Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 76

Chapter 76 The Party

They all ride in the car together, getting to the ballroom room. Which had cars and people everywhere. They were coming out of the woodwork. Eric never saw so many people in one place before. This even beat his Wedding. Eric couldn’t understand. What the big deal was, It was a child. A regular child Ten fingers Ten toes. What was the big deal? What did they except? He was a hunter, not a monster. Eric just rolled his eyes as he got out of the car. Grabbing Elena’s Hand. William Holding baby Connor in his arms, With Alex Holding Eric’s hand.

William grabs the other hand of Elena and they walk up the tall stairs into the ballroom. Where people just gasp as they all walk in together. All eyes on them, Just Staring. Victoria in the back of them, Watching every Move. They walk to there table, Being seated as a family. Upfront where everyone could see them. All eyes still glued to them. As if they are thinking this isn’t true. This must be a joke, William is holding the Hunters child. Which William remains to. Not letting go of him. Alex sitting in the middle of Elena and Eric. Victoria, and Edward taking a seat at the same table. No outsiders let in.

Food is being served and everyone drinking. The band playing soft music in the background. People eating yet still looking at them. The ballroom is packed wall to wall with people. Everyone coming out to this event. Big or small to see this. Vampire hunters also at the event Guarding. James and Martin front and center, making sure everything was under control. They knew the crowd would be huge. But this was unreal. It didn’t stop the food or drinks from coming. William excepted as much. He made sure to have enough for a thousand people. He knew this was going to be a show, of all ages.

The mayor going over to William in utter shock. “William, when I heard, I thought it wasn’t true. I see it is. What is wrong?” The Mayor says in a distasteful voice.

“What do you mean?” William says. Even though he knows.

“You’re holding the vampire hunters child. When you married him, We all took it that you wanted him as a play toy. We understood that. We all get bored and need a new toy, But this?” The mayor says.

“I assure you. Eric isn’t my play toy.” William answers.

“I can see this. He is your wives. How could you let her become pregnant with his child? How could you let the blood mix? William, what are you thinking?” The mayor asks.

William thinking to himself, Like I had a choice. If you only knew what I been going through. yet instead, he answers. “Look it’s not about bloodlines. He is a good man, He is both of our spouses. She has a child with me, And one with him. That is all. We want peace, the hunters and vampires united. To live a peaceful existence.” William states.

“You really think that’s possible? They hunt us. They look down on us. They kill us, And you mate with one? I always took you for a smart man William, But I am not so sure anymore. I am not sure why you would do such a dumb thing. You let him touch your wife. Bring in his child into your home. I just can’t. “The mayor says.

“Then don’t. It’s not your house or your wife. There really isn’t any need for you to think or worry. They are both mine and I am fine with it. If it wasn’t, He nor the child would be standing here with me. “William remarks.

“We don’t even know what the child will possess. He could have stronger powers. He has purebred and Hunter in him.” The mayor states.

“He is a 5 month old child. He has no power. He is just a child, That’s all. You need to get that through your head. He isn’t a full purebred. He won’t have any major powers.. Just regular ones.” William says.

“I doubt that. I don’t think you see the big picture here. He can be the one to take out every vampire in this place. And it would be all thanks to you.” The mayor says.

“You need to realize, He is a Vampire, So are both his parents And me. He will be raised with us. There is no need to take anyone out. You don’t seem to realize I want peace. You only want horror.” William comments. Walking away with the child in his arms.

“How did that go?” Elena asks.

“Not good, Not good at all. He is determined to start trouble.“William states.

“We will keep our eye on him.“Eric states.

“Good, Stay close all night. Keep these kids with you at all times. I will not let go of Connor. Till we leave. No one would dare touch him while I held him. No matter what they feel, They will not go against a purebred. Their powers are defenseless. “William remarks.

“I can’t wait till this night is over. “Eric comments.

“For the first time, I agree with you.” William replies.

They all stay at there table smiling and talking to the people. Showing off the child, Acting like everything is ok. Before the night is over, William gets up to make his Speach. Holding baby Connor in his arms. The child more than happy there. Sitting up looking all around. You couldn’t deny the child was Eric’s. He was the split image of him. Just with Elena’s eyes. There was no way in hell they could even hide it. If they wanted to. What Elena loved so much about the Child. Could get him into deep trouble.

“Hello everyone, I want to thank all of you for coming here tonight. To celebrate the birth of Connor. He is a very special addition to our family. We are all extremely happy and proud to be the parents of this child. I hope it shows the truce and trust the Hunters and us have. In our peace that we want to bring together. If our family can do it. So can others. We can all live a happy existence.” William states. Raising his glass.

The crowd has mixed emotions, yet they all lift their glasses. Even if some want to protest. They know this isn’t the time or place too. Not to mention who they would be protesting against. Its what made most of them even more bewildered. Why would Lord William do such a thing? Yet most were two-faced. Going up to them saying how cute Connor was. Giving him gifts. Telling William and Elena Congratulations. Some were rude enough to ignore Eric like he wasn’t there. They acted like it was William’s and Eric’s child. Eric really not giving a shit. It didn’t matter to him at all. He couldn’t wait for this to be over.

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