Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 78

Chapter 78. Realizing.

Elena leaves William’s quarters. A little upset herself, Knowing that she put all the people, she loved in great danger. She was hoping that everything would be ok. That everyone would overlook the child, Like They did the marriage. To a degree, Many where upset about it. But they didn’t do anything to harm Zero. It’s going on there one year anniversary. No one tried anything. The birth of the child seemed to be a different story.

She goes upstairs to see Eric putting Connor to bed. She walks into Connor’s bedroom, standing next to Eric. Smiling into the crib, As their son laid there sleeping. She grabs Eric’s hand holding it tight. Looking up into his eyes, they just smile at each other. This was something they both always wanted with the other. There own child, No matter what anyone else thought. Connor was their miracle.

They head to there own bedroom, Holding hands on the way there. All the anger, Eric felt earlier disappearing looking at her and Connor. It was worth it. His family was worth all the pain. No matter what, they had to go through. It would be worth it in the end. To have them both.

“What did William say?” Eric asks.

“He is a little upset. He wasn’t happy with them talking or looking at him in that way. He isn’t sure, He could protect us all the time. He knows something has to give.“Elena admits.

“I am sure it will. We will just keep out eye out. They could just be pushing to see what we do. Let’s just keep a low profile for a while. Maybe it will die down.” Eric states.

“I hope so. It was nice for those few months we had. I know even without the party. They would find out and be pissed. This way I guess, we just see the enemies are still there.“Elena states.

“They will always be there. We would have never been able to marry If it wasn’t for William. As much as that hurts to say. It’s true. Even if you never married William. They would make sure we couldn’t be together. The only reason we are is because William backed us. I am sure that burns him.” Eric answers.

“Yes, A lot of this burns him. He is just trying to keep his composer. I did seem him rattled tonight when we came home. To get what I wanted, I put everyone at risk. I am sorry.” Elena states.

“It was the only way. I see that now. We have our family, We are just going to have to protect it now. ” Eric comments.

“It’s going to be something we are always on guard with. Our children to.” Elena responds.

“We will make it work. ” Eric says

Walking over to Elena and kissing her head, Holding her close in his arms. He knew this was going to be a pain. That this was going to be hard, but to be with them. He would do it. In a way, he wished it was only them at risk, not the child. Then he was so happy to have him. It was bittersweet. He was glad. She was on the pill. They didn’t need to put anyone else into this mess. He understands. Why William was upset, He saw all that William was trying to do. To keep Elena safe. He knew it wasn’t because of himself, It was her that saved him. William loved Elena no matter how he acted. It was a true fact. He would do anything in his power to save and protect her. Just like Eric would. It was the only thing they both had in common. They would have to make this work. If they liked it or not. Yet again being thrown together.

Elena and Eric laid in bed in each other’s arms. Eric caressing her arm, He loved being this close to her. Never thinking, he would have any of this. His dream come true. He wouldn’t let anyone stand in its way. It was his family. It would remain that way. What they had no one could break. They could try. But he belonged to Elena and she belonged to him. Even if they had to have William in the middle. If one thing was true. They would watch over the other

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