Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Daily Life

At the end of the week, Eric had to go away on another trip. Which left the day for William. He was coming over bright and early. To spend the day with his girls and even Connor, They have been doing this for months now. Making Elena and William’s relationship a bit better. A bit stronger. Not as violent as it used to be. Elena keeps her word in spending the night in Willam’s bed. When Eric is away. William also keeps his, by not forcing himself on her. Enjoying what she offers, Laying there being close and her goodnight kiss. It makes Kaname feel, he can work on getting her closer in time. He knows he has forever and has taken a step back. Instead of pushing and forcing. He noticed that wasn’t getting him anywhere.

When Eric leaves, William shows up. Heading to his quarters at the start. Spending a few hours taking care of work. While Elena got the kids up and ready for the day. Elena getting Alex ready for Preschool.

“William.” Elena saying knocking on his door.

“Yes, my dear? What’s the matter?” William asks.

“I was wondering if you would like to drop Alex off at preschool? I think she would like that.” Elena asks.

" Sure, that would be lovely. Let me get my jacket.” William replies. Getting his jacket and heading downstairs. Picking the little girl up carrying her to the car.

“Don’t you look adorable with that little backpack.” William states.

Smiling at Elena, Who is holding Baby Connor in his arms.

“Father, I been using this backpack for a while now,” Alex responds.

“I know. Its the first time, I saw it on you. It looks so cute. You look like a big such a girl.” William states.

“I am a big girl father. I am three and a half.” Alex responds.

“Oh yes. I know.” William comments. Smiling at Elena.

They get to the preschool, where parents and kids are all around. heading into the building.

“Father, will you take me in today? Normally daddy does.“Alex states.

“Of course. I will take you in.” William says. Taking her hand and walking proudly into the building.

Elena waits in the car with Connor, Just smiling at William as he walks back into the car about ten minutes later.

“Wow, that took you a bit,” Elena says.

“Why yes, She had to introduce me to her class. Telling everyone, I am her father And Eric is daddy. That she has two daddies. She seemed really happy, telling the class this. I wasn’t going to spoil it for her. ” William says.

“Did you mind about the two daddys?” Elena asks.

“No, not really. She is happy. It’s all I could ask for. She did tell them, I am her real father. Daddy Eric picked her. To be honest with you I think she has a crush on him as well. Not sure what my girls are seeing in him, but anyway they are both happy. So, I am as well.” William remarks.

“Yes, she does have a crush on him. He takes her here every morning. He gives her a lot of time and attention. The attention she craves from you.” Elena admits.

“I know, I’m not always here for you or her. I am busy trying to save the world. I can’t be in two places. I will try to be here more often. In a way, it's good that Eric is here. He picks up the slack. He does this every morning?” William asks.

“Yes, every morning before work. He used to pick her up as well when I first had Connor. Now I pick her up and he takes her. We share it. Maybe on your days off, you should. “Elena states.

“That’s fine. Just let me know the time and I will do it.“William answers.

“Sounds good, She will be very happy. I need to go on a few errands. Do you mind coming with me? Or do you want me to drop you home?” Elena asks.

“No, I will come with you. I want to spend as much time with you as I can.” William states.

“Ok, Off to the supermarket, we go.“Elena remarks.

William drives Elena to the supermarket, William lost. He isn’t used to this. He has maids and servants that do this for him. They pull up into the parking lot, Getting out and placing baby Connor into the Shopping Cart. William taking it and driving it. While Elena is walking on the side of him. They enter the store, Where William is just floored.

“They have a lot of stuff in here.“William states.

“Its a supermarket. Of course, they do. You really do need to get out more.” Elena says.

“I am seeing this.” William returns.

Elena puts things on her list for dinner and snacks into the cart. While William is putting everything and anything in the cart that looks good to him.

“Are you really going to eat all this?” Elena asks.

“If I don’t you will.” William Chuckles.

Elena just shaking her head at him. They continue to walk around the store picking up items. William has a cart of his own now. Filled with all the things he wants to try.

They get up to the cash register, where they pay. Elena packing the bags up. William starts to help, Putting them into the cart. Elena not believing how William just adjusted to this. Mr. fancy pants. Wearing a black suit and tie, Bagging his own food. She can’t help but smile at him. They pack the car and head home.

Now having to unpack the car, Which William does without any issues or complaints. Being a regular family man, For the first time in his whole life, And it didn’t bother him at all. He actually loved it. They keep all the food together. Cleaning up and getting Connor something to eat. Elena also makes them some lunch. Sitting in the kitchen talking and eating, having a really nice time. William puts his hand on her’s and she just squeezes it in return. William is happy she didn’t push away. They spend the rest of the afternoon together.

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