Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Labor

A Few nights pass and the same thing keeps happening. Eric asks Elena what the dream is about But she won’t tell him. Telling him She forgets When she wakes up. Eric not having any clue what is going on. Just wishing it would stop. At this point, she is extremely pregnant. She doesn’t need this. He has been taking a lot of days off. Spending it with her and Alex. William has stayed away but is due to be back tonight. He has been a lot better, in even giving them their privacy. Elena and Eric got the new babies room done together.

Elena wanting to share the experience with him. Eric liked that idea. It was actually fun Putting the Crib together, placing the furniture Adding the wallies. It was really nice. They did some neutrals colors since they didn’t find out the sex of the child. They both wanted it to be a surprise. Elena didn’t care what it was. She was just happy to be having Eric’s child. It made her over the moon. As big a she got, she never complained once. This time she enjoyed the pregnancy to its fullest Eric didn’t mind either. So far it was a great experience. Something he wouldn’t mind to do again. If Yuki felt the same.

After putting the room together, Eric was headed out to pick up some things for dinner. He knew William was on his way home. So Elena wouldn’t be all alone. The nanny was even over bringing by some things that would be needed for the new baby. So Elena had someone there with her at all times. They knew it was any minute.

William comes home, Looking around the new house. Finding Elena sitting on the floor of the nursey.

“Hello, My dear. How are you feeling?” William asks.

“Hi, To be honest. I’m not sure.” She says as a gush of water flows down between her legs onto the floor.

“Oh My, I guess its time. Where is Eric?” William asks. Helping Elena stand.

“He went to get some food. William, I want him here.” Elena states.

“I will give him a call. First, let me get you downstairs.” William says lightly picking her up carrying her downstairs. Telling Elena to breathe.

“Eric, I am sorry to bother you But our wife just went into labor. You may want to come home now.” William says on the phone.

“I will be right there. Have her ready.” Eric answers.

William tells the Nanny to stay with Alex. That they will need her for the night. He then helps Elena outside to wait for Eric to pull up. Eric does, getting out of the car Running over to Elena. Who kisses him.

“It’s time Eric,” Elena says with a smile.

“You take her, I will drive.“William says.

Eric picks Elena up holding her in the back seat of the jeep, While William drives to the hospital.

“Breath Elena. Everything will be fine. “Eric says trying to convince himself. Not even caring that William is here. Actually glad he is driving. Because Eric doesn’t think he could at the moment. He is just holding Elena, Looking into her eyes. As she smiles at him. So happy. Laying her head on his shoulder.

They get to the hospital, Where William goes to park the Jeep. While Eric Carrys Elena into the hospital up to the maternity ward. Where they take her and get her a room Examing her. William comes back from parking the car. Sitting in the waiting room.

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