Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 67

Chapter 67 reunion.

Eric takes full control, Not losing any time in removing Elena’s nightgown or underwear. Wanting her naked body in front of him to view. Kiss, Touch, Lick and more. How he missed her smooth soft skin. Her slender warm body on his. He removes his pjs pants and gets on top of her again. Touching every last piece of her. Making her give out light moans of desire. Making his body react even more. He doesn’t want this to go fast. He wants to take his time. Enjoy every last curve. Kissing her everywhere. Her legs wrapping around him, pulling him closer to her. She kisses him as well, Spending a lot of time on his tattoo. She loved to kiss and lick him there. It was a special place for her. They spent what seemed like hours going over each others bodies. Enjoying every moment. Till he entered her and took her and himself to the next level. Eric never thought the feeling could get better than what it was. Even though Edward said it would be fireworks and something they would never share with anyone else. It was already like that for him, But at this moment. He saw what Edward meant. The feeling was totally outrageous. Nothing could ever compare His body burned until her released inside her. Her body did the same. It was like magic. How there bodies fit together feeling the way they did. Explosive. There hearts beating fast, taking time to calm down afterward. If it would feel like that all the time. Eric was never stopping, He wanted more. He now understood why he craved her so much. He craved the highness and the explosive feeling. It was the more incredible thing he ever felt. It was even better than her blood. Which he thought nothing could compare to. Their bond was now completed in every way. There was nothing William could do to break it. It was a losing battle for him.

Eric laid there trying to catch his breath holding her soaked slender body on top of his own soaked body. He gently moves to get the blanket to put over both of them. As he kisses her arm She just smiles at him. Contently falling asleep in his arms As she belongs there. He holds her close to him. Not able to even believe what they share. Never thinking, he would have this with her. He would never let her go No matter what. She was his. He was hers. This was the life he wanted. And he wasn’t giving it up for anyone.

In the morning, he just lays there still holding her. Not wanting to move. She gets up to kiss his lips. Trying to leave the bed But he won’t let her. “Eric I need to check on the baby,” Elena says.

“He is fine. He isn’t crying Stay with me a little longer.” Eric asks.

Elena slides back on top of him and does as he wishes. Kissing him again.“Last night was incredible.” Eric states.

“It will only get better,” Elena says with a smile.

“I don’t think anything could beat that,” Eric remarks.

“Oh, I was so into the mood. I didn’t think of protection.” Eric adds.

“That’s ok. I already thought about that. I have been taking the pill. We are safe.” Elena answers.

“That’s good I know we just had Ren, Will we be having any more?” Eric asks.

“I would like to, Just not at the moment But in the future. I would love to have another child with you.” Elena states.

“Good, cause I feel the same. You are a great mother. I just would like you to spend a little more time with me.” Eric admits.

“I am sorry. I am just so taken in with him. He reminds me so much of you. He is perfect.” Elena states.

“I am glad. He makes you happy.” Eric answers.

“You make me happy,” Elena replies. Kissing him again.

“I will do better at not getting so lost in it. I want to be with you. I love you, Eric.” Elena says.

“I love you too.“Eric responds.

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