Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Dreams.

While sleeping in there new bed, Holding Elena close to his body. He noticed she was restless while sleeping having a bad dream. She would say No. Please Don’t. Moving her head back and forth. Her heart beating really fast. This was something new. Eric was a little concerned with it, Even though everyone has bad dreams. She was very pregnant and didn’t need to get so upset.

“Elena wake up. It’s just a nightmare. Wake up, Elena.” Eric says. Holding her in his arms.

The sweat coming down her face Still lost in the dream. Eric tries to rock her and push her hair out of her face. Trying to calm her body down, which after a while it does. Her body calms, going back into a regular sleep. Eric just keeps holding her tight Figuring it was just a nightmare. No biggy. He lays close and goes back to bed himself.

In the morning they both wake up. Elena just holding Eric tight looking up at him.

" Good morning, sleepyhead.“Eric says.

“Morning.” She replies kissing him

.“Babe you ok? It seemed like you had a bad dream last night.” Elena asks.

“Yea I guess so. It was nothing You know how they go.” Elena replies.

“Yea I do. Your heart was beating so fast. I didn’t think that was good for the baby or yourself.” Eric answers.

“The baby is just fine,” Elena says. Putting Eric’s hand on her tummy. As the baby is kicking.

“Our little basketball player seems to be doing just fine,” Eric says with a smile.

" Or our ballet dancer,” Elena says.

“We have a lot more to do with this house. I need to get up and start some. I will be home again today. Not to mention, I am not sure, I want to leave you home alone. You look like we can have this child at any minute.” Eric states.

“No complaints out of me. I love it when your here. I miss you so much. I know you want to work. I won’t stop you But I still wish you were home more often.” Elena states.

“Maybe I can work four days a week. I will see what I can do. I would like to be here more for you and the kids. Now that we live in our own home. We don’t have cooks and maids. It’s just us.” Eric replies.

“We can have those if you like,” Elena asks.

“No, that’s fine. I think the fewer people living with us the better. We don’t need nannies and cooks. We can do it just fine.” Eric answers.

“You may need to be the Nanny at times. There are times lately I can’t keep my eyes open.“Elena laughs.

“That’s fine. I don’t mind watching Alex. You need all your rest anyway. I will go make some breakfast and check on Alex.” Eric says.

They spend the day, adding some finishing touches to the house. Elena sitting down to put anything together. Trying not to walk around too much, As now even that was getting harder. The child was pressing down on her bladder, and when she would walk far. She would feel pressure in-between her legs. It was very uncomfortable. So she sat as much as she could. Never complaining about it. Just so happy she was having Eric’s child. Nothing could be better.

Eric makes something to eat for all of them. It was now getting to be his job. Which he didn’t mind at all He liked to cook. Having someone to cook for made it even nicer. He liked to take care of and protect Elena. Anyway, he could. They would all sit down at there own table to eat dinner. It was so nice, Not having spys at the dinner table. To be normal and themselves. Eric almost forgot what it was like. To be able to walk around your home freely. It was a great feeling. Not to mention, he would just look around this house. Not believing it was the old dirty dump of an Apartment turned into this.

This new gorgeous home, that was his. He might have had to share her with William. But what he got in return was well worth it. He lived in style. Everything top-notch. The feel to the fabrics incredible, The softness of things. It was remarkable. Eric wasn’t one for material things, but he couldn’t help but love all this. It took some time to get used to. It actually all being his own. Not to mention when he would look in his bank account. They have been married for a few months. There were already at least 60 thousand dollars in his account. Eric never really had to spend much. Elena always did everything. That was just his marriage account He had more in his own real account. All his work money that he saved, the money William paid him for before, and his weekly checks since his have been back to work. He didn’t need a thing. He was well taken cared of. He got more out of this relationship than he ever excepted. All he was looking for was love. A family. He got that plus, Protection, wealth, and a home.

People at work now looking at him in a different light. Still, he had haters. They are always around, But others just showed respect. He was married to the Lord and Lady. He was now one of them. People would bow to him which made him feel weird. Going into a store or anywhere people would now carter to him. Instead of looking at him funny. He wasn’t just a level D anymore. He was the pureblood Spouse. People knew not to play with him. In his own right, he was a kick ass vampire hunter. Now on top of that. He married them. He was untouchable. Who would have thought putting up with William would have turned out so good. Even though there were parts he hated. Like living with him. Sharing with Elena. Having to pretend he liked him. Married to William? Husband? Freaking really? Not like that was any better for William. He had to now say Eric was his husband in public. It left a bad taste in both of there mouths.

After dinner, Elena and Eric tuck little Alex into bed, Leaving on her little butterfly night light and her door open a tad. So she wouldn’t be scared in her new room. Filled with pinks, lavenders, and whites. A very bright cheerful little girls room. It had anything a little girl could want and more.

They then went off to there own room. Eric off to take his shower As Elena sits on the bed Waiting for him. Falling straight to sleep Not able to keep her eyes open. Eric walks in from his shower and just smiles at her, Going over to her and taking off her shoes. Then Covering her Kissing her head. He does some light paperwork on his side of the bed. While she sleeps. He watches her sleep at times. Just breathing. Her large tummy going up and down under the covers. He just smiles more to himself. Going back to work on his files. He works till around 1 am. Then feels tired the time files away Shutting the light and laying down beside his very pregnant wife. As he gets comfy he notices her breath increase. Her heart beating fast and saying the same things. She said the night before. Having the same dream. He just holds her tight again. Trying to calm her down. Hoping this isn’t a nightly ritual.

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