Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 65

Chapter 65 growing

A month goes by and Eric is feeling a little jealous of his own son. Never thinking He would feel this way. He was used to Elena’s full attention Now Conner got most of it. The baby was now sleeping through the night. Not causing any problems. Elena even moved him to his crib to sleep in all night. Elena and Eric haven’t had sex in about three months. Which is making Eric now a little crazy. He sees that Elena is doing fine with it. That her vampire instincts are happy with being a mommy. She isn’t trying to ravish him. Like before. Which makes him a bit upset. He got used to her always being all over him. He now misses it. Wondering what this is all about And how to get it back.

One day Edward comes over to visit. Elena upstairs with Conner. “Edward it's great to see you,” Eric says.

“Same here, I wanted to say congratulations on the new baby. How are things?” Edward asks.

“Ok, Elena is a great mother to Conner. She was a bit freaked out at first. That I was going to leave and take him. She seems over it now. She just threw herself into motherhood now.” Eric states.

“That’s natural,” Edward replies.

“We haven’t been together in three months. I thought you said. She had desires and Vampire instincts? Did they go away?” Eric asks.

“No silly She is just busy being a mom. The bond you two have will never die. Or go away. The bond at the moment makes her feel calm and happy. Having your child She is content. Once you two do mate again, though it will be stronger than before. Both vampire instincts will know that you are parents now. It makes the bond closer. It will be the final stage to complete your lifelong bond.“Edward states.

“There is another stage?” Eric asks.

“Yes. One was blood, Then Sex. Then having the child together. Seals the deal. Once you seal it this time. Nothing will ever compare. The sex between the two of you will be fireworks. It will be so hot and yearning. That even when William says she has to have it with him. It won’t compare. She will still enjoy it and can climax from it, But it will never be as high and hot as when you two are together, but the same goes for you. If you ever slept with anyone else. It wouldn’t compare. Needing her to take you out of your misery.” Edward comments.

“Well hell, Screw you, William. Old fart I will still be the one she needs. I love that.“Eric answers.

“I am sure he won’t. Don’t let that fool you into thinking he won’t want to. I am sure he will do it now even more.” Edward states.

“I am sure too. He has been after it for a while now But knowing its better with me. It makes me feel better. Not that I can see her with him. That thought sickens me But at the moment. I am trying to just get back into our regular routine.” Eric comments.

“Things will calm down. She still wants you. Her body is going through changes. She just had a baby. It takes a month in itself to get herself back. I am sure when she is ready she will come to you. ” Edward states.

“I hope so, I miss her. I am glad she wants the child though. She won’t let him go.” Eric remarks.

“Eric, she wanted you more than you can imagine And your child. When she was pregnant with Alex, All she ever said was how she wished it was yours. Now that it is. It’s her dream. She is happy. Let her be.” Edward replies.

“Of course I am glad to see her happy. Anything is better than what I saw when I got to the manor. I didn’t really like what happened in the hospital either. She freaked out. She thought I was really going to leave.” Eric states.

“I can’t blame her for that. You don’t know all she went through Eric. It was hard for her. Locked away, from you. From everyone William did some things he shouldn’t of. One thing really hurt her. It would have changed the way things are today. It just didn’t work out that way. Its why she hated him so much.“Edward responds.

“What did he do? Tell Me.“Eric snaps.

“I can’t. It’s not my place. You need to ask Elena. I am sure she will tell you.” Edward responds.

“I asked her what all took place She said she didn’t want to talk about it.” Eric replies. “Then she wasn’t ready. Four years is a long time with someone When you’re not happy. I am not sure what happened at the start to make it this way. They were so in love. Then a lot changed overnight. I know he lied and hid things He thought he was protecting her. She didn’t need to be in the middle of work. He wanted to keep her the innocent little girl. Yet that changed fast.“Edward answers.

" I know there is a lot. I don’t know. I see it all the time. She tries her hardest to make me happy. She just doesn’t need to. I am happy with her being herself. I want her to feel. I will never leave.” Eric remarks.

“Than tell her Show her Don’t be like him. You will have to reassure her often. At least at the start.” Edward says.

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