Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 64

Chapter 64 Home.

Eric visits Elena sitting on the side of her bed Holding her hand. Its been a few hours and her pressure is going down some. She tries to get some rest but every now and then still opens her eyes. Seeing if Eric is still there, In her mind still not able to accept, how perfect things are. Thinking they are going to end. Zero stays close as he now knows. What the problem is. He needed to make her feel content again. That he wasn’t ever going to leave her. He also needed her to get better. He felt that when they got together. She wasn’t fully healed from all the trama that took place with William. They rushed into all this. He knew She was fragile. He didn’t want to put her back into the state when he first saw her again.

William feels the same, He sees that one small thing could set her off. Mostly anything with Eric leaving. He knew he was stuck with Eric for life. This wasn’t something new. He would give them their space. It was their child. He told her congratulations and went home. Leaving Eric with her alone.

Eric spends the night at the hospital laying next to her, Holding her close. Enjoying their new child. He see’s how Yuki just holds him Smiling at him. How he makes her so happy. He also notices how when the nurse comes in to take the child. Elena still panics She wants Conner where she can see him. Telling the nurse not to leave the room with him. The nurse does as she is told. Elena holds the baby a lot during the night. Not letting anyone but her and Eric near him. She doesn’t get much sleep. Keeping her eye on Zero and the child. Making sure both were still there. She knew she was being silly, but in the back of her mind. She couldn’t help herself. The fear was there. She would always fear William would take them away from her. It was his revenge. He knew she was happy. So he would make it all disappear. Just as fast as it started. It could end. It would also end her.

The next day, Elena is feeling much better. Her vampire powers have healed her C-Section. She is feeling better And its time to take the child home. Eric puts the dark grey car seat into his jeep. Getting Yuki and the baby, Wheeling them down from the maternity ward to his jeep. He Places Conner into the car seat and helps Elena in as well. Both just smiling at each other. Still in disbelief.

It takes them no time to get home, Elena smiling at him the whole ride home Happier than ever. They get home where Elena takes Conner. Holding him close. She feeds and changes him. Happy in her own little world. She doesn’t even notice anyone else around her. All she does is pay attention to Conner. At night they have a bassinet that is placed in their room. So Elena doesn’t have to leave there bedroom. Elena doesn’t let the Nanny near Conner. Elena told her she doesn’t need any help with him. Eric still notices she doesn’t want anyone else but him or her to touch the child. She is overprotective of him. He watches how she gets up in the middle of the night to feed him. Singing to him, Rocking him in the chair Telling him how special he is to her. How much he reminds her of his father. How she would never let anyone touch him, or take him away. The child is Elena’s life. Eric knew if he ever took him away Elena would crumble. He would never do that anyway. He didn’t want out of this. He was happy.

A few weeks go by and pretty much nothing changes. Elena spends all her time taking care of Conner Giving him full attention. Even Eric feeling a little left out. She will smile at him Give him a kiss, but for the most part, Conner gets all the attention. She is hands-on with him. She spends some time with Alex. Now that the child is three, She placed her in Pre K 3 Classes. So she would get out of the house a few hours. To give Alex somewhere to go and something to do. The child is very smart and it would benefit her greatly. Eric was the one to pick her up from school. When Alex would see him, she would run to him. He would pick her up holding her close. She just loved him more than anything. She told the whole class this was her Daddy. That he was special because he chose her to be his daughter. Eric smiled. He had two children, and he loved both of them dearly.

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