Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 70

Chapter 70 Hot.

When dinner was done, William gathered up the dishes, bringing them into the Kitchen. Elena going in after him. She started washing them as he dried. His eyes just taking in her new fuller shape. His eyes traveled her body. When she is on the last dish, William walks over putting his hands around her waist. Moving her hair to the right side of her neck. Where he started placing tiny light kisses, from her earlobe down her neck.

“William...We shouldn’t be doing this.” Elena states.

“Why not? The kids are sleeping and he is away. It’s perfect.” William remarks. Pushing himself up against her ass. He moves her to the front of the kitchen chair. Where he turns her around, Lifting he dress. Placing kisses on her lower back down to her tailbone, making her shiver. He slides her black lace panties off her body, making them hit the kitchen floor.

“William Please. This doesn’t feel right.” Elena states.

“Shhh, Just enjoy. I will not do anything to hurt you. “William comments. Standing in the back of her.

Rubbing her ass with his warm soft hands. Then sliding them to her warm center, where he rubs. Kissing down her spine and tailbone, licking. Then licking at her center. Hitting all the right spots. Licking her as he places his finger inside moving it in and out. Gaining himself a few moans. He licks and fingers till she climaxes. Making him know she liked what he did Like she always has. He then undoes his pants taking out his member rubbing it on her ass and center. Up and down, wanting her to beg him to enter her. He was going to make her as hot as he could. Even if he didn’t get to take it all the way tonight. He was going to drive her crazy. Making her want him to be in her. Even if she didn’t want to admit it.

William Kept moving his member around her core, teasing her. Putting the tip of the head slightly in. Just teasing. Then he would rub around again. Making her wet and full of desire. But he noticed as hot as she was getting. She wouldn’t say anything. She was doing her best to control herself, and not say it. He saw it in her body language and movements. That she was dying inside. Just not letting it out. He snickered behind her. rubbing more and teasing her entrance. Making her want him to just take her. But she wouldn’t say it. She couldn’t. It was betraying Eric. She would hold it in and just let him do whatever to get it over with. She wouldn’t let him know. How she was feeling and wanted him at the moment. She stayed quiet. Grabbing on to the table and biting her lip. “Thinking he would enter her, when he was ready, But without her saying too. He wouldn’t. He rubbed himself on her ass. Climaxing there, not entering her, or giving her the full satisfaction she was wanting or needing. He wanted her to beg.

She was surprised, when she felt him cum on her, Instead of entering her. But in a way she was relieved. It wasn’t fully going behind Eric. She could deal with this. William got some paper towel cleaning her up before he let her go.

“I know you wanted more Elena.” William states.

“I am glad you had your fun Are you happy now?” Elena asks.

“No, I want more A lot more And I will get it. I just want you to ask for it. I know you’re still steaming down there. You’re doing your best not to show it. But I know better. I know how to turn you on. He isn’t here to fix you either. Just I am.” William states.

“I don’t need fixing. I am fine. I am heading to bed.” Elena says picking up her black undies and going to her room.

He knew her so well. She was on fire. He lit her up like he always has, But she wouldn’t give in to him. She went into the bathroom and took a cold shower. Heading to bed when the phone rings.

“Hey, babe. I thought I would call you before bed.” Eric says.

“I am so glad to hear from you. I miss you.” Elena replies.

“Same here. How is everything there?” Eric asks.

“Ok.” Elena answers.

“William there?” Eric asks.

“Yes. he got here today. He is staying for a few days.“Elena comments.

“Damn it. He picked when I wasn’t there. Is everything ok?” Eric says.

“Please don’t worry. Just take care of yourself. I will be fine. I am in bed.” Elena says.

“Alone?” Eric asks.

“Yes in our bed alone. I love you, Eric. ” Elena says.

“I love you too,” Eric responds.

They hang up the phone and Elena doesn’t know. What to think or feel. She knew she couldn’t tell him. He would get nuts and not have his mind on his job. Which could lead him to get hurt. Plus they both knew this was coming. Just get it over with. She thought. Wanting Eric home and in bed with her. Wishing she could just be holding him. Still a little aroused From William’s doings. Just not giving in to him. She felt if she did, It was leading him on and going behind Eric. Why did William still turn her on? They haven’t been together in three years. She had Eric. She didn’t need anyone else. He was all she ever wanted or needed. He was her soul mate. William was just doing his best to get in the way.

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