Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 63

Chapter 63 Nightmare

They Give Elena a bed and check her seeing, she is dilated. Also noticing that her pressure is rising. It is getting higher and higher Which it shouldn’t. Before they know, she is in a delirious state. Saying no please Don’t. Please don’t take my baby. Eric trying his best to calm her down, But nothing seems to work. They ask Eric to please step out of the room. While they exam and try to calm her down.

Eric walks out into the waiting room where William is.

“How is she?” William asks.

“Not good Her pressure is up. She is not in her right mind. She keeps saying not to take the baby. What the hell is going on? She was saying this in a nightmare for the last two weeks. I just never knew. What was going on.” Eric states.

“Oh, It must be her subconscious. She feels you will leave and take the child. That this is just a dream, that’s going to end.” William says

. “I would never. I know that would hurt her. She wants this child so badly.“Eric answers.

“She wants you so badly Eric She still isn’t over that one day. You may change your mind and go.” William reveals.

“That was your doing, putting that shit in her head. Giving me your way out. It was to hurt her You did a fine ass job.” Eric grunts.

“I may have stated it, but it is her that feels you may do it. She has felt you would disappear from the start. Always watching to make sure. You were still here Giving you anything to make you happy. Did you not notice? How she follows you around with her eyes when you leave the room? How her heartbeat gets faster until your return?” William states.

“Yes at the start, I thought that was over now. She would know better. We are married, bonded It made her calm.” Eric states.

“Yes, but she is pregnant. It makes more hormones, more emotions. It brought back her fears. It just waited till the very end to activate.“William states.

“What can we do?” Eric asks.

“First let’s get the kid born, Then just make her feel safe. That you’re not going anywhere. I will not mention anything about you leaving. Hell, I know your not. Just be with her.” William answers.

“I will do anything I have to for her.“Eric states.

As they are outside, the doctor comes out.

“Eric ,we need to do a C-section immediately. Her pressure keeps rising. We had to sedate her, to try to calm her down. For some reason, she has this idea That we are taking the child away. We believe it because her pressure is so high. She is delirious now.” The doctor states.

“Do whatever you need to please. Just help her.” Eric answers.

“You can be in there to see your child being born. Hopefully, once the child is out. Her pressure will go back to normal. Right now she has preeclampsia. Which can turn into Eclampsia and we don’t want that.” The doctor answers.

Eric gets ready to go into the OR, to watch his child being born. Worried to no end about Elena. Without her, none of this would be worth it. Knowing that she felt this would end. That it was just a dream. There were times he felt the same. How could you be so happy? Was it even possible?” Eric thought. He put on his scrubs and walked into the OR. Going over to Elena, Holding her hand.

“I am here Elena, We are going to have our child. The Sedation wearing off. Elena sees and hears him. Squeezing his hand.

“Eric please don’t leave.” Elena says.

“I am not going anywhere now or ever Elena. Please, let’s enjoy our child’s birth.” Eric says.

Squeezing her hand back. Eric sits next to her, as the doctor does the C-Section taking out their baby.

“Congratulations You have a son.” The doctor says. Laying the child on Elena’s chest.

Elena bursts out in tears. Holding this little bundle in her arms. Looking up at Eric Who is just taken away at the sight. He has a son. He couldn’t believe it. He kisses Elena’s Far head as he looks at her and his son. The happiest he has been ever in his whole life. Elena hands him the baby which he excepts holding him in his arms.

The Nurse gives Eric a few more minutes before they take the baby to clean him up. Eric goes over to Elena kissing her again.

“We have a Son, babe.” Eric says.

“Yes, He is perfect. He looks so much like you.” Elena replies.

“He has your eyes.” Eric states.

“Yes and your white hair.” She replies. Smiling up at him.

“What are we going to name him?” Elena asks. “How about Connor?” Eric suggests.

“That sounds great.” Elena responds.

The doctor sews her up, Bringing her to recovery. Her pressure still a bit high but going down. Still, a little scared Eric might leave and take the child. It was in the back of her mind the whole pregnancy. Since William gave him that way out. She kept it so hidden that it finally broke out by itself. Her fear pouring out. If he left her now, she would never get back up. It would not only be him she would be losing now. But the child she wanted more than anything. She knew Eric loved her dearly. Just she also knew this wasn’t a normal situation. If he wanted his normal life back. He could walk out at any time.

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