Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 73

Chapter 73 Rage.

In the morning, Elena gets up in William’s arms. William just staring at her for the first time in a long time, Elena didn’t mind being this close to him. He was gentle and loving, like the William, she knew years ago. The one that could get her to do anything. He rubbed his hand on her back, as he kissed her Head.

“Good Morning My dear,” William says.

“Morning, Did you watch me sleep?” Elena asks with a giggle.

" Yes, to be honest, I did. Its been so long. It was lovely. I would like to do this again. If it's ok with you?“William asks.

“As long as you keep it like this yes.” Elena states.

Buying more time, knowing sooner or later it would happen. At least let it happen nicely.

“I have to get up. The kids will be up soon, And Eric should be home today.” Elena replies.

“Yea, I will be going tonight. I have another trip to take, I will be back at the end of the week. Maybe we can do something then.” William asks.

“Sure. Maybe take the kids out. Would you mind taking Conner as well?” Elena asks.

" No, He is now part of this family. Eric is a lot of things but he always accepted Alex. I will do the same to Conner. I want both children to live in a warm, Loving house. They don’t need to know, what's going on behind closed doors. They are innocent. It should stay that way.” William states.

“Thank you, William. That means a lot to me. He is my heart, I love him more than anything in this world.” Elena admits.

“Even your lover boy?” William chuckles.

“As much as lover boy.“Elena giggles.

“Figures, he has some hold over you.” William answers.

“I did once feel that way about you. You held a piece of me that no one ever has.” Elena admits.

“I want to get that back. I know you will never stop loving him. That your bonds are with him, But I want to get back what we had. We had our own bonds. Till we messed things up. We can go back.“William states.

“It will take time. We both need to trust each other. We can’t just rush things Kaname. We can’t just have sex. We need more than that, Don’t you want that? Your pushing the sex isn’t working.“Elena states.

“I just want to be close to you. I want to make you feel like he does. There was a time, you came to me, You wanted me. I want that back to.“William admits.

“You have to earn it, Not force it.“Elena replies.

“Ok, When he isn’t here we will sleep like this together. I will not touch you unless you tell me to, but I want you in my bed and in my arms. Like last night. I felt closer to you. I know you did as well.” William responds.

“Yes, I actually did. It was very nice.” Elena says getting up from the bed.

She gives William a light kiss on his forehead. Then she heads out the bedroom door.

Not sure what to feel, Or what that was. Just wanting Eric home. Feeling like she went behind his back. A pain in her heart for him, She takes her shower and gets dressed. Bringing both children downstairs. She goes into the kitchen and puts the coffee on. Getting the kids breakfast. William coming down to get his coffee, sitting at the island with the kids. Helping them get there breakfast. Elena just stares at him, never seeing him in this light before.

William Sitting there in his white shirt, black pants, Brown wavy hair. Handsome as ever, Getting the kids something to eat. Making jokes and faces. Making them smile. She never saw this with him before. She was always too busy thinking about Eric. Never really seeing what she already had, Just wanting something else.

She just stares for a while. Thinking how complicated things were. That it was all her doing. Did she do the right thing in bringing another person into this mess? Another child? But she loved the two she bought in. More than life itself. Her heart warmed just at the thought of each of them.

While thinking about all this, Eric walks into the door. She just looks at him, running to him and putting her arms around him. Giving him a great big hug. Tears streaming down her face.

“What happened? What did that bastard do? I will kill him!” Eric shouts. Seeing the tears in her eyes.

Eric goes over to William pushing him up against the wall.

“What did you do? Did you touch her? I will kill you, William! She is my wife! I will cut you into tiny pieces if you hurt her.” Eric shouts.

“Eric he didn’t do anything. Please let him go, Everything is fine.” Elena says. Trying to calm the situation.

“Get your hands off me, Eric. I didn’t do anything and if I were to, She is my wife as well. You surely do forget that. It's all fine for her to screw you But not me. Funny how you like to play it that way. When you were the one Screwing my wife the whole time. You never thought anything about it. It was all fine. Just not the other way around.” William barks.

“I don’t care, I don’t want you touching her. She wants me. NOT YOU!” Eric snaps.

“You’re so naive. She wants both of us. Just in her own way, And soon in all ways. You just don’t want to see it. You too blinded by your love, To realize what she really wants. What she really did to the both of us.“William snaps walking out of the kitchen. Picking up his bag to leave. “I will see you at the end of the week, Elena,” William says kissing her head.

Elena filled with tears and trembling walks over to Eric, Holding him.

“Eric why?” Elena asks.

“You were crying. You were on edge on the phone. What did he do? I know he didn’t behave. I know he touched you!“Eric shouts.

“Please, This is hard as it is. This isn’t making it any easier. At first, he teased me, He didn’t go all the way. Then we talked and I got him to prolong it again. Starting slow, Gathering trust. Trying for more than just sex.” Elena admits.

“More than just sex? Great, So we are sharing you. He is right isn’t he?“Eric snaps.

“Isn’t it better than what is going on now? This can’t go on. We can’t spend our whole life like this.“Elena says.

“Why were you crying?“Eric asks.

“Because I felt I went behind you, I felt I was hurting you and that maybe I shouldn’t have brought you into this mess. Then I love you so much. I was selfish.“Elena states.

“I love you too. If this is how it’s going to be. I know he said it would be. I don’t want to know anything about it. You don’t tell me anything he does to you. Unless he hurts you. Anything that takes place, IS when I am not here. Not when I am Not in front of me. I want to pretend it’s not happening. Otherwise, I will kill him.” Eric remarks.

“Are you sure?” Elena states.

“Yes, I also don’t want you to feel like your going behind my back and bring you pain. This way it's just hurting us both. The other way maybe it won’t. I won’t let him break us.” Eric comments.

“He can never break us, Eric. “Elena says

. “I may break him though before this is over.“Eric growls.

Elena gives him a kiss and holds him tight.

They spend the rest of the day together with the kids. Trying to forget what took place this morning. Eric was going to do his best to act as if everything was normal. He couldn’t think about it anymore. It was driving him mad. There was no way out, so there was no sense in acting this way. He just knew don’t do it in front of me, Or tell me. It would be better off that way. He knew his imagination wouldn’t help him either. That he would always think they went all the way.

Even before they actually did. What always seemed to calm him down. Was what William said. It was ok when she was just my wife. You didn’t care or stop yourself That ate in the back of his mind. It was true. It didn’t stop him. It just made him want her more. It was a bigger turn on. He figured that was the same with Kaname now. They used Yuki to get back at each other. It was just another game.

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