Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 71

Chapter 71 be with me.

The next morning came bright and early. Elena laying in bed wondering, what today would bring? A little scared to get up and moving, knowing that William was still here. She knew he was being nice, but she also knew his reasoning. How long can she fight him? She only had to wait until tomorrow morning for Eric to come home. She can get through this. What would she tell Eric? Should she tell Eric? So many things went through her mind. When she would think about the night before. She couldn’t help but like it.

William always made her feel all kinds of desires. She was free with him being her self. Letting out all her vampire desires. Which she never really did with Eric. She was scared if she did, It may frighten him off. She always felt Eric was different than William. William didn’t care what Elena did in bed. He was used to her. He could handle her. Its what they had for a while, till even that faded. Why was it back now? William was going slow and being gentle. Trying to get her vampire desires to come out. Even though, he was close. She remained calm and wouldn’t let her true self out. All she thought about was Zero. It was the thing holding her back.

Elena got dressed. Getting the kids and taking them downstairs for breakfast. Kaname up getting his morning coffee.

“Good Morning my dear,” William says.

“Morning,” Elena replies.

“How are you feeling?” William asks.

“I’m fine. Do you want any breakfast?” She asks

. “Sure. I will take whatever your making.” William replies. Sitting down at the Kitchen island. Playing with Alex and even Conner.

“He sure does look like Eric,” William admits.

“Yes, Its what I love most about him. He is Eric’s mini. It’s so cute. I love his white hair. His sweet smile.“Elena states.

“I know you really wanted this child, but you do know the Counsel and Others. Are not going to be very happy, about who his father is.” William states.

“I don’t care. I wanted something of Eric’s. Why does everyone always have to get in the way.” Elena hisses.

“That is life, my dear. You chose to have a Vampire Hunters child. You’re a Trueblood.” William answers.

“Whatever, He is my son. I love him dearly. I don’t care what blood he has. I don’t care that Eric is a vampire hunter. To me he is just the man, I love.” Elena replies.

“Not everyone thinks like that.“William remarks. Taking a good look at Conner.

Breakfast is over and William goes back to his quarters, Giving Elena freedom for most of the day. She does her daily things, washing clothes, taking care of the kids, making dinner. Just like any other person. William watches all this. Not believing this is Elena. When she had Alex, she did nothing. Just get more and more into depression. Now she is a super mom. Could it be? What made Conner so Speical. William thought. Oh, yea that’s right. It’s Eric’s. William remarked to himself. Finding himself rolling his eyes. That white-haired bastard is so special. I use to be that special to her. William filled with resentment toward Eric.

William goes downstairs for dinner, Elena setting the table. Alex sitting there, and Conner in his bassinet. He wished, she would have done this for him, for his Child. He felt a little More resentment But tried to not let it ruin the night.

“Everything looks great Elena,” William says. Looking at the chicken, potatoes, salad, corn, and biscuits.

“Where did you learn to cook?” William asks.

“Eric, I watched him. We would cook together at home. Then when he came back into my life and we came here for the holiday, he would cook us dinner. I watched and helped. I learned. I am still not as good as he is, but I am better than what I use to be.” Elena states.

“I see,” William replies. While taking a piece of everything.

He was surprised. It was actually good. Just another thing Eric did. The thought of it burning at William.

After dinner, William helps with the dishes. Washing and drying, As Elena, goes to put Conner and Alex to bed. William likes the family life with Elena. He just wished they had more of it. That Eric wasn’t the cause of them having it now. That they would have had it on there own. He figured at least they had it now. It was a lot better than the years prior to this. Where she was a shell of herself. Now she took care of both children and a home. No help. It was nice to see.

When William was done cleaning up, he headed upstairs. He tucked Alex in and said goodnight. Then going to look for Elena, finding her in Conner’s room.

“He is sleeping.” Elena states.

“Good, I was just looking for you,” William says. Putting his arms around her.

“William please,” Elena says looking into his eyes.

“Don’t push me away Elena. I want to be close to you. I want to be with you.” Wiliam says.

“I know I just don’t think, I am ready for the next step,” Elena admits.

“Only because of him. You are holding back because of him. You both know that is part of the deal. Not to mention, we are both married to you. I am your husband as well. It was fine to sleep with him while married to me. But not fine to sleep with me, while married to him?” William states.

Elena puts her head on Kaname’s chest. Knowing that statement was hurtful to him. She didn’t know how to say it was true. Instead, she just hugged him. Which in turn, he hugged her back, Holding her close to him.

“Elena spend the night with me, in my bed. We don’t have to go all the way. I just want you to lie next to me. Be with me.“William asks.

“You promise nothing I’m not ready for?” Elena asks.

“I promise,” William responds.

Elena agrees.

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