Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 66

Chapter 66 Wanting

After the conversation with Edward, Eric keeps thinking about it all. Feeling a bit of pride. That no one could make her feel like he can. It’s like a slap to William. Eric even took away the sex from him. Eric also knew William sooner or later, would start his shit over it. Wanting her to sleep with him. He knew. The baby and her freak out kept him away for now. Even William got scared of what he saw at the hospital. He didn’t want her to go back to what she was. They would both lose her again. William liked seeing her this happy. He just wishes it was him making her that way But either way. He let it go. Not even coming over, when he was home. Leaving them both alone together to enjoy there child. He was busy with work like always anyway. He didn’t have time for the every day little things. That Eric did. It’s what made them different. In a way having Eric here Helped William. Eric did all the things William couldn’t. Keeping Elena happy. It worked for him. He did want more though. Just was waiting for the right time.

Eric also thought about what took place, between these two? What did William do to her? That one thing to set her off so bad. To make her hate him the way she did. Eric wanted to know But wasn’t sure that Elena would tell him. When he asked before she wouldn’t answer him. She kept whatever happened to herself. Locked away with everything else. These two had their little games. Eric never understood it. He thought it was terrible. At the same time. It was a good thing it happened or otherwise, he wouldn’t be here.

Eric goes upstairs to see Elena getting ready for bed. Sitting at her vanity putting her cream on her legs Eric just sits there and watches. So wanting to help. So wanting to be close to her. He missed it. She didn’t push him away or do anything to hurt him. She just was so into being a mommy, She would be tried and just go to sleep when they were in bed. Which never happened before. She was always all over him. Draping herself over his body. Now she would cuddle up close, but not throw herself at him. It was different. She was content with him. Which was good. He just wanted the hot sex. She got him to use to it. The vampire in him craved it. What has he become? There was a time he had all this uncontrol. He was a virgin until he was 21. Now he was acting like a teenager. Yearning for her body. For her touch.

Which did he go for tonight? Asking what happened in the past? Or trying to make love? He knew if he bought up the past. That would kill the second one. He thought he could wait on asking about what happened. Give her more time to maybe come to him on her own. Maybe if enough time went by she would feel comfortable in telling him.

He just sits at the edge of the bed watching. No longer able to keep himself calm. He walks over to her Putting some lotion on his hands and rubbing it on her shoulders. Getting some light moans out of her. She closes her eyes And lets him take over with the lotion. As he slowly pulls down her nightie rubbing the lotion on her breast. Kissing down her neck. He lightly picks her upbringing her to there bed. Where he places her down. Her eyes not breaking contact with his. He moves in closer to her Kissing her lips. Her arms going around his neck. Pushing his head closer to hers. Grabbing at his white long thin hair. Kissing him deeply and hungrily. Wanting him just as bad as he wants her. He sees this which makes him feel wonderful. Knowing that the bonds where there. Even though Edward said they would be. Seeing it for himself makes him now believe it.

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