Vampire Betrayal. A love gone Wrong.

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Chapter 80

Chapter 80 Surprise

Later in the day, they get back into the car and pick Alex up from school. The little girl so happy to see them both there for her. This never happened before. It was normally Eric there, Not William. It was a nice surprise.

“Alex. Sweety, I have a surprise for you and mommy tonight.” William states.

“Oh, really Father. What?” Alex asks.

“You like pizza right?” William says.

“Yes, Father.“Alex answers.

I was thinking, We would have Pizza and watch a movie together as a family. What do you two think?” William asks.

“Yay daddy. That would be fun! Alex says jumping up and down in her car seat.

“I think that would be very nice.” Elena answers.

“Great, We will go home and order the pizza. Put our PJs on and get a movie.“William states.

Elena just looking at him, Like who are you? Do I know you?

“Stop looking at me like that.“William chuckles.

“Are you ok?“Elena asks.

" Yes more than ok. I told you, I want family time. I want you, If I have to do things like this. Then so be it. I am willing to do anything to have you back. No matter what you think. I do love you Elena.” William admits.

“I know you do. I have seen a different side of you lately. I have to say its nice. I just hope it stays.” ELena comments.

“It will, If it means, I have you and my child. I will do it.” William remarks.

“I truly hope you mean that.” Elena replies.

“I do.” William answers.

They head home, Alex running upstairs to get her PJs on. Not able to wait or control her excitement. William does the same and so does Elena. Elena also gets Connor’s PJs on. All ready to eat their pizza and watch a movie. While they are waiting for the pizza to arrive. William and Alex are picking the Movie, And Elena is feeding baby Connor. So he will be full and happy, While they watch the movie.

The pizza arrives and they all sit on the sofa. Eating and watching the movie Alex picked. William the happiest, he has ever been. Seeing what Eric has. He can too, He was determined to. They sit there a few hours enjoying one movie after another. Both kids falling asleep. William Carries Alex to bed and Elena takes Connor. They tuck both children in, Then heading to William’s quarters.

“I really did enjoy tonight.” Elena says

. “So did i, We will do that again.“William replies. Both walking over to the bed.

“That sounds nice.” Elena replies. Getting in her side of the bed.

William on his, Moving close together. William puts his arms around her, Holding her close. She puts her hands on his chest. Actually enjoying being close to him.

“Do I get my goodnight kiss?” William asks.

“Yes, I guess you couldn’t wait?” Elena laughs.

“No, I was just making sure. I was getting one. I look forward to it.” William answers.

Elena lifts her head up to reach William’s lips. Her hands move up his warm soft chest. She places her lips on his giving him a kiss. William places his hands on Elena’s back,rubbing it up and down. She feels something she hasn’t in a long time for him. Desire. She kisses him again which takes him by surprise. It leads to another which is more passionate. William moving his body closer to her, Her not pushing away. She keeps it going until a thought of Eric passes through her mind. How much she loves him. How he trusts her. She knows he told her not to feel bad or guilty, But she can’t help herself. She stops the kiss, putting her hand on William’s chest.

“I am sorry. I shouldn’t of.” Elena says

William trying to regain his composer.” I think it was nice. It’s a start.” William replies.

Kissing her tenderly on her lips. Lying his body back down onto the bed, Not pushing the issues. He knows those kisses were different than before. That they meant something. He knew it was growing. If it was he could wait. He did when she first came to the manor he could now. They lie in each other’s arms. William falling asleep.

Elena just lies there not sure what just happened. Why was she feeling these feelings towards him? She was laying next to him and enjoying it. Taking in his scent. This scared her. She didn’t want to have feelings for him. First because of Eric and also what happened in the past. She knew he craved control. It’s all he knew. She couldn’t go back to that. No matter what. She wanted her freedom. She had that with Eric. Yet they were different chains to Eric. Ones that held her close and tight. Just in a different way.

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