Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Conversation

Later in the week, William does come back. Eric home rolling his eyes, when he sees William walking into the house. Just seeing William makes Eric sick. He just knew he had to put his feelings behind him. If he acted like this all the time, It would cause problems. Not only for him. but for Elena and the kids. He would just have to get over it. Face what was going to happen. It wasn’t like it was something out of the blue. It’s been months since he knew about it. Elena just dragging her heels trying to gain time. Mostly just to protect Eric’s feelings. Not wanting to hurt him. And hurting herself in the process. It was an ugly mess.

“Eric I am glad your here. I would like to talk to you and Elena. Is she around?” William asks.

“Yes, she is upstairs. She should be down any minute, she was putting Connor to bed.” Eric answers.

“What do you need to talk to us about anyway?” Eric asks.

“It’s about Connor’s birth party. He is already five months old, We should have a party.” William states.

Elena coming down the stairs walking into the kitchen. “What's this about a party?” Elena asks.

“You know when we have babies, We give huge parties to announce the birth As we did with Alex. Well, its time we did it with Conner. I know we took our time, But I feel if we don’t. It's like we are hiding him. Like we are ashamed.” William states.

“I am not ashamed of having him. He is my child, I adore him. I am afraid. That the Mayor and council will want to hurt him.” Elena answers.

“I am sure. They will not be happy about his birth at all. Even though I say I accept this. Him being Eric’s will cause a fuss.” William states.

“Than don’t have a freaking party.” Eric answers.

“Then it looks like I don’t accept him. That I am hiding him, It’s no better. I am sure they all know he is born anyway. You know how rumors go.” William says.

“Whatever, I hate this part of being married to you, William. All your shit ass rituals.” Eric states.

“They are not mine. They just come with being a Purebred. The child will be endangered either way. They seem to accept you. To a degree, but this is going to be a bitter pill to swallow. He has a level D for a father. A vampire hunter to boot. Mixed with the purest blood there is.” William comments.

“The point in marrying your sorry ass was to get protection. So after all that shit, You can’t even protect your own ass? Is this what you’re trying to say?” Eric remarks.

“Look my protection goes so far. I can’t help that there are people that will not like this. You know how people are. There is always one or two in the batch that does what they want. You both will need to be on the lookout. With or without the party.“ William admits.

“We can have a party just have high security.” Elena states.

“Of course, We will have Vampire hunters there as well. Martin and James will both make sure nothing happens at the party. I also have Victoria, Edward, and a few others. That will be there for us. I am just making you aware there will be ones that will not be there for us. They will want to hurt you or the Child. I don’t think Elena will be the one they will be after either. It will be either Eric or the child. We will have victoria watching both children. And we will stick close to each other. Making sure we never apart.“William states.

“Great, Another night being with you,” Eric says walking out of the kitchen.

“He really doesn’t know all these entitles. Or what you put him in the middle of. Does he?” William replies.

“He knows. He just doesn’t like it. You can’t blame him. I don’t like all this mess either. I just want to live a normal simple life.” Elena remarks.

“You are not a normal simple woman, Elena. You are a purebred queen. They are not happy with the agreement I made. They are just biting their tounges at the moment.“William says.

“That doesn’t make it any easier for any of us,” Elena answers walking away.

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