Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 6

Chapter 6 On the way.

A few hours later, Martin decides to call Edward. He figures its better to just let him know Eric will be taking the job. No need to make it linger.

“Hello, Edward. Eric decided to take the job.” Martin states.

“That’s wonderful news, tell him to pack his things. That a car will be picking him up later today. To take him to the Rosewood Manor. He won’t need much, as this place has everything. In case there is something needed the staff will get it for him.” Edward replies.

“I will let him know. I need to say one thing. Don’t screw with him, anything happens to Eric. I will come there myself. You don’t want to deal with me.” Martin says.

Martin is the type of man that wouldn’t take shit from anyone. He was one to be reckoned with. He was a Hunter for many years. Being very good at what he did, Martin was very close to Eric. Training him after he became a vampire, knowing everything that Eric was really going through. Eric was closer to Martin then he was to his own father.

“We are not looking for any trouble. I assure you. This is just to take care of Elena and the child.“Edward states.

“It better be. “Martin remarks. Hanging up the phone.

Martin walks down the hall to Eric’s office.

“Eric they said to grab your things. A Car will be picking you up in a few hours. If you need anything, Just tell their staff. They will get it for you.” Martin states.

“Thank you, I will get ready. Did they say for how long I would be needed?” Eric asks.

No. they didn’t. I am sure once there you can ask all the questions you need to.” Martin responds.

“True,” Eric replies.

“If you need anything just call me. I am always here for you. I know this hurts you. I just feel that maybe its better that you face your feelings.“Martin Replies.

“I know you are here for me. You always are, I thank you for that. About my feelings, I am not sure about that. This might be a total waste of my time.” Eric answers.

Eric goes back to his two-room apartment. Not really having much to pack. He just throws in a few clothes, underwear, his toothbrush, and socks. Then heading to his weapons. Making sure, he has His gun with silver bullets and his stakes. Not to mention a few more Knives that he hides under his shirt and one in his sock. Always prepared for anything. He locks up the dump. Heading back to the Organization, waiting for his pickup.

While waiting, he thinks about what he is doing. Is this the right choice? He hopes it is. When he would have to leave her again. Would it be any easier this time? Maybe he wouldn’t feel the same about her now. Maybe when seeing her in person again. Their feelings would be different? They were now older, no longer teenagers. Maybe he wouldn’t even want to be near her. He really wasn’t sure, what to expect. He did know, he wasn’t into seeing William again. It was nice not having to see him for four years. He knew there was something evil about him. When they would all be together, he saw how William would flaunt that Elena loved him.

It was as if William could read Eric’s feelings, using them against him. Knowing that Elena at the time was too naive to notice. She was a good girl, one that obeyed her parents. Who raised her very sheltered. Yet, she was one who could defend her self and be very feisty. It’s what confused Eric. Why she wouldn’t defend her self now. She was shown how to at the Greenhaven Manor. He just thought he would have to wait and see.

While he is waiting outside the Organization, a limo pulls up to pick Eric up.

“That bastard always has to make an entrance. Doesn’t he?” Eric says, But William isn’t the one to get out of the car. Edward is.

“Hello, Eric. It’s very nice to see you.” Edward says.

Eric thought it was best that it was Edward instead. He was better than who it could have been. He remembered Edward always hanging around, on William’s coattails. Doing anything he asked. One didn’t go anywhere without the other. There was one point in time Eric thought they were together romantically. He always thought William was hiding it with wanting to be with Elena. He just never could prove it.

Edward was cordial and would act nice. Eric could deal with him. It’s not like he had a choice, anything was better than dealing with William.

“Hello, Edward. It’s nice to see you also. I never really thought, I would see being seeing you again.” Eric admits.

“Same, but life has a way of doing, what we never thought would happen,” Edward says.

“True, why am I being needed really?” Eric asks.

“William will explain all that to you. I am here to pick you up. Making sure you get there safely. He wanted you greeted by someone you would know.“Edward states.

“He knew. I didn’t want to see him. ” Eric responds.

“Yes,” Edward says.

“Did the stuck up ass change much?” Eric asks.

“No. He is still the same. ” Edward says

. “Still a mutilative bastard, I thought so. How is Elena?” Eric asks.

“Elena isn’t the same, you will see a lot has changed. To be honest with you, It’s best you see for yourself.” Edward says.

“Did he hurt her?” Eric snaps.

“No, whatever she is going through, Is her own doing. You would have to ask her yourself to find out. What is really going on with her? No one really knows.” Edward states.

Eric just sits in the car, thinking. What the hell are they talking about? I guess I will see when I get there. Eric has a bit of a wait since the Rosewood Manor is hidden in the woods at least two hours away from the Organization. Hidden so deep, if you haven’t been there before. There was no finding it. That was done on purpose for protection, as they get closer Edward even blindfolds Eric. So he can’t tell, where he is going.

“I am sorry for this Eric. It’s for your protection and theirs.” Edward says.

“Whatever.” Eric responds. Knowing where he is going anyway. Eric was a hunter. He had very good instincts. They were not hiding. Where they were going with him. He could tell which way they were going. He just kept silent. Going along with Edward’s stupid idea.

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