Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 75

Chapter 75 Ready or not.

Its been a few days and Elena is getting ready for the party. Having it at the same ballroom where Eric and her got married. She knows She has to make this big. Like there is nothing to hide. That they are all happy and proud that Connor is born. Which is true, Elena loves him dearly. She is just worried for his Safety. She knows there will be a lot that will not accept him. Being Eric’s child will make a lot of higher-ups very upset. They don’t like to see Purebreds mixed with anything else. It was tainting their blood. Tainting their bloodline. Eric being a hunter made it ten times worse. The child would be a mix of Purebred and Hunter. Having both in his blood. It would keep the hunter line going. Which would only piss off the council even more. Vampires turning into Hunters. They never heard of such of a thing!

Elena highers caters and a band, and even someone to decorate the place. She stays home away from the ballroom until the actual party. William not wanting her out of his sight. Knowing that anything can happen.

The night of the party William is at Elena and Eric’s home. Getting dressed there so they can leave together. All walking in like a happy couple. Eric not really into any of this, It feels like a waste of time for him. He didn’t care if they accepted his son or not. He did it was all that mattered. Eric wasn’t one for rituals or any of this stuff, He found it all to be bullshit. It was just another night to have to put on a monkey suit and pay for losers to drink and eat your food. He didn’t see the point.

“Before we leave Eric I need you to behave tonight. I know we don’t get along, But we need to act like we are on the same page tonight. It is for the sake of yourself, wife and child.” William states.

“I will be fine. You act as if I want something to happen to them. I will put up with you to keep them safe. Its why we are here. Isn’t It? Do you think I would have agreed to marry you otherwise?” Eric remarks.

” No, I also know how you act. This isn’t time to get pissy. No temper tantrums.“William states.

Eric just gives William a dirty look One that says so many bad words. You could just read it off his face. Eric was good at that. All he had to do was give you a look, And you knew how he was feeling. Most feared him. He wasn’t one to mess with. He was a big bad hunter in his own rite.

They all get into the car, driving off to the Ballroom. Hoping for the best, knowing they couldn’t please everyone. There would always be someone that didn’t like what was going on. Someone who didn’t like what you did, Or what you said. It was just life. This just happened to be important. Lives were at stake. One false move and an innocent life could be over. Just because some ass didn’t like who their father was.

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