Maybe he would even kill William, Not able to keep himself in control. Then he remembered Elena would keep him in control. She had that way of making him feel calm no matter what. This was just something he really didn’t like.

After there talk they head down to dinner, William and Edward already there. Eric giving dirty looks to William. William knowing that Elena told him the truth. He was a little shocked to know that. Feeling she would have kept it from him so it didn’t upset him. He saw that she wasn’t lying to him.

“My dear I hope you got some rest,” William asks.

“Yes, I did. Thank you.” Elena responds.

“Good I am glad. I will be going away again, But when I return, I would like to do something like that again. Me you and Alex. ” William remarks.

“Sure, Just let me know,” Elena responds.

Eric just listening, Gritting his teeth while he eats.

“Eric how was work today?” William asks.

Eric looking at him Like why the hell do you care? But instead answers in a nicer way.

“It was fine.” Eric states

“Good. I know you like your job. I hear a lot of good things about you. How good you are at it.“William replies.

" I am very good at my job. It was the only thing I had, For a long time. I put my everything in it.” Eric answers.

“I see. You make this family proud. I was happy to hear about all the good things about you. It was good for the family and our name.“William comments.

“I didn’t do it for you. Or Your name. It is just how I do things.” Eric answers.

“Oh, I know. But it worked out good for us all. I can give complaints you know. ” William says.

“Really? Since When?” Eric snaps back.

“Look, we are all stuck together. I have come to a conclusion, That it would be best for us to be nice to each other. Then to always try to screw the other over. We will be together for a long time. Sharing the same wife, isn’t it better we are friendly? Than killing each other? We also will be having two children in the middle of this. We want to give them the best life we can. Right?” William asks.

Eric taken back not sure what the hell William is after.

” Yes. have you hit your head or something this afternoon?” Eric hisses.

“No, I just spent a lovely day with my wife and child. I made them both very happy for a change. I saw how things could be. I wanted to offer the same to you. Decisions we make now are for the three of us. Including two little children. It’s best we show them the good way things can be.“William states.

“If you’re being for real. Then I can see what you mean. I don’t mind trying to make things friendly, For our children. I do know what you’re after. I know you want to screw her. So you will do anything to do so. No matter what you do William, She still loves me And wants me. Its never going to take that away.” Eric huffs.

“I been thinking about that and I know. But that doesn’t mean she can’t love me as well. She wanted both of us. Now she has us. It can work for both of us. Instead of destruction.“William remarks.

“We will see. I am not so eager to let her share your bed. That’s not my thing.“Eric admits.

“I understand that. It’s not really mine either, But as you can see. I had no other choice. When backed into a corner we do the best we can to make it work.” William reveals.

“We will see how this one goes.” Eric answers. Still pissed but not blinded enough not to see William’s point.

Eric is a little unsure what happened to William. Why does he want to make things right? What really took place this afternoon. Elena and William were acting a lot better towards each other. Nothing sexual as of yet, But nicer. Dinner remained cordial till the end.

Edward and Elena both stayed quiet during the conversation, William and Eric had. Just listening. Elena knowing this was hard on Eric. Just not sure what to do, Also seeing another side of William. One that was trying to make this work. One that was making sense of all this. She knew today was very nice. Now realizing so did William, and it wasn’t a game to him. He wanted it to last and stay To be a family.

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