Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Letters

After dinner and overstuffing himself, Eric heads to William’s office. He looks all around at all the most expensive things, that fill this house. Just one vase is equal to Eric’s yearly paycheck. The whole place was intimating. Not that Eric cared, this stuff didn’t phase him It never did. It was just material things. He was looking for more than that. He wanted love, true love, his love. The woman he dreamt of the last four years. Longed for even before then. But Was just too scared to tell her.

“What did you need William?“Eric asks.

” I wanted to Thank you for coming. I know. You really didn’t have to take the job.” William replies.

“No, I didn’t. The money was too good to overlook though.” Eric responds.

“I’m sure.” William comments.

“So why am I really here? ” Eric asks.

” I am going, to be honest with you Eric. It’s partly because I need you to guard this house. It has more to do with Elena herself.” William admits.

“What do you mean? It’s been four years, she probably doesn’t even remember me. She hasn’t had any contact with me, not even calling me. I Guess, I was easy to let go of.” Eric barks.

” I so wish that was true.“William says. Sitting at his desk. Pouring himself another glass of wine.

“Then get to it, why am I really here?” Eric huffs.

“I had you called because of Elena. She hasn’t been herself in quite some time. She has missed you since she left Greenhaven Manor.“William admits.

“Yea right. You don’t have to bullshit me, William. I already took the job. The least you can do is be truthful If I’m going to be working for you.“Eric says.

“Eric, do you realize? Just how hard that was for me to say? That my own wife is thinking of you? That she is out of her freaking mind because of you? DO you think, I would lie about that?” William snaps.

Eric took back. Not sure what to believe, Is he hearing this right?

“Why didn’t she just call or come to see me then? We were so close. Sharing everything, then nothing. Like our friendship never was. We were always there for each other.“Eric asks.

“At first, I believe it was to protect me. She did care then, wanting to make me happy. She didn’t want me to see how much she really did care about you. What her true feelings where. Then the more she was falling apart. I kept her here, hidden. She did try to write to you. I had the maid take the letters, never mailing them, just giving them to me.“William admits.

“You bastard. You could of least sent her letters. You kept her away from her whole family. Do you know how hurt her mother is? “Eric states.

“Not these kinds of letters, but I guess that doesn’t matter now. Here are the letters for you to read. You should understand, how she feels about you from them. Her mother and father knew once she would marry me. That they would no longer see her like they use to. It was part of the deal. She was a Daniels now. She had to live up to the part. No interference from outside.“William comments.

“Why are you telling me this now? You got what you wanted. She is all yours.” Eric says

“Because I feel, if I don’t she will do something rash. Something we will all regret. No matter what you think, I do love her. She did love me once, but her feelings for you have taken over her.“William confesses.

“So what do you want me to do about it?” Eric asks.

“Anything you need to, anything she wants. Just fix her. Make her come back to life, only you can. She has no interested in anything. Not even our daughter.“William replies.

“I am not sure. I can fix that.” Eric responds.

“If you can’t, then no one can. You read the letters. You can see her tomorrow. It’s getting late, I have a lot of work to do. I will be going out of town again. Do whatever you need to make her happy.“William explains.

“Am I really guarding anything?” Eric asks.

“Not really, but you can keep your eye out. I do have a lot of enemies. It’s always safer to be aware then caught off guard.” William responds.

“Ok,” Eric says. Walking out of William’s office and back to his quarters.

Once back at his quarters, he takes off his clothes putting them in the hamper. He heads to the shower. He puts the shower head on to reveal the most relaxing shower ever. Four jets showering his slender tone body, not missing any part of him. He enjoys the warm water over his rippled chest and tall body. The water going over his Soft silver grey hair. Letting it fall into his icy blue eyes. He soaps up his whole body and rinses off. Washing his hair last before he gets out. Drying himself off with a large fluffy soft white towel. The softness just caressing his slender soft body. Hugging each delicious curve. He wraps the towel around his waist, heading back to his bed, just taking a seat on the large king size bed. Laying his head back on all the fluffy pillows.

“That bastard sure knows how to live,” Eric mumbles to himself. Going back to the talk in William’s office. “Was what he was saying true? Did she miss me? I better read these letters.” Eric says.

Getting up and walking over to his dresser. He picks them up and brings them to the bed. Where he plops back down, laying his wet hair on the king size fluffy pillow. Opening the one dated the earliest, Eric notices the date is six months after, she left Greenhaven with William.

My dearest Eric,

I hope you are doing well. I know, I haven’t spoken to you in a while. Things have been busy. I miss talking to you, I miss hearing your voice. Please write back. Let me know everything is ok.

Love Elena.

Eric sees nothing wrong with that letter. It seems normal enough. Eric keeps reading, the next few about the same. Talking about how Ryan is there helping her all he can. That he is a life saver for her. Telling her how to be the perfect wife. But most of all offering his friendship. Then going on to how they were getting married. All normal things, just like they use to talk about, nothing special.

Then after about six months of letters and after her marriage to William. Things start to change, then after about a year of letters, It gets totally different.

My dearest Eric,

My heart is breaking. You don’t seem to write back to me. I am not sure you are getting these are not. I can’t seem to stop writing them either way. You don’t know what I am going through. MY feelings for you, won’t go away. You flood my dreams. I hunger for your blood wondering what you would taste like, needing for your touch.

I fear, I made the wrong choice by coming here and leaving you. I should have listened to you. You warned me, I just wasn’t totally sure about my feelings then. I knew I cared deeply for you. Now I know just how much. My hurt hearts just thinking about you. I hope you have forgiven me for leaving you. I was trying to do the right thing. What was expected of me. I never needed anyone more then I need you. I rather wither away then stay here. I just found out I am pregnant. I can’t do this Eric, not without you. I don’t want to have his baby. I wish it was yours. I wish I was with you. When the letters stop, It means I gave up. I can’t live like this anymore. I will rather be dead. I miss our friendship, being able to talk and tell you anything. I was Young and didn’t know what I was feeling. I do now. I just feel it may be too late.

Yours always and forever. Elena.

Eric hurries and looks, how many more letters there were. Only about six more. Then they stop. Getting deeper and deeper, how she feels towards him, how she can’t take it anymore. The yearning in her body is driving her mad. Some of the things she says don’t even sound like her. She isn’t the innocent little girl, Eric once knew. Some letters going into details of what she would want to do to him, and him her. How she longs for his touch in a grown-up way now. How she still feels his tongue gliding down her neck. Feelings Eric never thought, she would have towards him.

“Is this for real? This is how she feels about me? All the dreaming and yearning I had all these years? She feels the same? William is playing me. This can’t be true. William is up to something. He would never hand these over and let me come here, knowing this. He would have to be crazy. I will see when I see her tomorrow. I bet she doesn’t even look at me.” Eric says to himself.

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