Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 77

Chapter 77 William’s thoughts.

The Party lasts a few more hours, Eric is to the brink of anger. Doing his best to control himself. Knowing its what some would want, Him to freak out. Make himself look like an ass. Not only him but William and as much as he hated William,He knew tonight, William did his best to stand on his side. to protect him and his child. To act a fool wouldn’t be in anyone’s best interest. Some people were just rude. Elena knew this, Elena didn’t care. She stood right up against Eric, Holding his hand. She would kiss him here and there. Just to show, she was there for him. He knew she loved him. Its why they were in this mess. Eric bit his tongue and stood there. As some would just walk by acting like he wasn’t there.

At the end of the night, They packed up the kids and went into the limo. Eric so relieved it was over. Elena sitting next to him, Holding there sleeping, son. She held Eric’s hand the whole ride home. William sitting beside Elena, Holding there sleeping daughter Alex. Both kids knocked out from all the excitement of the night. William sitting there not saying a word. Or showing how he really felt. His anger and rage building inside of him.

They get home, Where William goes up to his Quarters not saying a word to Elena. Just handing Eric, Connor to put to bed. Elena knows something is wrong. She lived with William long enough to know his reactions.

“Eric would you put the children to bed? I would like to talk to William for a minute.” Elena asks.

“Are you sure that is wise? I am sure he is just as pissed as I am. They made me look like an ass but they didn’t do much for him either.” Eric states.

“Yes, I need to. I will be right back.“Elena answers. Heading upstairs to William’s Quarters.

She knocks on the door.“No need to knock, You knowI know you’re out there. Come in.” William says in an irritated voice. “What do you need?” He adds.

“I wanted to say thank you, For tonight. For standing there, Defending me, Eric and my child.” Elena states.

William pacing the floor with a glass of wine in his hand. “Do you know? How hard that was? To be humiliated in front of all my colleagues? In Front of all the people who thought I was a god. To now think I am crazy?” William snaps.

“Yes. Its why, I wanted to thank you.” Elena says.

“Thank me, For being an idiot to except any of this! You parading around with Eric, Having his child. Doing the dumbest shit, You could think of to get back at me. You couldn’t buy another house and just spend tons of money like other wives. You had to do this!“William shouts.

“I didn’t do it to get back at you. I love him. I know that hurts you. I am sorry,But its true. He holds my heart in his hands. I can’t live without him.” Elena states.

“I know this shit already! I watched as you whithered away like a rose decaying in my hands. I watch you all the time the way you look at him. Touch him. Do you think I am blind? Do you think it doesn’t bother me? I am just not like him, I don’t go around attacking people!” William shouts louder.

“No, I don’t think you’re blind. “Elena replies in a small voice.

“You love him so much, You are willing to die for him? Let your child die for him? Do you know the mess you put us in? I can only protect to a degree Elena. Sooner or later they are not going to give a shit who I am, And just do what they want. You put all of us in danger. Including our own child. Do you think this is fair?” William hisses.

“It’s not fair. It’s also not fair for me not to be able to live the life I want. To be with the man I love. I didn’t have the child to get back or hurt anyone. I wanted Eric’s child. A part of him, A part of him that would live on. I know that no matter what you will protect us. You are a good man like that. I trust you in that. ” Elena says.

William listening not sure he heard that right. She trusts him. It calms him down some. “I am glad you trust me. I want you to, I just don’t know what they are going to do. Some are really pissed. They think I went off my rocker. They can do anything. We need to be on the lookout.“William says a little softer.

“We will.” Elena Says Walking over to William and kissing his head.

William surprised but sees she is trying. He lightly grabs her arm placing a light tender kiss on her lips.

“You know I would do anything for you. Even die.” William admits.

Elena raises her hand to his face, Holding it there. “Yes, I know. I thank you for that.” She replies. Lightly touching his hand before she leaves.

Elena’s tender interaction with William cooled him down. Seeing that he is making progress. That she was being kinder. He didn’t want to ruin that, He also knew the danger they all faced. He didn’t know what they would do. They could leave them alone, not doing anything. Or they could attack. Either way, they would always have to be on edge. It was wasn’t something William looked forward to.

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