Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Settling in

Once they pull up to the large Rosewood Mansion, Eric and Edward get out of the limo. Greeted by the staff. They walk into a large open foyer.

“Welcome back. Edward.” Berta says. The head of staff.

“Thank you, Berta. This is Eric, he will be our guest indefinitely. Please make sure you tend to every need he has. He will be protecting this house. He will also be looking after Elena” Edward says.

“Anything you wish, Edward.“Berta replies.

“Let me show you your Quarters.“Berta says to Eric.

Berta just looks at Eric giving him a sweet Smile. She already sees so much in him. Berta was one of the staff for the Daniels family for years. She was true to William, but she also loved Elena. She was hoping that Eric’s presence in the house, would make Elena go back to her old self.

Eric just looking around. Taking everything in. The house is huge. With everything expensive and beautiful. Eric thought nothing of that. He knew, William always had good taste.

Berta takes him up this long staircase. At the end of the hall, where his quarters are.

“This is your quarter’s sir. ” Berta says.

Eric walks into a room the size of an apartment. When you walk in, there is a Fireplace with a sofa and two high back chairs. The other room had a kitchen and table set. Bigger than his whole apartment at home. The third room had another fireplace and king size bed, large Tv and dresser. Not to mention the large bathroom with shower and huge ass tub. Eric didn’t know, what to think.

“This is my room?” Eric asks.

“Yes, William said to make sure you had only the best. The refrigerator is stocked with food, so is the cabinets. There is fresh towels in the bathroom and more blankets in this closet. If you need anything else. Please just let me know. Also, dinner is Served at 7 PM. Every night. Please don’t be late.” Beta says.

“Thank you. “Eric responds.

Not sure what to think. “This is crazy If this is just one part of the house. What the hell else is in here? How much does one man need? There were only four people living here. Leave it to William to be obnoxious.” Eric thought.

Eric unpacks his things. Which doesn’t take long at all, as he doesn’t have much at all. Laying down on the king size bed for a while, taking everything in.

“If it wasn’t for William being here. This would be great. I can get used to this.” Just laying down taking in the quiet. Wondering what the night holds in store.

At 7 PM Eric goes downstairs to the dining room.

“Have a seat. The others will be right down.“Berta says.

The dining room looks intimidating. It’s huge. With a long brown wooden table and at least twelve chairs. Eric takes a seat and waits for the others to arrive. First one is Edward.

“Evening Eric,” Edward says.

“Evening. How many will it be for dinner? ” Eric asks.

“Just the four of us. The others should be down soon.” Edward responds.

Walking into the room next is Ryan. “So glad its dinner. I’m starved. “Ryan says. “Oh hey, Eric,” Ryan adds.

“Hey,” Eric replies.

“I heard you’re going to be staying here with us for a while. “Ryan states.

“Yes, I believe so,” Eric responds.

Eric and Ryan not very close but are able to be polite to each other. They also knew each other growing up. Eric knew that he was one of Williams Minions. Doing anything he asked.

Finally, William walks in. “Good Evening everyone.” He says in a low strong voice.

“Good evening.” Eric answers.

“Dinner may be served, now Berta. We are all here.“William reveals.

“Isn’t Elena coming to dinner?” Eric asks.

“She normally eats in her room. I haven’t told her you are here just yet. I don’t think, she would believe me anyway. So, I figured, I would just let you go to her. That will be in a few.” William remarks.

“I heard she isn’t the same? What did you do to her?” Eric asks with a huff.

“Nothing. You will see for yourself. Not sure I can explain it. It’s better you see for yourself.“William comments.

“You will also meet Alex, she is two. You will be guarding her as well. She is with the nanny at the moment. I will let you meet her later.“William states.

Eric not really liking to have to sit and eat with William, or even be near him in any way. He also knows that William isn’t fond of him either. They always were after the same girl. Even though Elena had no idea. Plus Eric knew that William was behind some shading dealings. He saw the lists that were given to the Organization. He knew some of the Vampires on the list shouldn’t really be on there. He just kept his findings to himself. At the moment, William was being polite to him. He was doing the same, for the sake of Elena. Looking around knowing that something wasn’t right. He just needed to find out what.

Dinner is served all kinds of food you can imagine. At least five courses. Everything served is exceptional. Nothing out of place. The sushi is hand wrapped, fresh tuna, salmon, and eel. The vegetables are also fresh and tasty. That was just the appetizer. The miso soup tasty and hot. Each course getting better and better. Eric’s eyes just open wider each time the server comes out. Fulling Eric’s stomach to the brim.

The Dinner conversation being about things in general. Nothing specific, nothing about Elena. No one really telling him what was wrong. Only he would see for himself. That only made Eric wonder more.

“After dinner, I would like to talk to you in my office Eric. There should be things we need to discuss.” William says.

“Sure, If you say so.” Eric replies

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