Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Dinner.

While Eric is opening the front door to leave, Elena runs down the stairs, straight into his arms.

“Eric.” She says. Putting her arms around him and giving him a big kiss.

He drops his briefcase and suitcase, Putting his arms around her as well. She starts kissing him passionately, jumping into his arms. Her legs around his waist.

“Babe, I have to go to work.” Eric tries to say, As Elena undoes his belt

.“They can wait.“She says with a snicker.

Eric gives in to her seduction, Which doesn’t take much. He carries her over to the sofa And makes love to her Kissing her everywhere. His hands roaming every inch of her satin smooth body. This was the love of his life, nothing could compare.

As he tries to put his clothes back on, she just watches him.

“I am going to miss you.“Elena says. Sliding her nightgown back on.

“I will miss you also. I promise I will be back as soon as I can. I will call you tonight as well.” Eric says. Kissing her again before picking up his suitcase and briefcase.

Elena walks him to the door Watching as he gets into the jeep and pulls away. A piece of her heart going with him. She knew he would return. She was starting to trust that a little more now. She just was going to miss him. She loved being with him, She got very spoiled. When he was at the Manor and didn’t leave her. She wished in a way, they could go back to that, But she knew that wasn’t Eric. Eric had to keep himself busy. She would do anything to make him happy. So she would remain quiet. Even though, she hated his job. It scared her. Even with her and Kaname’s protection. Something could always go wrong.

During the day, Elena was up and dressed and taking care of the kids. Just a normal everyday routine. When she sees William walk through the door.

“Hey, How are you?” William asks.

“I’m Good, I see you’re finally here to see your quarters. “Elena says.

“Yea, I thought I would stay a few days. Spend some time with you and Alex. I missed you both. I have just been so busy with work. I also know your busy with the kids.“William says.

“Yes, I been very busy with them.” Elena answers.

“You look a little upset. Are you ok? William asks.

’Eric had to go away for work. I miss him, I wish he didn’t have to go.” Elena says.

“Well, you have me. I will keep you company. I think it worked out great. I don’t get in his way. He doesn’t get in mine.” William responds.

” I guess.” Elena responds.

“How about I cook you some dinner tonight? “William replies.

“You Cook? Did, I hear that right?” Elena says with a giggle.

“Ok Ok. I will order something, Give you a break. We can sit down and catch up.“William states.

“Ok. Sounds good.” Elena remarks.

William helps with the kids spending time with them and Elena all day. Having a nice time. Elena goes to put the kids to bed, As William sets the dinner table and orders their dinner. William didn’t know how to cook. He always had cooks, maids, people waiting on him. But he wanted to do something for Elena. He knows. She was tried by the kids. Plus he wanted to get on her good side. He knew while Eric was away. He would move closer to her. It was his chance. He thought it was about time, something moved forward. He was giving them plenty of time alone. It was now his turn. Just trying to do it in a better way, then he had previously. Knowing the rough way got him nowhere. He thought he would change his tactics.

Elena comes downstairs to the table set and dinner already here. They both sit down and William serves the food, Also pouring the wine Handing a glass to Elena.

“Thank you,” Elena says.

“You’re very welcome,” William remarks.

“The food smells yummy.” Elena answers.

“Yes, it does. It’s the new Italian place that just opened. I thought. I would give it a try.” William states.

Elena smiles as she eats. They continue to eat and make small talk. Elena knows what William is after. She just doesn’t know how to fight or push it away. She knows she has long enough. It was getting harder and harder to make excuses. Not even knowing why William wanted this so bad. Was it because he wanted her? Or just to piss off Eric? Or to just prove a point. She was figuring it probably was a little of each.

She just sits there staring at him, His brown locks falling in his face as he eats. His black shirt opened three buttons. Revealing some of his chest, His long slender fingers. She remembered, Why she fell so hard for him once. He definitely wasn’t hard on the eyes. She looked into his large deep brown eyes. Just listening to him talk about his trip. Still thinking about Eric and hoping he was ok. No matter how good William looked. Eric always seems to make his way back into her mind and heart. It never seems to be that he was gone. She loved him dearly. But at the moment, she noticed. She didn’t mind William. She wasn’t in love with him again But didn’t mind being around him.

Talking to him, He was being nice and they were getting along. She hoped that would stay this way. She noticed that he even gave them freedom And backed off. She saw a lighter side of him. The one that she knew years ago. The one she fell so in love with. He could do no wrong. She just knew better this time around. She couldn’t just give herself up to him. She was scared if she opened up. He would only hurt her again. Their past was too destructive to let go of. There were some things. She would never forget.

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