Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 59

Chapter 59 Moving Closer.

Another week goes by, William comes home from his trip. Elena feels a little safer to go into his office now. Hoping that William stays the way he was. She walks into his office to talk.

“Hi, William,How was your trip?” Elena asks.

“Hello, my dear. It was very good. How are you feeling? My trip was good.” William asks in return.”

I am feeling well, A bit tired but otherwise fine. I wanted to let you know. That the Apartment will be done soon. We are going to start decorating it. I brought some books for you, to design your bedroom and office. They will be on the third floor. It will have a bathroom and everything. That way you have your own quarters.” Elena states.

“I see, I am very happy with your arrangements. Thank you for taking what I asked for into light. I will mark and write down the things I want. I will give it to you, To give to the Designer.” William comments

. “No, problem, I saw you were trying the other night at dinner. I thought, I would return the favor.“Elena answers.

“I think that’s great. I will keep returning it, as long as you do. How is Eric?” William asks.

“He is fine. Will take him a bit to get used to any of this. I ask that we please go slow. That you take his feelings into consideration. He didn’t ask for any of this. Please don’t rub it in his face, Or do anything sexual in front of him. The less he see’s the better.” Elena states.

“If that is what you want, I am willing. I don’t need to throw it in his face. I just want some attention as well. If I see you’re trying. I will be true to all our agreements. I will show you that I can be. As long as you show the same in return.” William announces.

“If You stay true to your word. I will also. I want Whatever takes place to go as smoothly as it can for all of us. He is innocent in this William.” Elena admits.

“Oh. I know, As much as I dislike him I know he was forced into this mess. Almost as much as I was. The only difference was, I knew it was coming. I haven’t done anything to him Elena. I excepted him into my home. Gave him money. We might not be the best of friends but I haven’t mistreated him either. You seem to forget.How this hurts me as well. How hard this is on me. I may not be like Eric, I don’t scream and shout and make a scene. But it does still get to me. I know, I have done a lot to you As you to me. We are trying to get past that. Arent we?” Elena says.

“I will try as long as you continue to be as you are. As long as you don’t hurt him. He is my main concern. “Elena admits.

“I always knew that. It’s not a surprise to me. I will do my best.“William remarks.

“Thank you. I will be off now, I am going shopping.” Elena states.

“Do you mind if join? I always like to see things in person. I will not interfere with anything you pick for your home. If I see anything for my own quarters I will state it.” William comments.

“Sure, That will be fine. We can take Ai also. If you like. Maybe go out for lunch?” Elena asks.

“That sounds wonderful. I will tell the Car to come around.” William says.

The car pulls up and they all get in. They go to the most expensive stores, To pick out gorgeous items. Yet, items that fit the new house, Making it kid friendly. It will be comfortable and liveable. William keeps his promise, Letting Elena pick anything she wants. Trying to keep his control to himself. It’s not his house. Let it ride. She knew that Eric wasn’t into any of this. It would only bore him. He would make sarcastic remarks and not want any part of it. So it was nice to have William there, If she needed advice he would offer it. Like which color or fabric. She was surprised at William for wanting to be part of this. For being so nice. It was a side of him She never saw before. William didn’t have to give her a paper of what he wanted for his room. He picked everything out while he was at the store. Telling the sale lady, The color theme and fabrics he wanted. Making sure she got everything correct.

Alex went to the kid’s section and got to pick out her bed and furniture. Anything she wanted William said yes to, Not even asking price. Just adding it on. Carrying her all over the store, Proud as he could be. The little girl happy She got to really like being with her Father. Also seeing a side to him she never saw before. Elena just smiled seeing them together. It warmed her heart. William even caught her on occasion watching him. He would smile back.

After spending a ton of money, Which William thought nothing of. He figured, She would have people over to this townhouse. It had to fit there lifestyle. He would have nothing less. He didn’t mind Eric using or even living there. At the moment he was so happy being with Elena. He didn’t mind anything. He just wanted this to last, To grow. He saw if he would have done this from the start. That maybe there wouldn’t be Eric living with them. It was too late now. It was better late than never. William thought.

Taking them to a regular burger joint for lunch.

“Are you kidding? The great William eating a greasy diner burger?” Elena says with a laugh.

“I am willing to try new things. Even though I hope I don’t get the grease on my suit.“William says. With a lip curl.

Elena just laughing at him. They sit down at a booth, Alex sitting on the side with her father, Looking out the window. Bouncing up and down on the seat. William letting her do anything she wanted. He was in love with this child, She had just as much power over him if not more then Elena.

Elena looking at the menu in heaven.

“You really like this stuff?” William asks

.“Oh yes. I don’t know what to get first. I want the burger, The cheese fries, Oh and a chocolate shake.” Elena says.

“I don’t know where you put it all, But ok. I guess I will have the same.” William remarks.

When the food comes William looks at it, Like it has ten heads. The food filled with grease and goodness normal people crave. Where William couldn’t believe people ate this But tried it anyway. Watching Yuki devour it, Alex doing the same. He took a bite noticing it wasn’t half bad. The cheese fries were quite good. The burger wasn’t too bad either. They sat there eating and talking. Having a really nice time.

“Wow, I am overly full,” Elena says.

“I see that You ate it all. You and the little one must have been hungry.” William says.

“Yes.“She replies. Rubbing her tummy.

“It also looks like our little one enjoyed it as well,” Elena adds.

“I see that as well. It wasn’t bad, I do still like my fine steaks, baked potatoes, and wine. But this wasn’t too bad.” William remarks.

Elena just smiling at him.

They get back into the car, heading home. William feeling relaxed and happy, with his family. Liking that they are getting closer. Both of them opening up to each other. It was a start.

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