Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Sleep

William takes Elena’s hand bringing her up to his quarters laying her on the bed. Getting in on the other side. He wraps his arms around her, pulling her close to him, not making any moves. Just being close to her. He snuggles up. Taking in her scent and her body, Just happy. She is next to him. He saw that pushing her wasn’t working. So he figured, he would just try to get close to her. In any way, he could. That he missed her sleeping next to him. At the beginning of there marriage. They had that. Elena would wait up for him, So they could go to bed together. Not always sexual. Just to hold him close to her. There was a time she loved him dearly. How far they have come from then. William so wanting to go back there. He saw this as a way to get it back. Even if it was for a night.

“Wiliam, I don’t mind sleeping like this, but could I take my shower and put my PJs on?” Elena asks.

“Of course, Just please come back.“William states.

“I promise, I will,” Elena replies.

Going to her own room, Waiting around, knowing that Eric would be calling. She didn’t want to miss his call. She yearned for him. As she excepted, he called her around 8 pm.

“Hey, babe. How is everything?” Eric asks.

“Great I miss you though, But you will be home tomorrow. I can’t wait.” Elena says.

“Same here.” How is he doing?“Eric asks.

“He is fine. Don’t worry about him, Just do your job. Always remember I love you.“Elena states.

“Same here, How are the kids?” Eric asks.

“They are fine. They are both sleeping, I am headed there myself. I was waiting for your call. It’s so nice to hear your voice.” Elena responds.

“It’s so nice having someone to call. I can’t believe how things have changed. I will see you, tomorrow babe.” Eric comments. “Ok, Be safe, and I will always be here for you to call,” Elena replies.

“I love you,” Eric responds.

“Love you too,” Elena replies.

Still not wanting to tell Eric his safety before anything else. She goes into the bathroom and takes her shower. Then putting on her silky pink pjs. Trying to keep most of her body covered.

She walks back upstairs to Kaname’s quarters knocking on his door.

“Come in.“William states.

Elena walks in, seeing William wearing his black satin pjs. Three buttons open, His brown hair wet from washing, and him smelling wonderful. It brought back memories of when they were first married. For her now, She just stares at him.

“Is everything ok?” William asks.

“Yes, I just remembered when we first got married. How I use to watch you come out of the shower. Smelling like this, your hair all wet. How I couldn’t believe you were mine.“Elena says.

“I remembered that earlier. When you were laying next to me. I want you to feel that way again. I want us to be closer, I want us to have more. I know. I messed up in the past. I want different for the future. I just need you to open up to me again. Forgive me, I am sorry for what I did. I didn’t think it would hurt you like this.“William remarks.

“I don’t know if I can. There is just so much that happened.” Elena replies.

“If I can get over you sleeping, marrying and having Eric’s child. You can forgive me. You do know this is a lot to take in. To deal with? Another Trueblood would of just let you die. Where I couldn’t.” William admits.

“I know you wouldn’t. I know you care deep down. I guess I can try but you can’t force yourself on me. I want you to be the William I first married. The gentle kind one. That took my feelings into account.” Elena states.

“I can do that,” William replies.

Elena going over to him, Drying his wet hair. William just letting go and letting her do anything she wanted. The feelings of her tiny hands, rubbing his head and hair. How He wanted his Elena back. This was a start.

After drying his hair, they both get back into bed. Under the covers. Elena curls up next to his warm slender body. William wraps his arms around her, kissing her head. She lifts herself up to kiss his lips. Which takes him by surprise He knows not to overreact. Let her go at her own pace. It’s a start, A good one. She kisses him gently on his lips. Laying her head on his chest, her arms around his chest, staying close to him all night. William accepts it, holding her close. Not making any moves, just enjoying what she is offering. Also wanting her to learn to trust him again. He knew that is what he needed to do the most. Make her trust him. Without it, It would just go back to what they had. That is something he didn’t want. He did really want to move on from that time. He figured when Eric wasn’t home, they could sleep together like this. It would bring them closer. Maybe the kiss would bring more. William was hoping.

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