Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 60

Chapter 60 Moving in

A couple of weeks later the townhouse is done enough for Elena and Eric to move in. Eric stays home from work, On the day of moving in. William is off on a trip. So it’s just him her and Alex. William let them have there time, Since Elena has been spending time with him, Once a week while he is home. They are getting along really well and he didn’t want to ruin it. So he figured, He would give her this. Not even saying anything about her bringing Alex. But the arrangement was, he would come when he was home. It was nice being able to be around each other. It did make things a little easier. She was just scared of what was going to take place after the child was born.

Eric and Elena go to there new home. Elena very happy Eric happy as well. Elena turned the dump into a very pretty comfty home. There super large kitchen was very nice with there sliding doors to enter their garden. Fireplaces in there bedrooms and downstairs. Hardwood floors in every room. It was a breath of fresh air, Comparing to what it used to be. Eric heads to the new kitchen to make them some dinner, as Elena sets the table. Putting Alex in her high chair. Letting her eat dinner with them. Elena’s tummy bigger than ever. Eric just smiles looking at her, As he comes out with the food to place on the table. They sit down to there first meal in there new home.

“Thank you for cooking Eric.” Elena states.

“No problem. You don’t really look Like your moving around so good lately.” Eric responds.

“No, it’s getting harder. I get tired more easily. It won’t be much longer. We will have our child. I can’t wait for it Eric.” Elena says. rubbing her tummy.

“Me either, Its great seeing you so happy. It’s also nice to be in our own home. You did a great job.“Eric states.

“Thank you. I feel the same. I so wanted a place of our own. I know he will be here, and there but it won’t be like at the Manor. I am hoping things will get better.” Elenaanswers.

“I have noticed that you two are nicer to each other you spend more time together.” Eric states.

“Yes, we are trying. It’s been better than what it was before. ” Elena states.

“I wish we didn’t have to have him in our lives.” Eric hisses.

“Me too, But we did know how it was going to be. This house is a step in the right direction.” Elena says.

They finish their dinner and put Alex to bed. Going to there own room, Taking their shower. Eric gets into his new King size bed With overstuffed pillows and blankets. He puts the TV on while he is towel drying his hair. Elena comes in and heads to the bed, where she gets in. Just watching him

. “Whats wrong?” Eric asks

. “Nothing. I am so happy with you.” Elena says smiling at him.

“Same here. ” Eric replies getting into bed. Curling up against her Rubbing her tummy.

“Good night in their little one. I hope to meet you soon.” Eric says.

Elena looking up into his eyes giving him a kiss. “I love you.” Elena says.

“I love you too.” He replies.

They Stay in each other’s arms watching tv, Cuddling up real close. Eric not pushing anything sexual. He knows she is tired and huge at this moment. He is fine with just being close to her. Its all he needs. His need to protect her out weights anything else. He knows it will be soon this child will be here. He can’t wait Just the thought of having his own child makes him very happy. It was honestly something, he never thought. He would have.

Once Elena left the house they grew up in, Eric pretty much gave up on the family idea. He never got with another girl. The marriage, dating, and love really didn’t enter his mind with anyone else. He just wanted her. If he couldn’t have her No one else would do. So laying here next to her, carrying his child Was his dream come true. That she loved him so much, She would die for him. Was unimaginable. He really got the woman he loved. The life he dreamed of.

He wasn’t going to let William take it away or ruin it. He knew he stepped into William’s life. That he ran it over and took it over. It made him feel happy to know he did. Also felt a little bad for William at the same time. Feeling that he wouldn’t want anyone to do that to him. He would knock out anyone who tried. Elena was his. Yet, he still had to share her with William. That was something he thought he would never really get over, But if it meant he could live like this and have what he wanted. Then he would deal. It beat not having her at all and just dreaming. Every situation has its up and downs. This one had William.

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